Health, Biowarfare, Surveillance and Digital Dictatorship

Health, Biowarfare, Surveillance and Digital Dictatorship

The Expose  /  Rhoda Wilson

A little over a year ago President Biden proposed the establishment of a new biomedical research agency modelled after the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) to propel cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other diseases.

That agency – the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (“ARPA-H”) – is now well on its way to being and up and running, with a $1 billion budget from Congress.

ARPA-H appears to merge national security with health “security” in a way that could lead to the criminalisation of illness and general “wrongthink.”

The US Preventive Services Task Force is now recommending that all US adults aged 65 and younger should be screened for mental health issues.

The screening recommendation falls right in line with the original intent behind ARPA-H, which was to monitor Americans for neuropsychiatric warning signs by harvesting private data from consumer electronic devices and health care providers. Artificial intelligence (“AI”) would then be used to predict whether an individual might commit a crime so that it could be stopped before it happens.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

A little over a year ago President Biden proposed a plan to set in place a new health agency to drive the US down a futuristic road that would lead to cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other diseases.

At the time, investigative journalist Whitney Webb, author of ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’, warned that the new biomedical research agency – modelled after the nation’s DARPA – actually is a plan to merge national security with health “security” in a way that would “use both physical and mental health ‘warning signs’ to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur.”1

According to Webb, “Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic ‘pre-crime’ organisation with the potential to criminalise both mental and physical illness as well as ‘wrongthink.’”

ARPA-H – A ‘High-Risk’ Research Agency

That agency – formally named the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health2 (“ARPA-H”) – is now well on its way to being and up and running, with a $1 billion budget from Congress to start. Public law 117-103 was enacted on 15 March 2022, which authorised its establishment within the US Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”), under the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”).3

Government officials only need to iron out details such as what programs and activities it will engage in, and (of course) what “appropriate” current and future funding will be needed to run it.

ARPA-H seems to fit hand in glove with Biden’s 12 September 2022, ‘Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe and Secure American Bioeconomy’,4 which essentially establishes a fast-tracked pipeline for transhumanist dream projects.

Specified in that order is the development of genetic engineering technologies and techniques “to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers,” as well as genetic technologies to “unlock the power of biological data” using “computing tools and artificial intelligence.”

Additionally, “obstacles for commercialisation” will be reduced “so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.” ARPA-H is a tailor-made vehicle for fast-tracked (read poorly tested and incredibly dangerous) biomedical research. Like DARPA, ARPA-H will focus on “high-risk, high-reward research.”

Task Force Calls for Psych Screening All Adults

In related news, the US Preventive Services Task Force – an independent panel of experts appointed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services – is recommending that all US adults aged 65 and younger should be screened for mental health issues.5

Is this a forerunner for Webb’s prediction of how the government will detect mental health “pre-crimes”? The task force is accepting public comments on the proposal until October 17, 2022.6

Health and Biowarfare Have Become Increasingly Entwined

While we often think of military defence and public health as two very different areas of concern, the two have over the years merged to a significant extent, which in some ways helps explain why the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) is now acting in ways that can best be described as a covert war against the health of the American public.

In June 2002, President Bush signed the ‘Biodefense for the 21stCentury7 directive, the aim of which was to advance a “comprehensive framework” for US biodefence, based on the assumption that America could be devastated by a bioweapons attack.

The directive outlined “essential pillars” of the US biodefence program, including threat awareness and vulnerability assessment, prevention and protection, surveillance and detection, response and recovery.

In 2002, the Bush administration quintupled biodefence spending to $317 million, and the following year, that budget ballooned to $2 billion.8 Bush also earmarked another $6 billion for the development and stockpiling of vaccines over the next decade.

The man selected by Vice President Dick Cheney to oversee the spending of much of these vast amounts of cash was Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID”) since 1984.

In 2003, Fauci’s professional responsibilities were expanded to include all civilian biodefence research, both classified and unclassified, and the development of medical countermeasures against terrorist threats from infectious diseases9 – and all without oversight. For all these years, he has had carte blanche to approve and run whatever biodefence research he wanted, without anyone telling him otherwise.

We now know Fauci has funded a wide array of risky gain-of-function research, including research that may have been instrumental in the creation of SARS-CoV-2. And while all of that is being justified in the name of biodefence, in reality, all biodefence research is biowarfare research. Everything has dual use.

Allegiance to the Highest Bidder

At the same time that he is involved in the creation of lethal pathogens capable of devastating the global population, Fauci is also supposed to protect the American public against infectious diseases. In the case of Covid-19, he clearly failed, even though he confidently predicted10 that President Trump would have to face an infectious outbreak.

