Shoot to kill orders issued for Khazarian mafia bosses • Updated

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Worldwide shoot-to-kill orders have been issued against all Khazarian Mafia members until they surrender unconditionally, according to an agreement made between MI6, the CIA, Mossad, the Russian FSB and other military/intelligence agencies worldwide. This is legal because the KM are actively trying to kill 90% of humanity. If they surrender, they will face Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunals. If they don’t, they face death.

It is with good reason that Russian President Vladimir Putin said the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves [it is] pure Satanism….Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits, ye shall know them.” These poisonous fruits are already obvious to people, not only in our country but also in all countries, including many people in the West itself.

For those who still do not understand what we are dealing with, take a look at this video of a child sacrifice.

It is proof we really are dealing with Moloch-worshiping and child-sacrificing fanatics. They view us as “Amalak” and think they have the right to kill us or enslave us like cattle. These are the ancient enemies of the Jews, the Romans, the Christians and most of humanity. They are the ones who tortured Jesus Christ to death and put his body out for public display.

The video is from the Chicago world’s fair of 1933 but to this day they carry out mass sacrifices. Our MI6 sources say they have a video of “beautiful children being sacrificed,” in a holocaust at a ceremony inaugurating the new World Trade Center building. A holocaust is a burnt offering to Moloch, also known as Ba’al, Set or Satan. These are the people who murdered tens of millions of Chinese, Russians, Germans, Japanese, Jews etc. during and after World War II as a part of their plan to turn the planet earth into a giant animal farm.

The event shown above was organized by the Zionist Organization of America, sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, and produced by Meyer Weisgal, with help from Rabbi Solomon Goldman as well as Maurice Samuel, the author of “You Gentiles.” One of the big speakers at the event was none other than Chaim Weismann, first president of Israel and the guy who alongside Lionel Walter Rothschild authored the Balfour Declaration.

These are the people who enslaved the Americans and turned them into their killing machines and enforcers worldwide.

The shoot-to-kill order includes but is not limited to: the descendants of John Rockefeller I, the members of the Rothschild family, the Habsburgs as well as the Dutch, Italian and Belgian royal families.

Individuals targeted for immediate execution include the actors pretending to be President Joe Biden and Pope Francis, Jeff Bezos, Jared Kushner, Justin Castro (Trudeau), Chrystia Freeland, Emanuelle Macron, Ursula von der Leyen , Angela Merkel, Anthony Fauci, Albert Bourla, Bill Gates, the Chief Rabbi of New York Ephraim Mirvis etc. We will ask our readers to help compile a more comprehensive list but this is a good starting point.

If you are a member of the protection unit for any of these individuals, you must either obey the order or face war crimes penalties of life imprisonment or death. If you think this is extreme, remember, these people are actively trying to kill you and your extended family so this is legitimate self-defense. We are in a state of war folks and it is either kill or be killed.

OK, now let us look at some of the recent development in the battle to liberate the planet earth.

The latest attempt by KM to start World War III was seen last week when they “blew up” the Nordstream I and II gas pipelines that supply Russian gas to Germany. This was followed immediately by the announcement of an alternative pipeline supplying gas from Norway to Poland. The problem is the entire thing was a propaganda lie designed to make money by manipulating financial markets, Russian FSB sources say.

It is a pretty sure bet that, if you investigate, you will find out that the Rothschild-owned trading companies based in Switzerland made a killing from insider trading based on the fake pipeline incident.

Also, Germany will now have to pay “transit fees” to Ukraine and Poland for gas from a pipeline that probably does not exist.,Norway%20through%20Denmark%20to%20Poland%20and%20neighbouring%20countries.

However, that is not going to be enough to save the KM from financial collapse. The reality is that Western Europe must either overthrow its Satanic leadership or face an industrial shutdown and freezing winter.

The Americans also need to do something about the fake Federal Reserve Board Biden regime or face hardship as well. In a sign the KM-owned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation failed to make its September 30th payments deadline, the FRB has called for a secret emergency meeting on the morning of October 3rd.

According  to British Royal family sources,

the reason for the meeting is that the royal families have taken control of the central banks away from the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

The turmoil in British financial markets comes from the fact that for the first time since the famous Rothschild insider trading on the Battle of Waterloo, the British Royals now control the Bank of England, the source notes.

In Europe as well, the Vatican has removed all Rothschild/Rockefeller control etc, as of September 30th,

As for the United States, here is intelligence from a contact who has access inside the KM World Economic Forum secret meetings:

BlackRock and Vanguard are planning on placing the entire world assets that they have valued at $500 Trillion into the stock market. The world assets will be sold off like shares. They believe that the value of the shares will be 5 times the initial placement. They want to do this to achieve their Great Reset. Of course, the elite will buy up the shares. And achieve their “Agenda 2030.” As Klaus anal Schwab says: “you will own nothing and be happy”. This is a wild dream but the KM-controlled WEF believe they can achieve it.

In other words, having taken control of 90% of the world’s transnational corporations through their privately owned central bank fraud, the KM hope to stay in power by selling these stolen assets to the world.

