As the COVID Myths Explode, Delusions Are Shattering: Our Exit from Subservience Leads to Nuremberg 2.0

As the COVID Myths Explode, Delusions Are Shattering: Our Exit from Subservience Leads to Nuremberg 2.0

Global Research  /  Prof. Anthony J. Hall

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First published by Global Research on August 8, 2022


The steady unmasking of some nasty realities is finally infusing added intellectual oxygen into the public’s heightened awareness of the pervasive speciousness permeating the misnamed pandemic.

As we move towards the final months of 2022, many open veins of fraud are being unearthed.

A more accurate COVID narrative is being brought to light for many people previously trapped in closed catacombs of mass communications.

See video of Tucker Carlson here.

How many more lives will unnecessarily be lost or lessened in quality because of the lethal dangers still lurking in many dark dungeons of media censorship and thought control?

The increased awareness of COVID disinformation is helping to draw public attention to the onslaught of an extremely aggressive COVID crime spree directed against the largest part of the human species.

Dr. Peter McCullough speaks for a large and growing constituency when he explains the necessity of further investigations “to untangle and delineate” many violations of domestic and international law as well as of common decency. Again and again the COVID travesties are described as the basis of a deep and elaborate crime against humanity. See this.

The main objective of those that concocted the manufactured crisis is the unsurprising goal of amassing yet more control for themselves over political and proprietary power. The planned imposition of mandatory lockdowns on much of the global population was a particularly decisive move in the genesis of the power grab. The lockdown mandates broke new ground for many mandates to come.

Once the lockdown put the brakes on all manner of economic transactions, the COVID criminals were empowered to direct huge expansions in the money supply. With this change came the heightened capacity of central bankers to secretly steer the flow of the freshly-minted capital.

The COVID culprits accomplished many of their manipulations of debt-encumbered governments through the well-orchestrated machinations of the world’s biggest financial institutions. The upper echelons of these bastions of huge economic clout have been leading the charge in this war against the people.

The bankers in the COVID cabal asserted their financial muscle in the name of helping governments to respond to economic dislocations. By placing impediments on the activities of millions of workers and small businesses, the lockdowns were especially instrumental in rapidly transforming the nature of the global economy.

The distribution of pain and suffering—even of life and death— was largely an outcome of decisions made by governments about what did or not constitute “essential” activity. In making these life-and-death calls about what is or is not essential to the survival of society, governments were encouraged by their banking partners to explore and exercise their enlarged political influence. This augmented influence came from the widened capacity to engage in increased government spending, much of it hidden from public view.

Government leaders thereby gained widened discretion to direct flows of new money derived from soaring national debts. The objective, it seems, is to crash the existing system of assets and liabilities by encouraging captive politicians to pump patronage dollars out to those cronies and organizations most aligned with the interests and agendas of ruling parties.

The latest orgy of secretive money creation enabled COVID culprits to further enrich themselves and to purchase directly or indirectly the co-optation of all manner of professional people. Multitudes of technocrats, doctors, nurses, journalists, elected officials, administrators, judges, professors, teachers, preachers, and celebrities were paid off. They were essentially bribed into compliance.

Those who refused to go along with the injection mandates and the wholesale disinformation were often threatened with unemployment and social stigmatization. Those who remained steadfast were often severely punished for not blending in with the mental or moral sickness still sweeping over our colleagues and countries.

Beginning with the so-called “colleges of physicians,” the doctors’ professional organizations became especially ruthless. The licenses of many medical practitioners continue to be stripped away because of their unwillingness to parrot the now-fully-discredited claim that the COVID injections are safe and effective.

Many of the COVID accomplices were essentially mesmerized in the headlights of the media’s 24/7 fear porn. Often not realizing that they were buying into a plan of further aggrandizing those at the peak of power, they were hypnotized into obedience. They were intimidated and flattered into submission. They were inducted into a diabolical project that few of us could immediately grasp included plans to kill, cull, cripple, dispossess, sterilize, and enslave a diminished and enfeebled human family.

The beginning of the agenda to enslave the survivors of the eugenic depopulation scheme is becoming evident in the way top authorities have conducted themselves. By imposing mandatory masking, mandatory lockdowns, mandatory injections and many other restraints, they developed the habit of treating average people as subservient to their dictates. The theme of imposed subserviencecaptures the experiences of many people.