As it stands, ARPA-H is also housed under the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”), just like the NIAID. So, we basically have two biowarfare/defence agencies smack dab in the middle of a public health agency.

Add to that the fact that “biodefence” has for the last nearly three years been used to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights and freedoms, and it’s starting to look as though our public health agencies have been turned into Department of Defence proxies.

The designated enemy is the American people, and the weapons of war are a combination of souped-up pathogens and gene-based technologies cooked up in Fauci-funded labs, and (Department of Defence) DOD-directed surveillance and social engineering technologies.

It makes sense to ask why the American defence department would turn its military might against its own people, the very ones it’s supposed to protect. The answer is that most nations have been infiltrated and basically taken over by globalist interests that want to erase national borders in favour of a centralised global governance board.

The United States is, unfortunately, no exception. So, the short answer is, the American government is not attacking Americans on their own accord. They are merely doing the bidding of globalist interests.

Why? That’s a tougher question to answer. Some probably decided to sell out to the highest bidder. Others truly believe in the ideologies of technocracy and transhumanism that The Great Reset authors espouse.

Some might not realise why they’re doing what they’re doing. They’re just following orders and haven’t thought it through. Others may be psychopaths and just don’t care what happens, as long as they get theirs. Some are bonafideeugenicists and want to thin the herd, and all the more so if they can make a buck in the process.

ARPA-H’s Original Intention: Neuropsychiatric Monitoring

Focusing for a moment on the psychiatric monitoring issue mentioned earlier, Webb, in her article, explained how ARPA-H proponents, in 2019, wanted Trump to implement it for the prevention of mass shootings – not cancer. As explained by Webb:11

ARPA-H is not a new and exclusive Biden administration idea; there was a previous attempt to create a ‘health DARPA’ during the Trump administration in late 2019 …

In 2019, the same foundation and individuals currently backing Biden’s ARPA-H had urged then-president Trump to create ‘HARPA,’ not for the main purpose of researching treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s, but to stop mass shootings before they happen through the monitoring of Americans for ‘neuropsychiatric’ warning signs.

For the last few years, one man has been the driving force behind HARPA – former vice chair of General Electric and former president of NBC Universal, Robert Wright.

Through the Suzanne Wright Foundation (named for his late wife), Wright has spent years lobbying for an agency that “would develop biomedical capabilities — detection tools, treatments, medical devices, cures, etc.— for the millions of Americans who are not benefitting from the current system.”

While he, like Biden, has cloaked the agency’s actual purpose by claiming it will be mainly focused on treating cancer, Wright’s 2019 proposal to his personal friend Donald Trump revealed its underlying ambitions.

As first proposed by Wright in 2019, the flagship program of HARPA would be SAFE HOME, short for Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes.12

SAFE HOME would suck up masses of private data from “Apple Watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echo, and Google Home” and other consumer electronic devices, as well as information from healthcare providers to determine if an individual might be likely to commit a crime. The data would be analysed by artificial intelligence (“AI”) algorithms “for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence.”

The Department of Justice’s pre-crime approach known as DEEP13 was activated just months before Trump left office; it was also justified as a way to ‘stop mass shootings before they happen.’ Soon after Biden’s inauguration, the new administration began using information from social media to make pre-crime arrests14 as part of its approach toward combatting “domestic terror.”

Given the history of Silicon Valley companies collaborating with the government on matters of warrantless surveillance,15 it appears that aspects of SAFE HOME may already be covertly active under Biden, only waiting for the formalisation of ARPA-H/HARPA to be legitimised as public policy.

Total Information Awareness

According to Webb, ARPA-H’s connections to DARPA suggests the new agency is a new version of DARPA’s failed Total Information Awareness (TIA) program, a bio-surveillance project launched in the aftermath of 9/11.

The goal was to develop information technologies capable of automatically detecting the release of a pathogen by “monitoring non-traditional data sources,” including “prediagnostic medical data” and “behavioural indicators.”

Put plainly, they were trying to identify bioterrorist threats by spying on the public. “Now, under the guise of the proposed ARPA-H, DARPA’s original TIA would essentially be making a comeback for all intents and purposes as its own spin-off,” Webb writes.

