From Animal Farm to 1984

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The consequences of the mass delusional psychosis I write about in my book United States of Fear imperil our freedoms, our safety, and our existence as a nation. George Orwell wrote about the consequences of a totalitarian state in his two famous novels Animal Farm and 1984. They served as allegories for the evil visited on society by a communist takeover of government. In little over a year under the Biden regime, the US has largely achieved the dystopia Orwell envisioned.

In the third chapter of Animal Farm, the animals are encouraged by their new leader to confess to disagreeing with or not complying with the authoritarian policies recently enacted. They are promptly slaughtered, to the initial dismay of some of the animals. Rather quickly, though, nearly everyone comes around to accept that disagreement equates to disloyalty, and that death is not only a reasonable but necessary punishment. The mass execution does not lead to any meaningful questioning of the virtue of the newfound dictatorship; rather, it only results in a reinforcement of allegiance to the state.

In Upstate New York, previously healthy Union College student Ellie Puentes suffered serious, chronic physical injuries from her Pfizer mRNA injection in late 2021. She developed nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, and chest pain that led her to an ER visit. The symptoms continue today. “My immune system, I believe, has just gone down.” Her personal physician, Dr. Thomas Nelson, advised her not to get any more mRNA injections and wrote a letter to the school on her behalf. requesting an exemption from the mandatory booster in 2022. Union College Health Center Director Angela Stefantatos enlisted the support of school physician Dr. Zeccola to deny her request, arguing that the mRNA injection had nothing to do with her rapid decline in health. Shockingly, she even wrote, “There is no evidence in the literature that vaccination for Covid19 weakens the immune system,” when, in fact, the mRNA injection is designed to attack the immune system and is proven to lead to acute immune system compromise with the potential for chronic immune system handicap. Ellie has now been expelled from Union College and given three days to pack her things and leave campus. Essentially, she confessed to challenging the regime orthodoxy, and the regime’s university acolytes ordered that she be slaughtered.

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) that will spy on Americans who criticize the Biden regime, and then silence them by force. Presumably, critics will be hunted down by armed agents of Homeland Security, the most well-armed branch of the US government. This new government agency is, in fact, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth from 1984. It is designed to censor all political dissent while promoting falsehoods that serve to support the policies of the Biden regime. The DGB (eerily similar sounding to KGB) will be run by Nina Jankowitz, who attacked the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation” just prior to the last presidential election. The government-led attacks and subsequent censorship of the story—Twitter shut down the account of the NY Post that broke the story—may very well have changed the outcome of the election and led to Biden’s official victory.

The leak of the SCOTUS draft opinion of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization revealed Justice Samuel Alito’s criticism of the landmark Roe v Wade ruling that effectively prohibited any state from restricting unfettered access to abortion on demand. Clearly meant to influence and perhaps intimidate the justices in formulating their final opinion due later this summer, the leak has already mobilized a vocal activist core of the Democrat party to begin swaying voters in the upcoming June local elections and fall federal midterm elections. News broadcasts show demonstrators chanting in front of the Supreme Court building, “My body, my choice.” Not surprisingly, those words disappeared from the national lexicon for the two years government at every level coerced and threatened Americans of all ages with mRNA injections. Now they are back in force, in support of abortion on demand. The “my body, my choice” argument apparently does not apply to Ellie Puentes, whose body belongs exclusively to the state.

What do these recent examples show? First, independent thought is dead. Most Americans today have delegated that responsibility to the government. The DGB could not have been proposed prior to the arrival of the Biden regime—it would have been unthinkable. Today, many Americans hear that the federal government has formally announced the end of the First Amendment, and they simply shrug their shoulders. “Sounds good to me—we need someone to protect us from misinformation.” Second, Americans now revel and find virtue in honoring all state directives, even when they deny truth, defy reality, and directly lead to the deaths of fellow citizens. Dead Americans deserve their fate because they have, like the animals in Animal Farm, failed to adhere to state policies. The students at Union College have not stood up in support of Ellie Puentes. Their silence indicates they condone her expulsion and the end of her path toward achieving her goal of becoming a physician. We certainly can’t have doctors disagreeing with the CDC, can we?

Orwell’s dystopia, as he describes it in Animal Farm and 1984, has arrived. It hasn’t arrived in Europe, though, the birthplace of modern totalitarianism. It has arrived here—in America. His stories are no longer allegory. They are real. We are now living them.

Mark McDonald, M.D.
Psychiatrist and author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis

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