It was a mass surge of unwillingness to adapt to the new extremes of mandated subservience that converged in the huge outpouring of popular and patriotic support for the cross-Canada pilgrimage to Ottawa of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy.


In the course of the early COVID lockdowns much of humanity was reduced in the eyes of their governments from the status of citizens to that of wards of the state. Adults were essentially infantilized in their relationship with governments.

Many governments took wide public submission to the lockdowns as signals that they could coercively bludgeon their constituents into giving up their bodily autonomy. With the threat of even more intrusive COVID restrictions, hundreds of millions were instructed that they would have to absorb untested injections if they wanted to retain employment as well as access to higher education and much else besides.

Most of humanity continues its subservience to supranational rulers so powerful that these lords of the money system were able to impose a common set of COVID policies on most national governments and on most of the world’s major media outlets. Nothing of this scale of global compulsion has ever happened before.

Now that high levels of injection-induced illness, debilitating injury, and death are starting to arouse greater public attention, what can be anticipated? Will the global community rise to the challenge freeing itself from the subservience to further impositions of tyranny planned for us?

Reckless Medical Experimentation imposed on Human Subjects.

Especially since COVID injections were widely introduced in 2021, a significant portion of humanity has already been subjected to extermination, terminated fertility as well as the explosion of a massive array of other dire health disasters. These trajectories of disaster are probably still in the early stages. The catastrophic results were brought about by surreptitiously plunging humanity into the most massive saga of reckless medical experimentation ever imposed on human subjects.

It seems we are in the midst of an elaborate scheme combining many secretive medical experiments within the framework of one huge overriding medical experiment. The evidence continues to grow that the actions being done in the name of defeating COV-19, have more to do with studying new methods of killing and maiming humans rather than helping and healing them.

The bad news is becoming widely available. COVID injections actually stimulate, variate, intensify and spread the very infections they were supposed to cure.Moreover, repeated inoculations steadily annihilate natural immunity. Boosters mainly boost vulnerability to sickness! Recipients of multiple jabs are steadily stripped of their own innate capacity to fend off the full array of infectious diseases. They essentially take within themselves the same characteristics as AIDS.

No Remedies Allowed to Get in the Way of the Agenda of Mass Injections

A strong signal came in the spring of 2020 that the COVID crisis was not really about helping people to avoid and overcome illness. Rather the COVID circus was planned and covertly executed with the goal of advancing the interests of a few by exploiting the spread and intensification of harm to the largest part of the global population.

On the basis of an elaborate and well-funded “deadly fraud,” the principles of scientific method, peer review and academic publications were ruthlessly attacked. The scandal arose in mid-2020 when prestigious academic medical journals published the supposedly peer-reviewed results of a fake research project.

This event brought together a serial violation of professional ethics and law. The violators included the editors and peer reviewers of prestigious academic publishers, the kind of institutions that are supposed to bear major responsibilities for applying and safeguarding the scientific method. The elaborate scam was directed at discrediting a promising COVID remedy known as hydroxychloroquine.

The fake research project was attributed to a company known as Surgisphere. Expert readers of Surgisphere’s supposedly peer-reviewed publication recognized that the claims of its authors were simply not credible.

Subsequent investigation showed the actual Surgisphere was a shell operation that lacked the resources, personnel, talent and expertise to perform the study outlined in the now-discredited essay. As is the usual pattern in the COVID crime spree, no criminal proceedings have yet arisen from the fraud implemented to prevent any obstacles from being placed in the way of the agenda of mass injections.

The goal of those behind the Surgisphere scandal was to sideline a genuinely safe and effective remedy for an overhyped viral infection. The unearthing of the Surgisphere scandal provides one of the early smoking guns of the COVID crime spree. It points to the deep dishonesty and bad faith residing at the very heart of the scheme to impose a universal regime of mandatory jabs on the global population. See this.

The COVID Shots Are Subjecting Their Victims to the Invasion of Thousands of New Ailments

In the autumn of 2021 a similar campaign of smear and disinformation was directed at Ivermectin. Smear campaigns were also directed at Ivermectin’s leading proponents including Dr. Pierre Kory. His research led Dr. Kory and many of his medical colleagues to conclude with solid evidence behind them that the cheap and readily available drug in question provided a powerful cure and preventer of COVID-19.

