Biden’s border policy is creating “the largest child smuggling epidemic in human history,” warns former White House advisor

Biden’s border policy is creating “the largest child smuggling epidemic in human history,” warns former White House advisor  /  Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) A humanitarian crisis continues at the southern US border. A recent report from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed that 257,110 migrant CHILDREN have crossed into the United States since Biden took office. Neither political party has come up with a viable long-term solution to address the multiple crises at the border, and children’s lives hang in the balance. Former White House advisor, Stephen Miller, called out Biden’s border policy for creating “the largest child smuggling epidemic in human history.”

Miller lambasted the Biden administration and the Democrat Party for enriching “virtually every major child smuggler in the hemisphere and far beyond.” Miller helped craft strong border security policies under the Trump administration, but many of these policies are being undone.

Humanitarian crises continue at the border as children are trafficked and abused

After migrant children are intercepted at the southern U.S border, they are eventually sent to “sponsors” throughout the country. These “sponsors” can be MS-13 gang members who use the children to their own advantage. These “sponsors” may traffic the children and exploit them physically or sexually. More often than not, the children are not deported back to their home country and not united with their families. They are often used as pawns in brutal trafficking rings.

With over 250,000 children fleeing into the United States, gangs are able to pick children off, smuggle them and use them for child labor or in sex trafficking rings.

“These astronomical numbers defy any historical comparison,” said Miller. “So overwhelmingly are the prior records exceeded that there is no reference point.” He added, “Biden, with the unflinching aid of 50 Senate Democrats, is running the largest child smuggling operation our world has ever seen.” Miller says Biden’s policies have “filled the ranks of MS-13” and “created a monstrous industry of vast global reach.”

“And it has made America’s border into the world’s epicenter of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and modern-day slavery,” Miller decried. The border crisis is not only an illegal occupation of America, but it’s also a human rights crisis, one that negatively impacts the lives of tens of thousands of children.

The war on the southern border continues, as thousands of lives hang in the balance

Under Biden’s border policies, immigration policies have not been enforced and many illegal aliens have been released into the United States. CBP agents have encountered a record two million ‘migrants’ in the first half of 2022. Gangs are infiltrating communities throughout the US, as the Biden regime allows a literal invasion of the country. The Biden regime has abandoned its most fundamental duties to provide for the national defense, and this sabotage is exacerbating humanitarian crises at the border and driving up crime throughout the United States.

Many registered Democrat voters are oblivious to the invasion and crises at the border. In a recent poll, only 40 percent of registered Democrats agreed that the US is experiencing an invasion at the southern border. On the other hand, a majority of Republican voters (76%) understood that the border is under invasion. Still, both parties fail to address the cartels and traffickers directly.

On top of completing border wall protections, US politicians must work with the Mexican government and repeal strict guns laws that have made people defenseless against drug dealers and human traffickers. Instead of hiring 87,000 new IRS agents, the Biden regime should have focused on deploying 100,000 new troops to the border to address the crises head on.

A war is taking place on the southern US border. Americans aren’t just getting ripped off by this; their communities are being put in danger, gangs and traffickers are being emboldened, and thousands of children’s lives are made more susceptible every day.

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