“Planet Lockdown”: Documentation of a Global Crime. Scientists Destroy Our Trust in Science

“Planet Lockdown”: Documentation of a Global Crime. Scientists Destroy Our Trust in Science

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Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Just on the day that the author watched the film “Planet-Lockdown”, an essay appeared in the German edition of “The Epoch Times”, the title of which applies to this film: “Scientists destroy our trust in science: A plague is taking hold in science: manipulated studies and falsified data are omnipresent.” (1) One day later, the magazine “Focus” writes about the German Health Minister and Professor Dr. med. Karl Lauterbach: “Experts criticise constant vaccination: ‘Lauterbach says goodbye to science'” (2).

Trust in party politicians who constantly lie to and try to manipulate their own people in the most shameful way has long since been shaken. With the example of the worldwide Corona crisis, the “worst crisis in modern history” (3), science is now also moving into the field of vision of the critical public. Prof. Dr. med. John Ioannidis (USA) speaks of a blow to public health and its credibility in view of the Corona policy. Conclusion: Have the courage to use your own mind – and don’t obey!

Planet Lockdown: Documentation of a global crime

The blog “Krisenfrei”, which has taken over the film “Planet Lockdown” from “Kla.TV”, first brings a short summary: “Source News is an online journalism platform based in Scotland. Their film ‘Planet-Lockdown’ is a documentary – according to Source News – about life and what happened to our world through the Covid19 agenda. The film includes eyewitness accounts from around the world and is a counter-voice to public reporting and historiography by politicians and the leading media. But it is also a ‘forensic report’ for later judicial reappraisals. For the whole Covid19 agenda is a perfidiously planned and globally orchestrated crime against humanity. With a brief easing of the Corona measures already showing that a devastating state of permanent pandemics is to be imposed by the same string-pullers, the documentary ‘Planet Lockdown’ takes on particular importance as a guide.” (4)

Subsequently, “Kla.TV” publishes the teletext of the documentary “Planet Lockdown”. “Krisenfrei” recommends all readers to watch the documentary and to distribute it further.

Statements by personalities from the film

Bishop Schneider (Kazakhstan):

“It was an orchestrated and concerted action that happened the same way all over the world.”

Dr Michael Yeadon (Former Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President, Pfizer):

“Considering that this virus poses at worst a slightly increased risk to the elderly over influenza and a lower risk to anyone who is young and physically fit, it was never really necessary for us to make any special efforts (…). Lockdowns, masks, mass testing, even vaccination.”

Vera Sharav (Holocaust survivor):

“These countries used COVID as an opportunity to carry out a form of euthanasia on the elderly and disabled, in other words to get rid of the economic burden, as well as to exterminate the last witnesses of history.”

Dr Sucharit Bakdi (Ph. D. Professor and Microbiologist, most cited Biologist):

“Me and my wife have been deeply disillusioned by this and we are worried that the public, the people around us don’t realise that they are being led to ruin, that they are finally giving away their humanity because they no longer have human rights.”

Dr Michael Yeadon:

“To all the doctors who are silent and to all those who are actively involved in administering the vaccines, especially to young, healthy people: In my view, you are responsible for breaking the Nuremberg Code. And my participation in your prosecution will be a pleasure.”

Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum WEF, Davos):

“So people assume that we are just going back to the good old world order that we had. That is, let’s put it this way, a fiction. That’s not going to happen.” (5)

Prof. Ioannidis: “Blow to public health and its credibility”

Dr. John Ioannidis, professor of medicine at Stanford University in California (USA) is taking the Corona policy to task, according to a recent article on the internet platform “uncensored” (6). Since he did not follow what the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Western governments wanted in Corona times, the former scientific guru is now considered a “swindler”, so to speak. He always criticised the lack of scientific basis of the Corona measures, advised moderation and warned against scaremongering.

In an interview at the end of July, Prof. Ioannidis said:

“The argument that vaccines can break epidemic waves was a centrepiece of the drive for aggressive mandates. This would have been unthinkable before. This led to a (…) blow to public health and its credibility.” (7)

In his view, the excessive measures have led to the “disruption of social cohesion and the marginalisation of many vulnerable people”.

Further, “uncensored” writes:

“And as a long-term consequence, the researcher notes that while fear-mongering may have marginally increased the acceptance of the Corona radical measures, it would have done a disservice to the public health effort. For once confidence is gone, it is not so easily restored.” (8)

Have the courage to use your own mind!

The worldwide exceptional situation and the expected permanent pandemics, as well as lockdowns that are always newly justified (such as climate lockdowns), which cause great fear and panic among people, require us to be wise, to distinguish between truth and lies and to act accordingly. This is not easy for us citizens because of our “good” upbringing of obedience.

It is not only the hard-working population, which has neither the time, nor the muse, nor the opportunity to inform itself comprehensively, that fails to resist the rising totalitarianism and fascism and the accompanying attempts to manipulate and deceive the citizens. The academic circles and intellectuals, whose duty it would be to think for other people and to proclaim freedom in general with the freedom of thought, are also failing to live up to their responsibility.

According to Kant, the reasons for not being able to think for oneself are laziness and cowardice.  It is comfortable to be immature and independent thinking is a “vexatious business”. This makes it easy for others, says Kant, to become “guardians” of these immature people. These guardians would also do everything to ensure that the immature people would not only consider the step towards maturity to be arduous, but also dangerous.

Psychologically, it is more “comfortable” for a spoiled and thoughtless person to follow the guidance of an authority or a leader. In this way, he is in harmony with a supposedly powerful person and his mass media and belongs to the circle of his courtiers. He is thus always on the “right” side.  Doubts and moral misgivings do not oppress him, since he can always refer to the supposedly infallible “power”.

It is tedious to think for oneself and to be responsible for the consequences of mature behaviour. Doubts assail the seeker of truth; the nightly sleep becomes restless. If a self-thinker also comes to disagreeable truths that contradict the powerful and political correctness, former companions turn away from him and the previous job is in danger. The result of this courage can be loneliness. Loneliness not in the sense of being alone, but in the sense of refusing dialogue.

Even the code of honour, the unwritten set of rules about the good conduct of professional groups, which comes with corresponding obligations and privileges, no longer seems to apply to academic and other prominent professional groups. People worldwide are being driven into a state of destitution, poverty and hopelessness, of isolation and outcastness by this betrayal of their own professional ethics. How can doctors or medical policy advisors make decrees that are not for the “benefit and piety of the sick” and that do not protect them from harm and arbitrary injustice.

The medical profession is only one example of the many other professions. What should really be accused, however, are the diabolical “string-pullers” and the corrupt politicians at their service who shamefully abuse the citizens’ instilled obedience (9).


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