The safety and effectiveness of Ivermectin was demonstrated in many countries where it was used with great effect to counter the incursions of the supposedly new coronavirus. This experience provides backing for the argument that many millions said to have died from COVID might have been saved. Moreover, unobstructed treatment with Ivermectin and other repurposed drugs would have created a global exit from mass deaths and injuries resulting from the toxic mass injections.

When seen in the larger context of business, law and politics, the campaigns to discredit hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as well as many other viable COVID remedies had nothing to do with the advancement of science and public health. Rather it was all about protecting the legal space reserved for the injections. It was about keeping the way open for the granting and maintaining of a badly-abused legal procedure known as the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

This license to release the experimental injections to the public was granted in the first instance by the Federal Food and Drug Administration in the United States. A core feature of the EUA is that manufacturers of the COVID injections are legally protected against being sued for inadequacies in their medical products.

This exemption from being sued, however, only applies if no felonies were committed by the drug makers and their regulators in the course of producing and distributing their products. As David E. Martin regularly attests, the chances that COVID culprits could meet this test are very remote. See this.

The main condition for receiving this Emergency Use Authorization is that there must be no other readily-available remedies to prevent the spread of the designated contagion. This condition goes far to explain the hostility to the safe, effective, cheap and unpatented remedies championed by the likes of Dr. Kory, the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and the much-maligned Dr. Didier Raoult.

The COVID fiasco epitomizes the ruinous exploitation by Big Pharma of the provisions of the Emergency Use Authorization and other features of the law providing vaccine makers with immunity against being sued. The time is long overdue to retract these extravagant government grants providing exemption from the usual cost of doing business.

Moreover, the time has come to prevent government employees like the notorious Dr. Anthony Fauci from being able to appropriate big portions of the exploding oil well of money derived from the governments’ sweetheart extension of liability-free status to the vaccine makers.

This conclusion is enormously strengthened by what we are learning from the fiasco generated by the negligent extension of Emergency Use Authorization to the COVID clot shots. Corrupt government regulators throughout the world participated in this crime against humanity whose devastating scale is becoming increasingly difficult to cover up an unrelenting campaign to sideline scores of unpatented remedies.

Dr. Pierre Kory has explained that the overall business model of the pharmaceutical industry is based on an unrelenting campaign to sideline scores of unpatented remedies, including repurposed drugs like Ivermectin. Some of these remedies including hydroxychloroquine emerge from the traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples developed over thousands of years of human interaction with our natural environments. See this.

Dr. Kory puts great emphasis on Big Pharma’s blanket hostility to repurposed drugs and natural remedies that cannot be patented and sold at high prices. This hostility has led the drug cartels to some very dark places whose negative health impact on humanity is vast. Unfortunately the dominant part of the medical profession has accompanied the pharmaceutical industry on its wayward journey.

Dr. Kory explains his own experiences with the ruthlessness of an extremely powerful corporate lobby that learned from the tobacco industry how to deploy “disinformation” against their “competitors.” He develops the picture of a pharmaceutical cartel that has come to see sickness and ill health as its primary capital asset to be cultivated, grown and exploited for profit.

This destructive methodology seems to have been replicated on steroids with the COVID injections. Their ingredients, some of them still kept secret, seem well equipped to create a wide spectrum of thousands of so-called “adverse events.” These drug-induced ailments are already subjecting many victims of the clot shots with new invasions of ailments that will create much new business for the pharmaceutical industry and its captive medical profession.

The imposition of slow and excruciating deaths on many of the so-called vaccine injured can be very lucrative for drug companies and for their captive medical drug pushers.

Inventing New Syndromes to Cover Up for Injection Deaths and Injuries

A key to understanding the enormity of the current global debacle is contained in reports that the number of COVID shots given so far exceeds the world’s population. Every 100 people on the planet have already received an average of 156 COVID-19 jabs. The total number of global inhabitants who have received at least one COVID injection is said to be 5.3 billion. See this and this.

How many of the billions of people who have received COVID jabs have already been killed or maimed by the injections? How do these numbers compare with the casualties incurred in earlier cases of medical experiments on human subjects?

The purposely problematic nature of the range of flawed processes for reporting, collecting and disseminating injection deaths and injuries has been discussed in literally thousands of publications. The calculation controversies are emerging as one of the biggest number games of this era.

Whatever the numbers of the dead and injured, the COVID PR machine is going to great lengths to hide the extent of the grave damage being done. They have had to invent a new syndrome, SADS, to describe the plague of sudden deaths often televised in sports events and reported widely in countless newspaper reports. See this.

