29% of young people who get jabbed for COVID suffer heart damage, study finds

29% of young people who get jabbed for COVID suffer heart damage, study finds

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(Natural News) New research out of Thailand found that for every 10 children who get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), three of them end up developing heart problems as a result.

Researchers looked at 301 students from two different schools, all between the ages of 13 and 18 at the time they got injected. All of the students received Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger RNA (mRNA) injection.

The children were all generally healthy with only a few having minor preexisting conditions such as asthma and allergic rhinitis – which, quite frankly, were probably caused by other vaccines they received in early childhood.

After the students received the second injection of Pfizer, researchers conducted laboratory tests to establish a baseline. They then followed up at three days, seven days and 14 days post-injection to track the students’ health outcomes.

What they found is that 29 percent of the youth suffered cardiovascular damage as a result of the shots, including heart palpitations, chest pain and shortness of breath.

Fifty-four of them had abnormal electrocardiogram results while six experienced a mitral valve prolapse, which the Mayo Clinic describes as a heart valve disease. Another six developed high blood pressure while seven were diagnosed with heart inflammation.

Two of the children had such a bad reaction to the shots that they had to be hospitalized, with one of them ending up in intensive care. (Related: Another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association[JAMA] links COVID jabs to myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation.)

Cardiologists say risks of COVID vaccination far outweigh any alleged benefits

The paper, which was funded by Mahidol University and published ahead of a peer review, claimed that all of the children “recovered” within two weeks. Perhaps this means their initial symptoms subsided, at least for the time being.

If the jabs are truly damaging children’s hearts, though, then that damage is likely to be permanent – even if it seems, at least for now, that the children are okay.

Several cardiologists who reviewed the paper concluded that these shots really should not be going into any children’s arms. One of them, Dr. Peter McCullough, who serves as chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, explained it like this in an email to the Epoch Times: “Any form of heart damage in young persons is concerning since the long-term risks of heart failure and sudden death with exercise are unknown. This is one of ~200 published papers demonstrating the risks of COVID-19 vaccination far outweigh any theoretical benefit.”

It took a long time for the United States government to admit, reluctantly, that COVID jabs can cause heart inflammation. At the same time, they claim the benefits – what benefits, we still want to know? – outweigh the many, many risks.

Another cardiologist by the name of Dr. Anish Koka out of Philadelphia said the results of the new Thai study “are not reassuring.”

“The Thai study helps fill in some of the data void so parents and their doctors can be better informed when discussing the risks and benefits of the vaccines,” he said.

In the comment section at the Times, someone shared a reminder that all of this happened at “warp speed” thanks to Donald Trump, who continues to this very day to push the shots while describing himself as the “father of the vaccine.”

Congress, including both Democrats and Republicans, are also responsible as they redefined the word “vaccine” just prior to Trump’s launch of Operation Warp Speed, which fast-tracked the injections to market in record time.

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