The Scourge of State-Sponsored Mass Murder by Kill Shots

The Scourge of State-Sponsored Mass Murder by Kill Shots

Stephen Lendman

Pushing what destroys health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it reflects the worst of pure evil intentions — throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

Since garden variety flu was renamed covid almost 3 years ago — followed by the Pharma-controlled WHO’s public health emergency declaration when none existed then or now — we’ve been lied to and mass deceived by ruling regimes and their MSM press agents with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Individuals jabbed one or more timers comprise the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths attributed to flu/covid.

Unjabbed individuals are profoundly safer than their jabbed counterparts, an indisputable reality.

Eminent Professor of Medicine, public health expert, Dr. Peter McCullough, earlier called flu/covid jabs “the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.”

On Friday, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) for medicine as it should be practiced over politicized science stressed the following:

Mass-jabbing “children is suicide.”

Yet the Pharma-controlled CDC’s so-called Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimously endorsed kill shots for children aged-6 months and older, AFLDS stressing:

“No sane person now disputes evidence that (jabs) have been a complete failure.”

“They do not protect against infection or transmission.”

“They do not provide immunity.”

They “cause injury and death.”

Last year, Johns Hopkins physician,

Dr. Marty Makary, explained that not a single healthy US child died from flu/covid.

Mass-jabbing is all about infecting and killing them, not the other way around.

Separately on Friday, journalist Raymond Wolfe stressed the importance of US November 8 midterms.

The lives and well-being of millions of infants and fetuses depend on the outcome.

Calling upcoming federal and state elections the “most important (ones) in our lifetimes,” at stake is whether undemocratic Dems will retain control of Congress and pass more health-destroying legislation than already.

According to Real Clear Politics, Republicans are expected to gain 30 House and 3 Senate seats to control Congress — if things turn out as it projects.

Of course, RCP didn’t factor in election theft — how undemocratic Dems usurped White House and congressional control in 2020.

They clearly intend trying for the same outcome next month and will succeed unless Republicans foil a repeat of their diabolical scheme.

Dems prioritize mass-jabbing kill shots and all else flu/covid related to continue destroying public health.

Republicans favor choice over mandates, what’s clearly vital to let families decide on what relates to their health and well-being.

On October 27, the US-based RAIR Foundation reported the following:

Hosted by Dr. Sam Dubé, a panel discussion of sudden deaths of youths following flu/covid jabs included the following individuals:

Pathologist Ryan Cole MD

Pediatric cardiologist Kirk Milhoan MD, Ph.D

Funeral home director John O’Looney, and

Activist Glen Macko

According to Dubé:

Panelists “share(d) personal stories of (mass-jabbing injuries and deaths) “so that you can better understand and better see what’s happening, in the hopes that you can save lives, and help people who have been so affected.”

“And these are real people that we are describing, with real tragedy.”

Dr. Milhoan explained the following:

“I’ve been seeing an increase in adverse events in teenagers from” mass-jabbing.

“Now I’m seeing a much worse course with (flu)covid for those who have been (jabbed) and boosted, as opposed to those who haven’t.”

Dr. Cole stressed the following:

“As a clinical pathologist, we are the quality control of medicine.”

“We see when patterns change in tissues as well as blood.”

“I’ve been trying to sound the alarm” since mass-jabbing began.

After begun, “we started seeing all sorts of conditions that increased, and now recently, we’ve seen a big increase in the youth of sudden death since the rollout of not just shots but boosters as well.”

“Folks, we have a (major) problem,” adding:

“We have a toxic lipid nanoparticle that causes inflammation.”

“And we also have this spike protein that has been proven to cause clotting.”

“So to introduce a clotting agent into the body, into young individuals with a statistically zero risk from (flu)covid really is concerning.”

“And we know that these shots that can form clots don’t even cover variants of the virus that are now present.”

“So, we have expired shots, making an expired protein causing all sorts of pathology in the body.”

An Alabama embalmer said he’s seen a huge increase in sudden deaths from abnormal blood-clotting.

According to the RAIR Foundation:

Disturbing “stories are endless…This is a call to action.”

Separately, Italian researchers at the Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology, University of Insubria published an article, titled:

“Understanding the Pharmacology of (Flu/Covid) mRNA (Jabs): Playing Dice with the Spike?”

According to All News

“No major medical journal would (touch) this article.”

Few US “doctors or researchers would have the smarts and guts to write that (flu/covid jabs are gene-altering) pharmaceutical therapeutics, (not) vaccines.”

The Pharma-controlled CDC “change(d) the definition of vaccines so mRNA” kill shots could be officially designated what they’re not and be used to destroy health while pretending otherwise.

Since the US VAERS system was initiated in 1990 to track mass-jabbing injuries and deaths, flu/covid kill shots caused 84% of what’s been reported over this 32-year time frame from all vaccines — according to the National Vaccine Information Center.

And what’s officially acknowledged is the tip of a mass-casualty iceberg.

Whoever claims that vaccines across the board and flu/covid jabs are safe is lying.

Profoundly hazardous to health and well-being, it’s crucial to avoid them all.

Responsible for diseases they pretend to protect against, administering them should be banned.

They’re permitted to produce a bonanza of profits for Pharma — at the expense of public health over protecting it.

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