The likelihood is that the casualties flowing from the current medical experiment will turn out to be far in excess of all the casualties of all prior experiments on human subjects put together. Certainly the current case far exceeds the scale of the medical experiments attributed to medical practitioners of the Third Reich. It is these experiments that prompted the victors of the Second World War to initiate an investigation that led to the creation of the Nuremberg Code after the Second World War.

The Nuremberg Code unequivocally outlaws medical experimentation on human subjects imposed through coercion or without informed consent. Both these legal requirements are being conspicuously violated in the mad rush to, as Justin Trudeau has proclaimed, “get COVID injections out of the freezer and into people’s arms.” See this.

The injection mandates are unmistakably coercive. Moreover, the failure to create the conditions for genuinely informed consent is outrageous by every possible measure. Profoundly untrue is the constantly-repeated mantra that the COVID jabs are “safe and effective” and that they are made to stop the spread of the celebrity virus. The core myth of the COVID religion provides exactly the opposite message from what would have been required to obtain informed consent from the recipients of the experimental clot shots.

As Joseph Mercola asserts, “Celebrities, politicians, health agency officials, news anchors, doctors, nurses, academics and countless others pushed, shamed and threatened as many as they could into getting the shot.” See this.

Some of those willingly or begrudgingly complied with the enormous pressure to take the jabs faced undeniable proofs from their own gruesome experience that the injections they received are anything but safe and effective.

Many of those severely maimed and crippled by the injections regularly run into responses of denial, disbelief, condemnation and even spurning. The denial can be especially severe within medical systems whose executives, managers, practitioners and regulators have been instrumental in pushing the dangerous medical products on the public.

How many will atone for what will inevitably be seen in the light of future history as horrendous crimes?

The injection-injured continue to bear the burden of wholesale accusations that they are only imagining that their newly-acquired maladies have anything to do with the shots they received. Often they are denied appropriate medical treatment and are sent, for instance, to take tests to see if they are suffering from mental illness.

In the words of Dr. Mercola,

“The victims’ struggle. Their pain, their deaths deserve to be acknowledged for what they are — the result of medical malfeasance, regulatory corruption and societal “mass formation” insanity driven by media fear mongering and outright lies to support the shift to global tyranny and slavery.”

The Biggest Crime Ever Committed in History?

Since 2020 a seemingly never-ending accumulation of major catastrophes has provided cover for the COVID culprits. Theprecipitous loss of life and wellbeing through COVID injections is part of a growing array of menaces hitting humanity. These menaces include unfolding financial catastrophes, engineered food shortages, pathological extremism of climate change zealots, breakdowns in many different kinds of supply chains, and major rounds of domestic disharmony pointing in some cases towards possible civil war.

These calamities are all unfolding in the context of a steady global slide into hybrid warfare including outright military aggression augmented by ruthless forms of thought control and behavioral modification.

We can now add to this mix the “factual chaos,” accompanying the World Health Organization’s decision to do yet more bidding on behalf of the same cabal that manufactured the hysterical extremes fuelling the COVID crisis. This most recent example of the WHO’s regular accommodation of the agendas of corporatist elites came in the form of a declaration that monkeypox constitutes a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” See this.

All these trajectories of converging crises are pointing humanity towards a disastrous reset meant to culminate in the digitalized entrapment and enslavement of the survivors of depopulation. The only beneficiaries are meant to be a tiny percentage of the top 1%, people who joined together in a ruthless scheme to further monopolize the ownership of property as well as the exercise of political control over every facet of life on planet Earth.

One of the pivotal frauds committed by those that rolled out the COVID injections is that they put forward supposed “vaccines” rather than offering up products that their own manufacturers originally described as a “gene therapy.”

The misrepresentation of the favored COVID remedy as “vaccines” form a prominent part in the litany of lies woven into the manufactured COVID crisis. This promise of protective vaccines prompted many of those targeted to receive the untested products—basically everyone— to picture that they would be getting a variation of a fairly old and familiar technology. Many assumed that the COVID injections would be similar to the vaccines they had taken before, usually without obvious mishap.

The oxygenated intelligence of a growing portion of the now-unmasked public is starting to absorb the fact that the COVID jabs are the prime agents of the delivery into human bodies of a novel and untested mRNA technology. This new technology has dramatically failed to deliver what was promised. The catastrophe, however, goes farther, much farther.

