Satanists vs Natural Law

Satanists vs Natural Law

‘Satanism Is the Religion That Runs the World’

Satanism is the religion that runs the world, according to Mark Passio. “That’s what people have to truly wake up to and then they have to wake up to True Morality, because aggregate morality determines aggregate freedom. As people, in the aggregate…become more moral, they will become more free.

“We are enslaved as a people because we have not been moral as a people. And the real transgressions against Natural Law are murder, assault, rape, theft, trespass, coercion and deception…All of those transgressions are forms of theft.”

Passio joins Alex Jones to discuss his journey as a young man who joined the Church of Satan and who was inducted as a Priest in the Church by none other than Anton LaVey, himself but who left when he realized that their longterm goal was the enslavement of the human race.

He describes Satanism as, “A psychological- and vetting system, where they are looking for people they can groom up into those higher ranks of the Satanic network…gaining a psychological profile on a person by what you write about in your application…[which] goes into extreme detail about your life and mindset, etc…and when they began to know me personally from attendance at rituals, then they can see how well you fit the profile of people that they’re looking for with certain psychopathic tendencies and with also certain capabilities, such as communication, technological, being able to explain the ideology to others and reel more people into the Satanic ideology, the Satanic mindset.”

Alex Jones says the Satanists run the highest levels of the CIA and they’re in the military – they’re everywhere – “They’re operating right next to normal people. The Black Hats and the White Hats and right now, they’re getting rid of the White Hats and getting out of Beta and going into the externalization of the takeover. That’s why you see the pedophilia, the world government, all the evil; the anti-God, anti-human, post-humanist system, because now, their real religion of transhumanism is here.”

After Passio left the Church of Satan, he continued to dig deeper into the occult information that is being hidden from the world, which he says is the knowledge of Natural Law, the working definition of which is: Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.

Passio says, “These people are trying to do anything to prevent a true awakening through the awakening to how Natural Law actually works and functions in our reality. They want anything but that. They want us analyzing every aspect of the control system. This is the equivalent of a doctor, endlessly looking at a tumor and never actually doing anything to actually get rid of the underlying cause of the cancer, of the tumor. That’s what they want. They want us focused on all of the little minutiae that forms the control system but they don’t want us to look at causal factors.

“And this is what delving even deeper into the world of occult knowledge finally revealed unto me and it has many, many other researchers throughout time. It’s nothing special in my regard but by going deeper into this knowledge, I understood, ‘Wow, these people are actually trying to hold back the knowledge of how Natural Law really works and how it brings to us the experiences that we are actually creating by putting certain behaviors out into the world.

“So, I discovered that this is a cause-and-effect relationship. That’s how Natural Law functions. It’s the real Laws of Karma. It’s the real Laws of Attraction, it’s the real Laws of Consequence in our lives. We act through our behavior and ten we receive consequences that are structured and organized from the universe, that bring the results and the effects of the behaviors that we have put out in the world, based on whether those behaviors were truly moral or whether they were truly immoral.

“And that brings the dichotomy between religion and a true understanding of Natural Law, because religion has told us through the ages that there are certain forms of sin, certain forms of transgression against others and it’ll come down to us in the form of Christianity or Catholicism, like ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Anger, Jealousy, Greed.’

“We’re taught that these vices are actually sins and transgressions, when in fact, it eliminates the Natural Law component and gives us something, a proxy in its place.

“Under true Natural Law, we learn that behaviors that actually initiate some form of aggression against our fellow beings are the true transgressions against Natural Law, that create negative consequences in our lives, both individually and at an aggregate, collective level.”

Passio describes the Cremation of Care ritual at the Bohemian Grove as “An ancient Babylonian, Carthaginian absolution ritual…They are actually forgiving themselves for the evils they are about to do…with the sacrifice of dull care.

He describes those currently genociding the planet with the Death Shot as the “Technocratic Occultocracy”. People like Klaus Schwab represent the externalization of the hierarchy. “They’re revealing that there’s a hierarchy of rulership in the world; that they are a ruling class and under them are the people that they consider their servants, their subjects, their slaves…

“These technocratic occultists want to come out and openly rule humanity as the new kings, new gods, new pharaohs…[but] some do not favor that approach. They want to…keep it hidden, to keep it occulted, to keep it on a covert level of rulership, as we have had for many, many, many centuries, now.

“There’s this subtle war, you could say going on within the rank and file of the dark occult world, where some of them favor staying in the shadows, operating through covert means and some of them want open, externalized rulership, which they call the ‘Externalization of the Hierarchy’. They believe these factions that are doing the public displays, who are actually wanting to come out into the open and just tell people, ‘Hey, we’re going to have a technotronic means of owning what you think, of reducing your mind to a form of a computer algorithm.’ They are the people who favor the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the dark occult.”

Passio believes that if people don’t understand Natural Law, they cannot truly understand, in their own mind, the rue, causal factors that ar needed to be understood for a true awakening to happen…If people understand Natural Law, they understand causal dynamics, they understand ultimate governing dynamics of creation and how we will create a different reality, not based on the same systems of control but based on mutual respect, based on voluntary interaction with other human beings.”

Alex interjects, “The real magic is being a good person that knows these laws, then the whole universe changes. And until people get that, the Enemy’s gonna keep winning…If people would just get this, it would get rid of all the problems.”

Passio agrees. “The Creator is Perfect Love. The Creator has placed the laws of Creation here, including Natural Law to elicit our maximum benefit. It’s not there as a constraint or a prison per se, it is there to allow us to learn what not to do…The sum of morality is proportional to the sum of freedom. That’s it. That’s the equation.”

He drives home the point that, “When you truly think and act morally, the Universe is going to come to your aid, in general. The forces of Creation will support and assist your endeavors when you do that. Right action creates right results. Wrong action creates disorder, disharmony and chaos…the PSYOPs are there to distract from that. We have to stop falling for them, we have to stop letting these PSYOPs redirect our energy into less important matters.

“If we understand morality, that’s the lynchpin, that’s the master key to all of it.”

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