That is why the legitimate governments of the world need to confiscate these fraudulently obtained corporations. Needless to say, great care must be made not to punish legitimate entrepreneurs who got rich by actually creating value.

To understand why it is important to remove the KM control of corporations, take a look at this clip from a WEF meeting.

Video Player

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The UN -controlled by the WEF- has been working with Google to manipulate climate change search results. The KM puppet UN Secretary for Global Coms Melissa Fleming says they “own the science” on climate change “and opposing viewpoints have now been pushed down in search results through their partnership with Google.”

Nobody can “own” science because real science is the objective study of the natural world ie the original creation, not some fiction created by pumping out fake money.

The fake climate science is being pushed by the more “moderate” faction of the KM.

These people also control weather manipulation technology and used it last week to attack Florida because the governor of that State is rebelling against their rule.

As evidence of this, the Gulf of Mexico has lost its water. “This is the first weather modification used for the Ian Hurricane. Where did the water go?” comments a CIA source.Video Player

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Here is another weird anomaly.Video Player

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When a river of fish appears in the desert, something is definitely not right.

The latest evidence the hardliners are still trying to kill us by any means possible includes the ongoing combination of lethal vaccines, bioweapons and 5G electromagnetic attacks disguised as the “COVID pandemic.”

UPDATE: Here is the rest of the article:

To illustrate, watch mass murderer Bill Gates say “We have no chance of getting back to normal without 7 Billion people being vaxxed.” [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] In the UK Mark Steele, who is a weapons expert, tells a parliamentary committee that the 5G network is a weapon of military technology used to find and neutralize targets by radar scanning. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Take a look at these people being killed by 5G to get an idea of how dangerous this technology is. [video width="480" height="852" mp4=""][/video] Now look at this billboard in Ireland laying out the truth about the jab, masks and more for further confirmation civilian governments in the West have been taken over by criminals. [video width="256" height="480" mp4=""][/video] That is why these murderers need to be removed from control of medical associations, telecommunications companies etc. This is also true of China, where the communist party propaganda news is still pushing the fake pandemic, fraudulent PCR tests, vaccines etc. in order to turn that country into a giant animal farm. We have personally confirmed that the CCP is secretly controlled at the top by non-Asian KM bosses. That is why the CCP is pushing 5G, repressing truth about the 5G mass murder incident in Wuhan and using fraudulent PCR tests as an excuse for totalitarian control. However, we understand the Chinese patriots are fighting to liberate their country from KM rule. The results of this battle should become clear at the once in 5 years meeting of the CCP top leadership later this month. As a sign of this, it is clear that something very wrong is going on with President Xi Jinping. He has not left his home or met any world leader or even top Chinese leader for the past two years, according to several (Western) sources. In his first overseas visit in the past two years, when he went to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, he did almost nothing. He gave no memorable speech and did not meet with Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, or any other major leader of the group on the sidelines of the summit. He also left the summit in a hurry and did not participate in group photos.According to News Highland Vision, former Chinese President, Hu Jintao and former Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao had persuaded Song Ping, the former member of the Standing Committee and retaken control of the Central Guard Bureau (CGB) 22, 2022 The CGB’s job is to protect top CCP leaders including Xi Jinping. own Japanese military intelligence sources confirm the above reports’ claim that Xi Jinping is under house arrest. Our CIA sources, meanwhile, insist the real Xi was killed in early 2020 and his brother has been filling in for him. Alarmed by these reports, the Russians sent Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev to China to check out the situation. “Patrushev is an intel coordinator. His job includes helping to identify US efforts of opposition inside the Chinese party or ministries,” an FSB source explains. The FSB says “the rumors of Xi’s removal have been proven to be CIA disinformation.” However, this same source admits to being puzzled and disturbed as to why China is continuing the fraudulent PCR tests and draconian crackdown on its people. In any case, we should be able to find out the truth later this month when the big CCP meeting takes place. Another big question that may be answered later this month is whether or not the secret space force is finally going to come fully out of the closet. In a hint of change, the US Space Force has announced it will be taking over the Department of Defense’s military satellite communications. This is the first time all military satellite communications will be run by a single agency., the “National Intelligence Manager for Aviation” office of the Air Force rolled out a new logo over the weekend. It includes a picture of a flying saucer. “Sooner or later people will have to realize that most (not all) of the UFOs seen in our skies are the man-made work of the military-industrial-complex. In direct competition with the SSP. They’ve been working on electro-gravitic technologies since at least the 1950s,” a secret space force says. So, on that note, we will conclude with the latest project Blue Beam manifestations from around the world: 1. Off world craft in rural Russia [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] 2. UAP over Paris, France [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video] 3. A drone over Ukraine [video width="480" height="600" mp4=""][/video] 4. UAP flashing in the clouds [video width="480" height="854" mp4=""][/video] I have asked my secret space program sources for a personal ride in a flying saucer. Let us see if they can produce the real deal and not just more videos.

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