While COVID Officialdom continues to do everything in its power to deny it, the revelations of principled and often learned whistleblowers have made it clear that the genetic-modification injections are very toxic to many people.

Thanks to the evaluation of genuine experts who by and large have nothing to gain and much to lose from their truth telling, the devastating news is getting out. There can no longer be any doubt that serious injection injuries as well as deaths are much more extensive than what governments and their partners in the regime media have been telling us.

The most determined and effective whistleblowers include Jessica Rose, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon, Sucharit Bhakdi, Steve Kirsch, Edward Dowd, Christine Anderson, Robert F. Kennedy, Lee Merritt, Michel Chossudovsky, Peter Koenig, Charles Hoffe, Del Big Tree, Byram Bridle, Vernon Colemen, Mike Whitney, Roger Hodgeson, el gato malo, Tucker Carlson, Joseph Mercola, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, and Reiner Fuellmich.

The combined research and conclusions of these and many more luminaries make it clear that we are in the midst of the most monumental medical cataclysm in recorded history.

Christine Anderson, a German Member of the European Parliament, goes farther. She declared that

“This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history. Moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed in history.”

“Biggest scandal in medical history.”


— Jennifer Arcuri (@Jennifer_Arcuri) July 24, 2022

A Crime Beyond Genocide

A recent study in Sweden indicates the distinct possibility that the mRNA injections may trigger through ‘reverse transcriptase’ permanent alterations of human DNA cells. See this.

The implication is that an irreversible alteration of the master genetic blueprint at the basis of all human life may be underway. Such an invasion of the natural and God-given integrity of the human genome would constitute a universal crime for which, in my view, we do not yet have an appropriate name.

Sometimes the word “genocide” is used to describe the current round of injected assaults on human life and wellbeing.

See this and this.

The term genocide, however, is defined in the main UN Convention on the subject as “acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.” See this.

The worldwide assault embodied in the mass COVID injections is directed not at members of specific racial, religious or national groups. Rather it is directed at people belonging to all branches of the human family. Hence the crimes pointed against all of humanity go far beyond genocide as currently defined. See this.

Moreover, the charge of genocide does not begin to capture the essence of the violence that is quite likely being permanently done to the very genetic makeup of the entire human family. Has the time come to mount an international process to describe and codify the new variations of crime that have been emerging since the era of the Nuremberg trials, an event that included the formulation of the Nuremberg Code in 1947?

Nuremberg 2.0 as an Alternative to the Proposed Pandemic Treaty of the World Health Organization

Before nailing down the chain of authority for dealing with future pandemics we need a process aimed at making international law conform to the new outlines of international crime especially when committed behind the veil of public health. The process could be part of the much-needed international investigation which some have described as Nuremberg 2.0. The investigators, judges, and juries of Nuremberg 2.0 would look at the origins, genesis and results of the COVID debacle.

The juridical dimensions of Nuremberg 2.0 would have to include trials of those suspected of playing significant roles in the international crimes against humanity. This process might include an assessment and revision of existing international criminal law in light of what has already been described as “the biggest crime ever committed in history.”

This course of action would provide humanity with a significant public service whereas the Pandemic Treaty presently being pushed by the World Health Organization (WHO) would impose on the global population more of the worst elements of the manufactured COVID crisis.

The WHO works closely with the corporatist operatives that gather in and around Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The WHO and the WEF are well integrated with an arsenal of weaponized agencies, many of them answering to “philanthropic” crime boss, Bill Gates. The close partnership between Gates and  Anthony Fauci centralizes much of the control over global funding for medical “research” to fill the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry. See this.

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is being designed to pre-empt many of the jurisdictions, laws, administrative mechanisms, and enforcement agencies facilitating many functions crucial to the viability of national governments. As Peter Koenig asserts,

“The Pandemic Treaty is a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states, as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy. It will strip you of you and me of some of our most basic Rights and Freedoms.”

Building on this assessment, Michel Chossudovsky explains

“The Pandemic Treaty is the “Back Door” towards “Global Governance” and Digital Tyranny. It consists in constructing a Worldwide nexus of proxy regimes controlled by a “supranational sovereignty” (World Government) composed of leading financial institutions, billionaires and their philanthropic foundations.” See this.

Nuremberg 2.0 would provide humanity with a significant public service whereas the Pandemic Treaty presently being pushed by the WHO would extend and perpetuate the massive crime spree of COVID officialdom.

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