Globalists Own Private Army Get Licensed To Kill

Globalists Own Private Army Get Licensed To Kill

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As The Globalists 'Own Private Army' Get 'Licensed To Kill,' US Air Force Major General Warns: 'I've Never Been More Worried About The Future Of The US Armed Services Than I Am Now'-  Warns Biden's Vaccine Mandate 'Threatens America's National Security'

While it's become obvious to most who are paying attention to real news that the Biden cabal has been waging a hideous and no longer covert 'war' upon the American people who stand against the Democrats insane agenda practically since the day he got into office, as we'll be exploring within this story, the 'groundwork' for that war has been ongoing for years with the 'strategic planning' of the globalists intentionally focusing on the US military.

With Biden weaponizing one federal agency after another against Americans, quite literally creating the globalists own private army weaponized to kill Americans out of agencies such as the IRS, DHS and FBI as we'd pointed out in this August 20th ANP story titled "As Joe Biden's Completely Militarized Federal Agencies Wage War Upon The American People, History Shows This Has Been A Long Time Building Pointing Right At Obama Regime," of great concern in that 'war' upon our military as seen most recently in this story over at the National Guard Association of the US reporting that according to the adjutant general of Florida, the US Defense Department’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate seriously threatens military readiness.

And as Maj. Gen. James O. Eifert also warned according to that NGAUS story, besides forcing American troops to take a 'vax' that isn't stopping people from catching COVID, spreading COVID or dying from COVID, "I’ve never been more worried about the future of the U.S. armed forces than I am right now" he stated in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published last week.

Warning also "One of the military’s most foundational duties is to recruit and retain men and women willing to defend their country” and, "Unfortunately, current federal policy is rendering that goal unobtainable," we'd imagine that America's enemies are salivating in 2022 with our military being forced to take an unsafe vax, 'enemies of America within' or 'enemies of America from the outside.'

And from this National Guard Association story we learn that at least some good people in the US military are speaking out against the insanity of forcing all of our troops to be injected with an experimental vax that we have absolute proof is killing and maiming people, though the US govt mandate remains despite one Federal Judge recently. issuing an injunction against the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps, allowing US Marines with religious objections to refuse covid vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden Administration. From the NGAUS story.:

Eifert is thought to be the first general officer to speak out on the vaccine mandate, doing so in his capacity as a state official.

Eifert's byline didn't include his rank. He decried the DoD requirement’s potential impact on Guardsmen across the U.S.

“The Army secretary’s deadline for all reserve component soldiers to be vaccinated expired on June 30, leaving almost 40,000 National Guard members and 20,000 Army Reservists nationwide at risk of involuntary termination,” he argued.

“My Florida National Guard formations face the potential loss of about 1,000 unvaccinated guardsmen out of 12,000 total airmen and soldiers,” Eifert continued. “That leaves us shorthanded as our state enters hurricane season, while more than 1,000 soldiers and airmen are also deployed on federal missions around the world.”

Eifert claimed the vaccine policy comes amid domestic recruiting and retention struggles and rising global tensions.

“Only 23% of recruitment-age Americans meet eligibility requirements, and fewer still are even interested,” he noted. “Why should we further damage military readiness by discharging honorably serving military members and shunning unvaccinated new recruits?”

“Our world is only becoming more dangerous,” Eifert concluded. “I’m hopeful that an open-minded self-assessment leads to a solution that addresses this most serious threat to force readiness - before it’s too late.”

Yet none of us should be surprised by what's happening in this very real 'war' upon our service members as we'll explore in the final section of this story below, with the handwriting on the wall long ago as seen in numerous stories from Barack Obama's 'reign of terror' that should have showed us exactly what was to come.

Before we continue, if you need to ask 'what war upon US military members,' check out this new story over at Fox News, saved at Archive, titled "Unvaxxed Navy sailors face 'deplorable' living conditions while religious exemptions pend."

Reporting within their story of the very real discrimination going on this very moment within the United States government, it reported that U.S. Navy service members seeking religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vax mandate have been transferred into deplorable living conditions and, in some cases, are unable to leave while awaiting termination from the military according to court documents.

Also reporting upon another major lawsuit that is ongoing right now against Biden's mandate, why would our own government via the DOD and Pentagon mandate a vax they know isn't safe and isn't working for its' stated purpose for the men and women on the front line of America's defense?

There is no doubt that something incredibly devious is now ongoing for such decisions to be made at the very highest levels when highly vaxxed Biden and Fauci themselves getting COVID is proof the vax doesn't work. From this Fox News story.:

First Liberty Institute in November filed a lawsuit on behalf of 35 active-duty SEALs and three reservists seeking a religious exemption to the mandate, as first reported by Fox News Digital. The case has since been amended to extend to a class action lawsuit encompassing all Navy service members seeking religious accommodation.

In March, the Supreme Court blocked a lower court's order in Texas that would have forced the Navy to stop implementing the vaccine mandate. Now, the case is continuing to be litigated in lower courts around the country, and unvaccinated SEALs and other sailors who have not yet been terminated by the U.S. government are stuck in limbo, with many of them forced into less-than-desirable alternative housing by the military or barred from traveling outside their base.

In a court filing in June by First Liberty in the Northern District of Texas Fort Worth Division District Court, sailors recounted deplorable conditions on large U.S. vessels, where they remain waiting as their cases are adjudicated.

One sailor who is now part of the class action lawsuit said in a court-filed declaration that they "could not leave the area" after asking to be terminated from the military due to religious objections to the mandate and were moved to the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier's berthing barge, where the conditions are "deplorable."

"Because I could not leave the area, I moved onto the berthing barge for the Eisenhower. The conditions on the barge are deplorable, much like the USS George Washington, which is anchored in the same shipyard. There is mold everywhere and the barge’s toilets back up and leak. The water leaks out of the base of the toilet and collects near my rack and out into the hall. On bad days, it goes into the berthings on the other side. The leaks seem to be sewage—it smells like sewage and looks like it too. See Exhibit C (water I’ve mopped up from under my rack)."

"There is some sort of worm thriving in the stagnant water in the toilet bowls and on the floor in the leaked water around the base of the toilets. Needless to say, I do not feel comfortable or safe in this environment and I have contacted mental health services multiple times," continued the sailor. "I do want—desperately—to be separated from the Navy as soon as possible, but I struggle with withdrawing my request as I feel it could signal that my religious objection was somehow not genuine, and it is. It feels wrong to have to renounce my beliefs in order to get the Navy to separate me," they continued.

Showing us more proof of a diabolical agenda at the very highest levels of government against our men and women who put their lives on the line to serve America, an agenda where those who think for themselves and don't go along with the herd are singled out for punishment, that is something we'd expect to see from a totalitarian medical dictatorship, not a free nation. So check out these story titles from several years ago showing exactly where America was headed under Barack Obama, towards his 'own private army,' and the weaponization of all federal agencies, just as we're witnessing now.:

From NBC News, May 11th of 2008: "Congressman: Obama wants Gestapo-like force - A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship."

From the Lowell Sun, April 17th of 2014: "Obama strips our military while building own militia."

So with America quickly being herded into a very unknown and very dangerous territory, with those who are supposed to be our front line of defense under attack from within, each of the videos below take looks at various aspects of the topics discussed within this story at a time when even members of the US Military are warning Biden's vax mandate is putting the nation in danger while he and the globalists wage war upon the growing increasingly angry, awake and aware American people.

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