Into this mix, we also have to add Big Tech. The list of tech companies with DOD contracts is a long one, so many technologies have dual purposes. Facebook is but one example of that. This dual purpose also goes the other way. For example, the US military is developing biometric wearables to detect Covid-19, ostensibly to allow Americans to “return to work safely.” As noted by Webb:16

While of interest to the military, these wearables are primarily intended for mass use – a big step toward the infrastructure needed for the resurrection of a bio-surveillance program to be run by the national-security state.

We also now know the US government illegally instructs tech platforms to censor information and people on its behalf. So, Big Tech is also best viewed as a weapon, wielded by the US government for the benefit of the technocratic cabal that wants to do away with nations and run the whole world.

The Era of Digital Dictatorship Is Upon Us

There can be little doubt today that “biosecurity” is the favoured justification for the need for a digital dictatorship. Stripping you of your freedom is “for your own safety,” and you’re supposed to be thankful. If you are not, the biosecurity state labels you a homicidal bioterrorist.

It’s easy to see, actually, why biosecurity is such an alluring ploy. It’s easy to make people afraid of something they cannot see. It’s easy to fake an outbreak. It’s easy to get rid of anyone you want simply by labelling them a biothreat and tossing them into a quarantine camp, never to be heard of again. It’s easy to get people to comply with surveillance, as most are scared of getting sick.

It’s easy to get people to turn on each other, again because they’re afraid of getting sick. All you have to do is declare people who don’t mask up or won’t get the latest gene therapy a threat to public health, and people around them do the harassing. We have even discovered it’s easy to get people to commit voluntary suicide by taking a poisonous, experimental injection they know nothing about – again because they’re afraid of getting sick.

It’s a good plan. Just look at how easily these maniacs eliminated more than 5.9 million people worldwide with SARS-CoV-2 (many of which were killed by intentionally improper treatment protocols), and how easily they’re eliminating millions more in excess deaths from the Covid jab. All without firing a single bullet or lighting up a single gas chamber. It’s amazing, really. As noted by Webb:17

In the merging of “national security” and “health security,” any decision or mandate promulgated as a public health measure could be justified as necessary for “national security,” much in the same way that the mass abuses and war crimes that occurred during the post-9/11 “war on terror” were similarly justified by “national security” with little to no oversight.

Yet, in this case, instead of only losing our civil liberties and control over our external lives, we stand to lose sovereignty over our individual bodies … The … NIH’s BRAIN initiative … was launched, among other things, to “develop tools to record, mark, and manipulate precisely defined neurons in the living brain” that are determined to be linked to an “abnormal” function or a neurological disease …

Biden’s newly announced agency … would integrate those past Obama-era initiatives with Orwellian applications under one roof, but with even less oversight than before. It would also seek to expand and mainstream the uses of these technologies and potentially move toward developing policies that would mandate their use …

ARPA-H … will be used to resurrect dangerous and long-standing agendas of the national-security state and its Silicon Valley contractors, creating a “digital dictatorship” that threatens human freedom, human society, and potentially the very definition of what it means to be human.

US Military Spends Millions Spying on Americans

Team Cymru: Augury is context from a million facts per second, 30 April 2019 (1 min)

In related news, Vice recently reported the US military has purchased a mass monitoring tool called “Augury,” which is said to capture everything “except the smell of electricity”:18

Multiple branches of the US military have bought access to a powerful internet monitoring tool that claims to cover over 90 per cent of the world’s internet traffic, and which in some cases provides access to people’s email data, browsing history, and other information such as their sensitive internet cookies, according to contracting data and other documents …

Additionally, Sen. Ron Wyden says that a whistle-blower has contacted his office concerning the alleged warrantless use19 and purchase of this data by NCIS, a civilian law enforcement agency that’s part of the Navy …

The tool, called Augury … bundles a massive amount of data together and makes it available to government and corporate customers as a paid service … agencies that deal with criminal investigations have also purchased the capability. The military agencies did not describe their use cases for the tool.

According to Vice, the US Navy, Army, Cyber Command and the Defence Counterintelligence and Security Agency have spent at least $3.5 million to access this tool. The question is why. As noted by Vice, rather than getting a proper warrant, US agencies frequently simply purchase the desired data, be it cell phone data or internet use data, from private companies.

In the case of Augury, it harvests an estimated 93% of all internet traffic, including browser history, URLs visited, cookie usage, email data, and most importantly, packet capture data (“PCAP”) related to email, remote desktop and file sharing protocols.

In all, it is an insane amount of data being captured without our knowledge, which is then sold for a hefty profit by a private company (and this is just one of many) to government agencies that use our tax dollars to spy on us.

