World revolution looms as the people of the planet wake up • Updated

World revolution looms as the people of the planet wake up • Updated

Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis  /  Benjamin Fulford

There are signs in multiple countries that some sort of world revolution is underway. These include a power struggle in China, riots in Iran, military mobilization by Russia, a declaration of war by Texas, royal unrest in the UK and much more. What all this points to is some sort of historical worldwide black swan event, possibly in October.

Let us start with the events in China. The internet was all abuzz with rumors triggered by the Jennifer Zeng report linked below.

We checked Zeng out, and it turns out she is a member of the Falun Gong cult run out of the US State Department by Khazarian Mafia honcho Elliott Abrams. Nonetheless, the report appeared to be highly credible. It shows a video of an 80-kilometer military convoy moving to surround the capital of Beijing. It notes there was a major meeting of Chinese military commanders that did not include Xi Jinping, the nominal head of the Chinese military. The two military-linked politburo members at the meeting very unusually did not mention Xi in their speeches. Furthermore, a top Northern general, who was supposed to have been fired by Xi, was sitting in a front row seat at the meeting. Also, Xi apparently quickly abandoned the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit meeting in Uzbekistan and hurried back to China but has not been seen in public since.

There is a real power rift in China between the military/intelligence group around Jiang Zemin and the group around Xi Jinping. There can be no doubt a major power struggle is taking place between the two groups.

The one around Xi wants to make him a dictator for life at the big, once-in-five-year Chinese Communist Party meeting taking place in October. The other is violently opposed to Xi and the personality cult surrounding him. An Asian secret society source close to Xi assured us the rumors were false and Xi was fine. Our sources close to Jiang did not return our messages.

The last thing we note is that the move against Xi took place after he refused to meet the Khazarian Mafia agent posing as Pope Francis in Kazakhstan. The Pope was there attending a “world religious conference,” in the would-be KM world capital of Astana. Here is a photograph from a concert at that meeting sent to us by Polish intelligence.

In any case, there can be no doubt the Chinese government is under attack because it has been telling the world inconvenient truths about the real track record of the West, In the latest example, China has accused the US of illegally stealing 80% of Syria’s oil production even as more than 14 million Syrians are in dire need of humanitarian aid, after years of western sanctions.

Our advice to the Chinese is to find out who is paying massive bribes for the widespread use of fraudulent PCR tests and using them to try to turn China into a giant animal farm.

Whoever they are, they need to be removed from all positions of power and control over money.

We urge the Iranian authorities to do the same and arrest all pandemic pushers. There riots are taking place in over 80 cities as the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini lies critically ill. Iranian royal family sources say Khameini is a Rothschild agent and his death will offer a chance to overthrow KM rule. However, with rioters being shot by policemen on motorcycles, any overthrow is likely to be bloody.

Now let us look at the situation in Russia where Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin ordered the first military mobilization of civilians since World War II. Russian FSB sources say the mobilization was triggered because a well-armed and well-trained military group led by NATO officers attacked their forces in Ukraine. The Russians say 300,000 additional troops have been mobilized while various Western sources put the number closer to 1 million. Russia also organized plebiscites in order to make the territories in the Ukraine it controls legally part of Russia. This would make an attack on them a legitimate casus belli or reason for war.

Polish intelligence confirms large amounts of UK and US troops have been deployed in Poland in response to the Russian move. MI6 sources say “We would never comment upon our troops nor their location [but] the Russo Ukrainian Conflagration is in escalation so there will be general mobilization by NATO in the vicinity of course…this is all highly orchestrated to result in full all-out thermonuclear war by 2025.”

