The 9 MOST SHILLING vaccine-pushing freaks and propagandists of the Wuhan flu scamdemic

The 9 MOST SHILLING vaccine-pushing freaks and propagandists of the Wuhan flu scamdemic  /  S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Besides taking over Washington DC, there was no greater goal for the pharma-backed shills than to coerce 270 million or more Americans into getting “flu shots” that cause more health detriment than every other existing disease and disorder combined. In fact, Spike Protein Syndrome is sweeping the nation. These toxic, so-called “vaccines” for Fauci Flu have already killed a million people, and this is just the beginning. Make no mistake, Big Pharma owns and runs this country, and if you don’t believe it, just take a look at 70 percent of all advertising.

Once two-thirds of all Americans were convinced they needed gene therapy clot shots to survive the scamdemic, the “fix” was in

For eugenicists and genocidal maniacs to accomplish their goals of significantly reducing the population while gaining much more control over those remaining, they must design methods where the populace either agree to killing off millions of people, or have no clue because they are all part of the extermination plan.

In the case of COVID-19 “vaccinations,” the willing “participants” in the grand experiment believe just the opposite – that they are saving themselves by being injected with millions of deadly prions that cause blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, spontaneous abortions and SADS (sudden adult death syndrome).

Also, for this massive population reduction experiment to work, there must be at least a handful of high-level shills, hucksters, hacks and charlatans that convince the masses that everything being pushed is “safe and effective,” and that means pushing fake science, fake clinical trials and fake FDA approvals. The following 9 psychopathic pharma freaks were “all in” for this, and future prosecutions for conspiring to mass murder should be forthcoming.

#1. Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci

#2. Dr. Leana Wen (no freedom for you!)

#3. Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC talking head)

#4. Bill “Hell’s” Gates

#5. Sean Hannity, the Fox News vaccine propagandist

#6. Resident Biden (Dementia-Joe / Dark Brandon / PedoHitler)

#7. California Governor Gavin Newsom

#8. California Senator Dr. Richard Pan

#9. Jimmy Kimmel

Money, power and salesmanship all required to “sell” deadly COVID jabs to 270 million gullible Americans under the guise of medicine

In order to “toe the line” for Big Pharma and the VIC (vaccine industrial complex), any politician, CDC or FDA regulatory head, doctor, scientist, news anchor, tech guru, crisis actor or comedian must be “all in” to sell deadly vaccines and other scamdemic mandates, or else they are cast out of the arena of propaganda. That means 100 percent compliance with all pharma and CDC lies, propaganda and forced mandates, as far as claiming they are all science-backed, safe, effective and anything else that convinces as many people as possible to be injected with these poisonous prions.

These sellout shills love power, money and their “salesmanship” skills so much that they are willing to coerce and brainwash millions of people into taking “medicine” and clot shots that cause severe inflammation and exacerbation of existing health issues, including cancer, blood clots, irregular heartbeat, diabetes and dementia. These pharma shills are just as guilty of mass murder as the people who funded and designed the COVID clot shots. When will they all be held accountable for their crimes? That is the question.

Stay tuned for updates on the top pharma shills being held accountable for pushing disease and disorder on the masses via toxic gene therapy shots. When the injected masses realize what has happened to them, maybe then the “chickens will come home to roost.”

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