Google — The Biggest Spy Machine of All

A key player in this digital prison being built around us, on the taxpayers’ dime, is Google. Not only is it a massive spy machine, capturing “every word of every email sent through Gmail and every click made on a Chrome browser,”20 it is also a key censoring tool. Sure, it is private and “can do what it wants,” but it’s actually doing the government’s bidding, so it’s not independent in any serious definition of the word.

Google is also a frontrunner and expert in artificial intelligence, required for effective social engineering, and both are crucial components of The Great Reset’s social credit system.

Google’s interference in your life is only going to increase, and if you’re still using Gmail, understand that they are censoring your inbox. While about 50% of our subscribers are using Gmail accounts, the delivery rate for Gmail accounts is HALF of all the email providers like ProtonMail.

So, if you are using Gmail to receive our newsletter please change immediately. ProtonMail is an excellent alternative. It provides end-to-end encryption to protect your content and other user data. Proton also provides an encrypted calendar, encrypted cloud storage and a free VPN.

Stop Feeding the Beast

Next, start weeding out any and all other Google products. All Google products are interconnected, and the data from all their different products and services are collected to build your personality profile.

That profile is then sold to third parties. It’s also used by Google to influence your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours using AI analytics. AI analytics also brings us back to where we started, with Biden’s new “pre-crime,” predictive policing agency, ARPA-H – or what could become such an agency.

While predictive policing may still sound like pure sci-fi, a January 2020 Intercept article21 cited a 2018 document22 by the data storage firm Western Digital and the consulting company Accenture, which predicted smart surveillance networks will eventually be used for that very purpose.

At present, law enforcement uses CCTV networks to investigate crimes after they’ve occurred. Western Digital and Accenture predict that by 2025, municipalities will be transformed into fully connected smart cities where the cameras of businesses and public institutions are all plugged into a government-run AI-enabled analytics system, and by 2035, that system will have predictive capabilities. As reported by The Intercept:23

A “public safety ecosystem” will centralise data “pulled from disparate databases such as social media, driver’s licenses, police databases, and dark data.” An AI-enabled analytics unit will let police assess “anomalies in real-time and interrupt a crime before it is committed.” That is to say, to catch pre-crime.

Looking at ARPA-H with a jaundiced eye, it does seem tailor-made for what Webb calls “a technocratic ‘pre-crime’ organisation with the potential to criminalise both mental and physical illness as well as ‘wrongthink.’”

Privacy Is Freedom, Freedom Is Privacy

It’s time to realise that you cannot have freedom without privacy – especially data privacy. We simply must have data privacy because our data is being used to manipulate, control, deceive and hurt us. It’s being used as a weapon against us.

Considering how massive the monitoring, surveillance and data harvesting is already, it’s going to take a while to extricate ourselves. Ultimately, we’ll need stringent laws and enforcement agencies that penalise companies that harvest and sell user data.

In the meantime, we need to educate each other about the control grid being set up, and on an individual level begin to “starve the beast.” Stop giving away your data. Every single data point you give them is another data point that will be used to educate AI on how to better control people.

Ditching Google products – all of them – will take a big chunk out of the data harvesting effort. So, don’t delay. Start today. Several of the most commonly-used Google traps are listed in the table and the graphic in the document attached below.

If you’re a high school student, do not convert the Google accounts you created as a student into personal accounts.
Switch to a secure document-sharing service — Ditch Google Docs and use another alternative such as Zoho Office, Etherpad, CryptPad, OnlyOffice or Nuclino, all of which are recommended by NordVPN.24 Digital Trends has also published several alternatives.25
Delete all Google apps from your phone and purge Google hardware.
Avoid websites that use Google Analytics — To do that, you’ll need to check the website’s privacy policy and search for “Google.” Websites are required to disclose if they use a third-party surveillance tool. If they use Google Analytics, ask them to switch!
Don’t use Google Home devices in your house or apartment – These devices record everything that occurs in your home, both speech and sound such as brushing your teeth and boiling water, even when they appear to be inactive, and send that information back to Google. The same goes for Google’s home thermostat Nest and Amazon’s Alexa.
Don’t use an Android cell or mobile phone, as it’s owned by Google.
Ditch Siri, which draws all its answers from Google.
Don’t use Fitbit, as it was recently purchased by Google and will provide them with all your physiological information and activity levels, in addition to everything else that Google already has on you.
Stop using Gmail – Use a privacy-based encryption service like ProtonMail.
Stop using Chrome browser and Google Search – Brave is the browser of choice and while you are there, you can use the new Brave search engine.

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