Next, let us look at the situation in Texas where Governor Greg Abbott today issued an executive order designating Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations and instructing the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to take immediate action to keep Texans safe. “This is very important. How many are aware that a Governor can declare war?” a CIA source notes. “This opens a way for the military to step in. The time has come for action,” the source adds. Our own sources in Arizona note that large amounts of military-age Chinese and Russian men have entered the US under the guise of being members of Mexican cartels which would definitely be a casus belli. The Governor also sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris requesting federal terrorist classifications for the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel, as well as other cartels producing and distributing deadly fentanyl. This means that if Biden and the Rockefeller cabalists who pull his strings do not do something about the open border situation, it could trigger a civil war. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] NSA sources say 70% of Americans are now what used to be called “conspiracy theorists,” making the country ripe for revolution or civil war. Despite KM attempts to distract people with issues like the Ukraine and Abortion, opinion polls show most Americans are much more concerned about crime and plunging living standards; as well they should be. A recent survey showed inflation has reduced the average American household income by $11,500 over the past year. A civil war in the US would likely involve troops from the Christian mid-West and Texas moving against KM-dominated states like New York and California. Such a move would be needed to finally bring justice to the mass murdering pedophiles who control these states as well as the fake regime of Joe Biden. In the most recent evidence of this, Arizona State Senator David Farnsworth accused the Arizona Department of Child Safety of handing more than 550 children over to global sex traffickers and adrenochrome harvesters. For reference, see the photo below of Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, John of God, a satanic child abuser and sex slave master. The US is not alone. Canada too is close to overthrowing the openly criminal and widely despised Crime minister Justin Castro. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] There are also signs of some sort of massive struggle going on in the UK between the royalists and the anti-bloodline rule gnostic Illuminati. In echoes of the English civil war, members of Parliament were seen swearing loyalty to King Charles, not King Charles III. This meant they were referring to King Charles I, who was executed after which England briefly became a Republic. We also saw many other unusual things happening in the UK, such as television reports saying Queen Elizabeth II has been dead for 4 years and public appearances of “King Charles III” without any royal regalia. Russian FSB sources also noted many actors were spotted at the Queen’s funeral playing the roles of relatives or friends of the Queen.[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Here is what a secret Royal who has been playing the role of Queen Elizabeth for the past several years had to say about the situation: “Charles the first advocated the divine right to rule of kings and opposed Constitutional Monarchy, as do I. I advocate Absolute Monarchy and Royal Military Government including The Royal Prerogative. Charles ultimately lost his head in defeat. There is so much I cannot say [but] we have done very extensive vetting on the new King and I can confirm he had no hand, act or part in the death of his late wife Diana.” Our personal advice to this individual was that to preserve the monarchy, a move to a more likable symbol than Charles would be advisable. In any case, as fuel shortages and other problems mount, increasing instability in the UK looks likely over the coming months. There is also instability in other parts of Western Europe. In Italy the leader of the post-fascist Brothers of Italy Party, Giorgia Meloni, took power, marking the biggest political change there since the fall of Mussolini. Meloni is close to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who Italian P3 Freemason sources say was a good friend of Vladimir Putin (from before he was replaced by an avatar). This means Italy, Hungary Poland and Sweden have all fallen from EU control, as already happened with the UK. [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] Ursula Von der Leyen, the unelected leader of the EU, threatened Italy saying “We have the tools” to control disobedient countries “as we showed with Hungary and Poland.” [video width="1042" height="584" mp4=""][/video] These “tools,” refer mainly to the control of money. Agustín Carstens, head of the KM-controlled Bank for International Settlements or central banks’ central bank (BIS) is leading the fight to replace all cash with central bank digital currencies (CBCDCs) saying “with cash, we don’t know who is using a $100 bill but with CBDCs, the central bank will have absolute control that will determine the use. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] The KM are rushing to increase their control over money in part because of the ongoing fallout from the fake pandemic and the very real vaccine crimes that accompanied it. This has been reported extensively elsewhere so we will only note that one of the chief vaccine pushers, avatar Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced he has Covid again, for the second time in 40 days proving the vax is working great. “He has been detained again by the white hat/alliance it seems. Or his clone has malfunctioned again and needs repair,” a Mossad source comments. That may be why cabal central, the World Economic Forum is now trying to spin the entire “pandemic” as an “exercise.” They put out an article saying COVID lockdowns, social distancing, contact tracing, masks and vaccines were all a “test” to see if we will accept the “social responsibility” of “tracking personal carbon emissions”. [video width="638" height="360" mp4=""][/video] top KM honchos appear to be admitting defeat. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades.” We are also now getting increasing public admissions that what is really going on is a battle against “fallen angels.” Our own esoteric sources have told us we are witnessing the end of a war that has been raging for many thousands of years against a Satanic host that is making its last stand on this planet. This is why the earth is under quarantine. “The KM puppet masters are trying their best to communicate with fallen angels- the satanic beings,” a Mossad source agrees. “CERN now admits they are communicating with “ENTITIES” from the other side” confirms author Anthony Patch. [video width="582" height="270" mp4=""][/video] So on this esoteric note, we end with the latest evidence of off-world visitors to this planet. 1. UAP seen by a crowd and disappears [video width="608" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] 2. A possible cloaked mother ship 3. Area 51 tunnel and live operations of UAP’s [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] 4. Off world craft takes off fast [video width="432" height="388" mp4=""][/video] Hopefully, soon we will all be able to ride flying saucers to visit other planets as the quarantine on our planet is lifted. Until that happens though, concentrate on liberating the real world you experience with your own senses and not the digital worlds seen on screens.

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