Everyone Who Hears the Truth About 5G Shuns It and For Good Reason

Everyone Who Hears the Truth About 5G Shuns It and For Good Reason

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How do you stop the rollout of a 12 trillion dollar technology promoted by one of the most profitable industries on the planet and bulldozed through by the European Union (“EU”), US Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) and the whole United Nations (“UN”) – most notably its Wi-Fi enablers the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and International Telecommunication Union (“ITU”)?

“The tide is turning in our favour because people like you, dear reader, are becoming educated and involved. You are sharing information and speaking with leaders. Thanks to your willingness to stand up for life and love, we will succeed in this great battle of our time,” wrote Claire Edwards.

In April 2019, long-time UN staff member Claire Edwardssummarised worldwide developments in the 5G situation in an article titled ‘5G: The Dominoes Are Starting to Fall’. Below we have republished part of Edwards’ article as it contains information and links to several resources that our readers may be interested in using to educate themselves.

Claire Edwards, Take Back Your Power

Overcoming the roadblocks

For me, it has always seemed an information problem. If the public simply understood the existential threat posed by adopting a military weapon as a communications technology, they would not accept it.

The challenge of informing people is twofold. The name “5G” is deceptive, implying a simple upgrade from the current 4G or fourth-generation wireless. [And many Wi-Fi routers now display “5G” as a mode option, but it means “5GHz” in that context, not actual “5G” — an industry ploy to normalise the term’s acceptance through intentional obfuscation.]

This ruse cleverly disguises the reality that 5G means densification, with each individual, visible antenna being replaced by thousands of tiny antennas menacing people, animals and nature from every nook and cranny on Earth and from 20,000 or more satellites with lethal, laser-like beams hitting their unwitting targets millions of times a day like silent bullets.

The second difficulty is the tight control of the media. Hardly a whisper of negativity about 5G penetrates the public sphere, while its claimed benefits are constantly touted in puff pieces in newspapers and numerous promotional videos.

Yet in the space of only a year, since we first heard about the impending catastrophe that is 5G, the message has spread virally through alternative and social media.

5G deserves the bad rap

Since US Senator Blumenthal dealt a major blow to the telecommunications industry by definitively establishing that no safety studies have been done, the bad news on 5G just keeps on coming. At least 21 US cities have passed ordinances restricting “small cell” installation, and many are charging “recertification fees” to make it unprofitable for the wireless industry.

And the UK-based microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower reports that 17 mystery countries are taking steps to avoid getting 5G.

[Note from The Exposé: The link provided for a video relating to Barrie Trower’s remarks is no longer available.  You can watch videos of Barrie Trower uploaded to ‘Clarity with Claire Edwards’ on YouTube HERE or ‘ForLifeonEarth’ on Rumble HERE.]

While the EU eagerly promotes the rollout of 5G, a new EU report admits that 5G is a massive experiment, lamenting that:

The problem is that currently, it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world … concern is emerging over the possible impact on health and safety arising from potentially much higher exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation arising from 5G.

European Union: 5G Deployment, State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia, In-Depth Analysis requested by the ITRE committee, April 2019 Pg. 11 and 12

The EU report goes on to set out the dangers:

Increased exposure may result not only from the use of much higher frequencies in 5G but also from the potential for the aggregation of different signals, their dynamic nature, and the complex interference effects that may result, especially in dense urban areas.

European Union: 5G Deployment, State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia, In-Depth Analysis requested by the ITRE committee, April 2019 Pg. 11

Meanwhile, a court in France has recognised electro-hypersensitivity (“EHS”) as an occupational disease that can be developed also from exposure to levels of radiation that are considered to be safe by the government.

No one wants 5G but the telcos

5G is beginning to look like an unwanted orphan. Everyone who hears the truth about it shuns it like the plague. Even most of its proponents clearly have no love for it.

In his Palm Beach neighbourhood, President Trump and his fellow billionaires are not having any of it. None of the EU institutions in Brussels are having it (European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Council and the European Parliament). And its very enablers, the UN and its WHO and ITU are not going to be having it in Geneva, either.

Watch for moratoria being declared in Washington, D.C., home to the FCC; and Munich, nearby home to International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (“ICNIRP”). Either would be an obvious indicator that the game is rigged.

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