LA QUINTA COLUMNA • Show Us What Is In The “Vaccines” • Graphene Oxide • Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity

LA QUINTA COLUMNA • Show Us What  Is In The “Vaccines” • Graphene Oxide • Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity

Here’s What’s Really In Those MRNA Vaccines
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Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, the founder and director of La Quinta Columna, reveals the results of his investigation into the Covid mRNA vaccines. He has documented his conclusions about the vaccines and what it means to everyone who got the jab.

As the world’s population is being forced to inoculate itself with an experimental drug forbidden by law to analyze, the installation of 5G antennas around the world has continued unabated, pandemic be damned.

Delgado tested all the mRNA vaccines from the various drug makers and found a disturbing ‘component’: nano-routers that can be registered with Bluetooth via wireless signals being transmitted.

He found nano-antennas and plasmonic antennas for the amplification of these signals.Delgado also identified nano-rectennas (which act as rectifier bridges of alternating/direct current), codecs, and certain logic gates for the encryption of these nano-communications emitted from the inoculated individual to a remote server.

The primary material used in these microstructural complexes is graphene oxide, the presence of which is crucial for the self-assembly of these structural complexes.

Graphene oxide injected into the body acquires magnetic properties when it comes into contact with hydrogen and living cells.

This is why most vaccinated people have exacerbated magnetism at the point of injection, and subsequently in the upper solar plexus and the skull.

Graphene oxide is detected in the body by our immune system as if it were a pathogen. Once injected, it has an affinity for the central nervous system (CNS) because of its higher electrical conductivity.

Once in the CNS, it can cause paralysis of limbs, strokes, paraplegia, and alteration of the nervous system. Worse still, graphene oxide has a blood-clotting factor that increases thrombogenicity.

Moreover, graphene oxide can be stimulated remotely or wirelessly, utilizing the technology of 4G, 4G-plus, and 5G, which transmits your brainwaves to a govt. server running a powerful AI.

Humanity is being infested as governments “inoculate” as many people as possible to remotely control them with 5G technology.

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