Crop failures now at CRISIS LEVELS worldwide as the United Nations declares war on FERTILIZER

Crop failures now at CRISIS LEVELS worldwide as the United Nations declares war on FERTILIZER

Paul Stramer  

The following statement is a fact, not hyperbole: Globalists are currently carrying out a planetary-scale genocide agenda against humanity and all life on Earth as we know it. They are waging this war through multiple vectors that attack not only humans, but also plant life across the planet:

  • Terraforming: Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to devastate crop yields and plant ecosystems
  • Geoengineering: Spraying the skies with pollutants to dim the sun and reduce photosynthesis
  • Famine: Attacking the fertilizer supply to cause global food scarcity, famine and death
  • Energy: Attacking energy infrastructure to plunge first world nations into collapse and chaos
  • Kill shots: Pushing vaccines as medicine when they are actually depopulation bioweapons
  • Collapse: Carrying out controlled demolition of the world economy to impoverish the planet

These efforts by the globalists are achieving significant traction. Global food crops are in a crisis, with 50% – 80% crop losses reported in some areas. Nations like Sri Lanka are in a state of total collapse, spurred by UN-directed bans on fertilizer, leading to devastating crop losses and economic chaos.

Western Europe is being plunged into an energy crisis and a food crisis at the same time, and most western nations are printing fake fiat currency at a pace that will inevitably lead to the total destruction of those currencies and the plunging of their populations into persistent poverty.

Nearly half the United States is in a severe drought, and crop failures are worsening across both the Midwest and California’s Central Valley. Drought conditions are also devastating the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, and as Michael Snyder writes from The Economic Collapse Blog, these crop failures are apocalyptic in scale:

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