Energy Hypocrisy and Stupidity

Energy Hypocrisy and Stupidity

Dr Vernon Coleman - MB ChB DSc

The EU has reclassified natural gas and nuclear power as forms of renewable energy in order to make political promises of ‘net zero’ easier to meet. (Someone probably realised that wind and sunshine provide very little of our energy – despite all the misleading publicity they are given. In the UK solar and wind power provide less than 5% of our energy – and both require a good deal of energy to build and maintain – and if you fancy surviving in the UK on 5% of our national energy supply then you’re probably dead or living abroad).

How long will it be before oil is also re-classified as ‘renewable’? (I suppose it is renewable, if you wait long enough.)

Actually, coal is renewable too. When you run out you just order some more and a bloke in a lorry drives round with a ton.

The funny thing is that log burners and some logs (logs are pretty sustainable) are banned though the Government approves of logs which are grown abroad, chopped up into pellets and shipped across the Atlantic – this massive expenditure of energy apparently makes them a ‘renewable’ resource.

And hydrogen is now very much the fashionable fuel. I see that hydrogen is a la mode with the glue-yourself-to-the-road-in-front-of-ambulances brigade because it is emission free. Indeed it is, though I’m not sure that the coal and other fossil fuels which are required to make hydrogen can yet be classified as entirely ‘clean’.

Still, the nutters have developed a talent for ignoring uncomfortable truths.

Meanwhile, when will someone point out to the cultists that you can only obtain energy from wind when the wind is blowing and you can only obtain energy from the sun when the sun is shining.

What do the cultists suggest the world does for energy on the dull, still days?

Anyone who promotes Net Zero is certifiably insane.

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