Alberta Is Deliberately Erasing Hospital Records of Vaccine Injury + New Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, seems to be stepping up to the plate

Alberta Is Deliberately Erasing Hospital Records of Vaccine Injury + New Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, seems to be stepping up to the plate

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ER Editor: We’re doing a two-fer here. Steve Kirsch is right: while Alberta ‘Health’ is pulling some underhand stunts, the new premier, Danielle Smith, seems to be stepping up to the plate. We’re updating the reporting on her. First, Canada’s eminent, former MP Brian Peckford on Smith. Then Kirsch, humorously, via Mark Crispin Miller, shockingly, on Alberta Health so-called.

See also this from Rebel News from Saturday:

HUGE: Alberta premier apologizes to unvaccinated citizens, considers dropping all lockdown prosecutions


WHY We All Should Be Supporting Danielle Smith —Canada’s Best Chance For Freedom And Upholding Canada’s Constitution, by Brian Peckford


The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


It is clear now!!

Danielle Smith means what she says.

And minus a few unfortunate apologies for defending the rights of the unvaccinated  she has been right on message. And the unvaccinated have been discriminated against for over two years now. Witness the pastors in Smith’s own Alberta and the doctors across the  land: Dr. Charles Hoffe of BC and Dr. Byram Bridle of Ontario. And in my own personal case of the shoddy treatment I and my fellow Canadians have endured before the Courts of this nation. There are many other such examples.

Premier Smith:

A. She calls out discrimination where she sees it, even to trying to right the wrongsinflicted on her citizens by the previous administration in its injurious mandates and lockdowns.

B. She is following through on implementing the crucial idea of protecting Provincial Rights under the Constitution from deliberate Federal intrusion.

C. Contrary to so called press commentators’ predictions, she is uniting her Party and being fair to her leadership opponents.

D. She is ridding the Province of the Globalist Elite most clearly manifested in her identification of of The World Economic Forum being  involved with her Province’s Health Ministry

E. She favours choice, real freedom of speech and the adherence to The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

F. While other leaders spin with excessive use of mumbo jumbo and double speak, she articulates clearly where she stands on the important issues of the day.

G. She advances economic freedom and an individual’s honest pursuit of their hopes and dreams unshackled by Government overreach.


We complain when there is weak and dishonest leadership .

We must celebrate and support when we see such strong and honest leadership.


One-minute video of Smith talking to the Chamber of Commerce:

This short video was put out by the Calgary Herald yesterday:

Alberta is deliberately erasing hospital records of vaccine injury…

… and if you complain about the erasure of records, they will revoke your license to practice medicine. You can’t make this stuff up.

Steve Kirsch

Just as Canada’s “free press” has largely stopped reporting people “dying suddenly” (unless they’re famous), Alberta’s “health service” is now erasing ER records of the “vaccine”-injured.

Read this about this discovery in a recent article by Mark Crispin Miller:

Not only were the hospital records erased for multiple patients (which was bad enough), but when the doctor went to complain about it to the public health authority, Alberta Health Services, they turned around and are now disciplining the doctor!

If it was just an innocent mistake, it would have been publicly acknowledged, corrected, and the physician would be rewarded for finding the problem.

We are living in a new world here. This is why when doctors see something, they say nothing.

T-shirt business opportunity?

Perhaps we should have a t-shirt we could sell to healthcare workers emblazoned with: “See something? Say nothing!” What do you think?

We are thinking of selling these t-shirts to healthcare workers in Alberta. What do you think?

Some very good news

Fortunately, the new Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith, seems to be aware of what is going on.

Danielle Smith on healthcare | CTV News
Premier Danielle Smith is expected to clean up the corruption in healthcare in Alberta, Canada

From the article:

Smith also said Albertans should expect rapid changes to who is managing health care in the province.

She will replace Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and recruit a new team of advisers in public health that consider COVID-19 to be an endemic disease.

Wow. I have very high hopes.

I think she will clean up the corruption in the CMO’s office and at Alberta Health Services.

She can start by asking a few questions about what happened to the doctor and hospital in Mark’s article.

I predict that heads will roll soon.


Alberta is covering up the COVID vaccine injuries for now.

I don’t think they will be doing this for much longer.

I expect to hear a lot more truth coming from Alberta in the near

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