“It’s done.” UK Government is now a self-incriminated terrorist organization

“It’s done.” UK Government is now a self-incriminated terrorist organization

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A Khazarian-Ordered,
British Military-Executed,
Terrorist Attack Against Russia
And This Hard Evidence Proves It

Which is also why Sweden’s government refused to present the conclusive proof that they acquired at the Nord Stream terrorist crime scene which clearly indicted the British military.  In point of fact, the Swedish Secret Services found gross sabotage of the pipelines caused by blasts that caused extensive damage as evidenced by multiple detonations. See: ‘Gross sabotage’: Sweden finds evidence of Nord Stream pipeline detonations

SOTN Editor’s Note: There’s really only one reason why rabid Russophobe Liz Truss was stealthily installed as UK Prime Minister, and then quickly and ignominiously removed from office. Her primary mission was to serve as the UK prime minister during her unprecedented 44-day term in office in order to oversee the highly provocative and consequential terrorist attack against Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines. What follows is the back story of this inconceivably brazen and reckless terrorist operation launched by the London’s Khazarian Crime Syndicate.

UNLOCKED: How the Russians Found
Out it was the UK that Bombed the
Nord Stream Pipelines

Hal Turner Radio Show

When the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines between Russia and Germany blew up, most of the thinking world knew it was no accident. With Germany seeing intense political pressure from its citizens to resume buying Russian natural gas – halted after Russia entered Ukraine for a Special Military Operation — folks in the United Kingdom were not pleased. It was thought within the UK that Germany was going to succumb to citizen pressure, and make its own deal to buy Russian gas.

The British and the Americans could not let that happen.

So a plan was hatched to take the choice away from Germany by blowing-up the Nord Stream Pipelines.

But who would do it?

The British decided THEY would.

The Americans nodded approval.

When the Nord Stream Pipelines began to blow up, Russian natural gas firm GAZPROM got alarm bells from sensors in the pipeline, indicating the pressure had dropped massively and suddenly. GAZPROM then knew the pipes were ruptured.

The computers at GAZPROM, which recorded the minutes/seconds the sensor alarms went off, all use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for the time stamps.

Exactly one minute after the alarms went off at GAZPROM, iCloud records of Prime Minister Liz Truss iPhone, show that she used her iPhone to send a text message to Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State. The message: “It’s done.”

The iCloud computers also use Coordinated Universal Time for message time stamps. So although Russia and the UK are in different time zones, UTC proves that it was literally ONE MINUTE after the GAZPROM pressure sensor alarms went off, that Liz Truss sent her text message to Blinken.

No one else knew the pipelines had been blown up. GAZPROM knew there was a problem, but didn’t know what or why.

Liz Truss knew.

Because it was the British government that carried out the bombing.

An act of state terrorism by the actual British Government, against the Russian Federation.

Think about that for a moment. The British Government is now, factually, an actual International Terrorist Organization.

Except when governments do things like this to other countries, it’s not called “Terrorism” — it’s called something else: An act of war.

And that is why Liz Truss is no longer British Prime Minister. Not because she approved the attack . . . but because she texted “It’s done” via insecure text messaging on her iPhone, which the Russians were able to access using Admin privileges through iCloud. And the Russians already have the proof.

Thanks to Liz Truss, the British are caught red-handed, having committed the bombing of pipelines that cost Russia about $15 Billion between the two Nord Stream routes, to construct. The British government did it. The British government is guilty. A bombing of someone else’s critical infrastructure. An act of international terrorism.

The American government knew this plan was in progress. The American government did nothing to stop the crime. Thus, the American government in general, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken in particular, are, at the every least, guilty of Misprison of a Felony. At the worst, the American Government and/or Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are guilty as co-conspirators in the crime.

Since there will be no “justice” for, or through, either the British or American governments (they seem to hold themselves above the law) the only alternative Russia has is War.

I’m told, it is coming.



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