The Department of Homeland Security is an Enemy of The People and Must Be Disbanded Immediately

The Department of Homeland Security is an Enemy of The People and Must Be Disbanded Immediately


Dr. Joseph Sansone

Recently leaked information obtained byThe Intercept has validated the fact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is engaged in illegal activities designed to censor and deny the basic human right of free speech. DHS is engaged in an operation to influence social media to remove and censor content that runs contrary to its views. Facebook even created a direct portal to allow DHS to pull down truthful information, that would be information the DHS deems false. Censorship targeted information related to the Afghanistan withdrawal, election integrity, and information related to the apparent Covid 19 bioweapon, and Covid gene therapy shots, which also appear a biological weapon unleashed on humanity.

As The Intercept points out even Tom Ridge, former head of DHS, has stated that the United States government routinely lies whether it is about the Vietnam or Iraq wars, or the origination of Covid 19. DHS coordinated with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms. It is unclear of the level of interaction between DHS and other government agencies, and other private sector companies, although, based on the sudden engagement in politics and censorship by corporations, it is a safe bet that DHS and other agencies are integrated with them.

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The whole premise of government is to protect the Natural Rights of the individual. Some of these Natural Rights are codified in the Bill of Rights. Any government agency with an express purpose to undermine any of the Bill of Rights, or other obvious Natural Rights (I say obvious because we could get into levels of abstraction when conceptualizing rights) is in fact an enemy of the people. The government or its agencies can’t assault the Constitution and the Bill of Rights without becoming an enemy of the United States. When I say the United States, I mean the constellation of states that have entered into a compact and the people that those states they are designed to represent. Such actions by the DHS are literally illegal as they are a direct assault on the law and the essential purpose of government.

Many people consider treason to a betrayal of the State/Government. That is not actually necessarily the case. Let’ take a peek at a dictionary definition oftreason:

1 the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

2 a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.

3 the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

Treason can be construed as betraying the legitimate authority of the government or its sovereign, which in the case of the United States is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In our republic, treason can be considered the betrayal of the rights of the people since the only legitimate purpose of government is to protect those rights.

The DHS and its private sector collaborators appear to be violating the first, second, and third definition above. This becomes clear when it is recognized that the sovereign is the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. The legitimate government is bound by the Constitution. The DHS is behaving in a treacherous way and has violated all trust and its allegiance to the legitimate Constitutionally bound government. The DHS may be engaging in treason. The actions of the DHS in censoring information related to election integrity after the fraud committed in the 2020 election would certainly appear supportive of a coup.

The scam response to 911 included the Patriot Act, a couple stupid wars, DHS, TSA, and so on. The level of government involvement in 911 is murky at best. The scam response to 911 created an authoritarian environment at the airport and the template for a police state. The level of government involvement in Covid and Covid shots is obvious. The difference is that the scam response to Covid is to make the whole country the airport.

The DHS should be disbanded immediately. It was created in a lie after 911. It is an unnecessary organization whose purpose was clearly to target American citizens at its inception. If that was not clear at the time it should be now. The DHS website states that the organization was created in the dark hours after the 911 attacks and its mission includes counterterrorism and homeland security, protecting the nation’s borders, cyber security and critical infrastructure, and preserve and uphold the nation’s prosperity and economic security.

Don’t let that dribble about prosperity and economic security get your hopes up. DHS is not going to start promoting and teaching the Austrian school of economics…..

The DHS has grossly failed in protecting and policing the borders and this is because it is largely spying on and policing American citizens and engaging in violating Free Speech rights. We’ll leave alone the Fourth Amendment here, although the DHS is clearly trampling that one too. If it was effective at counterterrorism, it would have shut down the Covid shots immediately. Instead, it has engaged in a campaign of misinformation and censorship and apparently has actually been supporting terrorism by censoring information about potential risks associated with Covid shots. In the world of the DHS, it isn’t much of a leap to interpret cybersecurity as meaning reading your emails and social media posts.

The government and any of its agencies are not capable of determining truth. Any government that conceptualizes itself as being capable of doing so is a dangerous threat. Such a position runs contrary to the First Amendment. It is often difficult to discern truth. The idea of allowing many perspectives does not denigrate truth, it allows truth to flourish. If a position actually represents the highest truth in any given context this will become more evident as other fallacious views are presented. Take the concept of a scientific hypothesis as an example. A hypothesis can’t be proven. It can only be supported or not supported by the evidence. Over time it often becomes apparent what the truth is. I say often because this is not always the case. Scientific orthodoxy can seem supported by the evidence for decades if not centuries only to be upended with new discovery.

How the hell can the DHS determine truth?

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