Deaths of American Under 25s is Soaring Since the Rollout of Covid Injections

Deaths of American Under 25s is Soaring Since the Rollout of Covid Injections

The Expose  /  Rhoda Wilson

In the first two and a half years of COVID, 150 thousand more American under-45s have died than expected. But, almost half of those deaths have occurred in the last twelve months, wrote Joel Smalley. And now he has noted that the deaths of even younger Americans are soaring.  “As bad as the story is for the under-45s, it’s a whole lot worse for the under-25s.”

By the end of February 2021, around 1,200 more than average under 25s had unexpectedly died, not from Covid but from government policies.  Vaccination of American under-25s started in earnest in February 2021. A year later, by the end of February 2022 excess deaths of under-25s had increased to around 6,000 – five times more.

Joel Smalley

Having just written THIS piece on the alarming rate at which under-45-year-old Americans are dying at unprecedented rates in the aftermath of the mass mRNA experiment, I was piqued to investigate the situation for the under-25s alone.

Alas, the situation is even grimmer. Let’s examine the core hypotheses I have developed over the last couple of years, based on the examination of reams of mortality data from all around the world:

  1. Deaths spike in the aftermath of Covid interventions (government policies) more than they do in the apparent emergence of a novel pathogen.
  2. Mortality increases in the aftermath of the mass mRNA experiment more than it does during the alleged emergence of a novel pathogen, “in spite of” the claim that the medical intervention is Safe and Effective™.

With respect to the first hypothesis, when the “epidemic” first hits America in mid-March 2020 (i.e., when the older people start dying), the under-25s actually experience negative excess deaths, i.e., fewer die than expected.

And yet, when the first wave is over by the end of May (the same as it is everywhere in the northern hemisphere), this is the point at which the under-25s start dying in excess. Weird, right? Or maybe, not so weird if it’s the policies killing, not the virus? Does that seem more plausible? Certainly not something that can be casually dismissed without further investigation.

Further evidence of this occurs the following autumn/winter when respiratory pathogen deaths usually peak in a country like America. And yet, in this age group, nada! You can see clearly that deaths plateau in October. This is when they should increase.

So, by the end of February 2021, around 1,200 under 25s have unexpectedly died during the first year of the deadly Covid. Not of the virus but of the policies.

But that’s nowhere near the worst of it. In respect of the second hypothesis, in the second year, 6,000 more youngsters die. That’s 5 times more (excuse the obvious!).

What happened in February 2021?

Unless you’ve just beamed in from another planet (or not ventured past the BBC or CNN as your source of “information”), you already know the answer to that question.

But correlation does not equal causation, right?

But there it is again. After jabbing the “priority cases” (the clinically vulnerable) in mid-December 2020, the jab fest kicks into gear towards the end of February 2021 for the rest of the under-25s, peaking first on 10th Apr. Two months later deaths peak.

There is a second wave of jabbing, peaking on 22nd May. Four months later, deaths peak again.

Boosting starts in autumn 2021 and by spring 2022, deaths are on the rise again.

Just a whole load of spurious correlations, me “grasping at straws”? Well, here’s the thing –

So, how about we go with that as the starting point and the pro-covidians can explain to us how that position can be defended?

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