Death by the Numbers In Indonesia

Death by the Numbers In Indonesia


Bernard Grover

Prompted by Jeff Rense, I set out to quantify how many, if any, excess deaths were being caused by the mandated use of COVID-branded products in Indonesia.

The reason I hadn’t looked into this before is that there have not been many “drop dead” incidents in Indonesia - at least that have been widely reported. It must be noted that the government here is very sensitive about negative information regarding these products, in part because it has spent considerable money buying, forcing and developing these products. One doctor who was a very vocal critic of the COVID-branded products was jailed last year and has essentially disappeared, and her family are being harassed.

It should be noted that in the early going, Indonesia opted for the SinoVac product from China, which is ostensibly a “real” vaccine using attenuated virus. This was due in part to the early requirements for Moderna and Pfizer products to be kept at -70C, which made it near impossible to distribute here. I also assume that China made their product financially rewarding for officials who recommended it.

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I have spent a number of hours scouring the internet for information on Indonesia. Keep in mind that I have left off anything produced by WHO or the CDC, the latter of which actually operates an office here. I assume those sources are compromised in one form or another.

The results of my research are:

Source: Note red vertical bar added to show introduction of vaccine mandates

As of May 2021, the Indonesian health ministry reported 27 deaths proximate to “vaccination,” and all were brushed off as comorbidities or pre-existing conditions. It is very difficult to sift stroke and cardiovascular disease information related to vaccines, as they are the two top killers in Indonesia, likely due to a diet high in fried foods using corn oil.

Paper: Epidemiology in diagnose pericarditis, myocarditis and endocarditis in Indonesia

Mayo Clinic: Symptoms and Causes of Myocarditis

2009 Paper: Viral Causes of Human Myocarditis

“Using real-time PCR and reverse transcription PCR assays, parvovirus B19, Coxsackie B virus, human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) type B and adenovirus have been detected in 37, 33, 11 and 8% of EMB, respectively, from young adults (aged < 35 years) with histologically proven acute myocarditis. Viral co-infections have also been found in 12% of acute myocarditis cases, generally parvovirus B19 plus HHV-6. Moreover, herpesviruses such as the Epstein-Barr virus or cytomegalovirus can also be associated with myocarditis after heart transplantation.”


If I interpret the above data correctly, at the beginning of the Damnpanic, there were 60,000 stroke cases. On the first day of the “vaccine” mandates, the number had risen to 360,000, in 10 months, or 36,000 per month.

In the past week, the number was 988,000, or 628,000 in the preceding 10 months. That’s 62,800 per month, or a 74% increase.

According to WHO, there are on average 357,183 annual deaths from stroke in Indonesia. That’s 29,765 per month. When compared to the 62,000 in the preceding 10 months, it pencils out to 16,285 excess deaths attributed to stroke alone, or about a 33% increase since the start of the Damnpanic.

If we look closer, the number goes from 60,000 to 360.000 in 10 months, which seems more or less on average (357,183/year). Then in jumps to 988,000 in the next 10 months, which is about 174% above average, and the only difference is the “vaccine” mandates began on 3 January 2021. This jives with the first graph that showed a significant uptick in overall deaths beginning at the time of the “vaccine” mandates.

I have lived in Indonesia for 14 years. In that time, I have known one person to have a stroke. In the last year, I know 3. That’s anecdotal and we are all getting old now, but it seems rather unusual. Add to this that all three received the Pfizer product. In fact, everyone I know who received the Pfizer product reported severe pain - like every nerve was on fire - and flu-like symptoms for the first 4 to 5 days.

Take all of this with a grain of salt. I have done a cursory pass on the research and have not interviewed any health professionals to get “boots on the ground” information. The data presented here are only as good as the sources, and I have not verified any of it. What I know for a fact is what those folks in my circle have told me.

To do a thorough survey would require money and staff, but the numbers seem to fall in line with information published on other populations.

It’s interesting to note that all countries in Southeast Asia that bought into the mass “vaccination” narrative display graphs similar to Indonesia (at top). However, countries that did not have significant “vaccine” uptake, such as Laos and Cambodia, have death rates that stayed flat throughout the Damnpanic. To me, this implies that the “vaccines” are the deadly component, and not any “wild” virus.

There are two things in Indonesia more certain than death and taxes: greed and bribery. Many Indonesians that I have spoken to are convinced that the “vaccine” mandates and choices of products were guided not by science, but rather by which vendor offered the most lucrative package (for the politicians, of course).

Everyone here that I personally know who reported having “COVID” listed flu-like symptoms, completely at odds with known symptomology for the six coronaviruses that affect humans (there are 100s of types). They reported fever, body aches, joint pain, and malaise. That’s flu. Coronaviruses (if they exist - see Jon Rappoport) cause stuffy sinuses, upper respiratory congestion and sore throat. In the West, we distinguish between “colds” and “flus,” while the Indonesian language does not have separate terms - everything is “flu”.

Indonesians are a gullible lot. They believe anything an “authority” tells them. It’s bred into them by 500 years of colonization, 35 yeears of Soeharto, and an intractible refusal to read or research anything. It doesn’t help that anyone who questions the official narrative gets jailed and/or fined into poverty. The upshot is that the government can say the sky is falling, and folks will run for cover without so much as a glance upward.

That said, it is a national pastime figuring out ways around mandates and taxes. “Authorities” are also more than willing to listen to cash on any matter. As a consequence, every back door has 2 additional back doors, since just about every individual lives outside the strict provisions of the law.

Across Southeast Asia, there were numerous reports of complex operations to empty “vaccine” bottles and fill them with vitamin C or D3 solutions. Other reports said that in select distribution centers, the person giving the shots would not inject them, but rather squirt them into a gauze pad and call it good. In some cases, this was done with the full knowledge and conscent of the recipient. In others, it was done as a service to humanity. In either case, it will be years if ever to sort out the statistics, since no one really knows what happened. How many vaccinations were fake? How many people bought certification instead of jabs? Were any of the vaccines - such as SinoVac - real or just another CCP scam? There is no publicly known way to quantify these questions at this time.

The CDC’s own reporting says that over 3 million Americans had some sort of issue after getting vaxxxed, anything from missing work up to emergency room visits. Comparable numbers are hard to find here, since much of the health care system in Indonesia is government run, and the private systems don’t want to compromise their licenses.

Even though Indonesia claims to have a compliance rate somewhere in the 90th percentile, my guess would be far lower, but it all looks good on paper. I will bet this is the case across Asia, and likely in Africa and South America, too.

Only time will tell.

Bernard Grover with Jeff Rense - Devastating Numbers In Indonesia Are Dying From The BioWeapon Genocide

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