So-called 'combating' of 'disinformation' by self-anointed experts is really just Big Tech and Big Pharma goons censoring the truth that exposes their false narratives

So-called 'combating' of 'disinformation' by self-anointed experts is really just Big Tech and Big Pharma goons censoring the truth that exposes their false narratives  /  S.D. Wells

(Natural News) The entire censorship boot is coming down the pike and completely silencing dissent to the official narratives about war, medicine, economy, climate change, and of course, deadly vaccines. In fact, the entire “misinformation’ industry is just as much a travesty as the Covid scamdemic itself, leading billions of sheeple down dirty roads and rabbit holes that lead to destitution, sickness, information slavery, perversion and early death. Thousands of self-anointed ‘experts’ claim to be combating disinformation, which really means fueling propaganda while censoring any truth that reveals the treachery. This campaign of misinformation to battle ‘disinformation’ comes from many angles and organizations, some government run and others are NGOs, funded by billionaires and those who seek tyrannical power and the total destruction of America.

Disinformation “czars” are misinformation kings

Land owners and gun owners are all that’s left keeping America intact as a Republic. Fair elections are out the window. Misinformation is at an all-time high. The Vaccine Holocaust is well under way, and the Health Ranger Mike Adams predicted this in July of 2019, before anyone knew about the Covid plandemic. Who else predicted the Vaccine Holocaust, where disinformation from the WHO, CDC, FDA, Trump and the Biden Regime would send 250 million Americans over a health cliff they never saw right in front of them?

Crooked Joe Biden’s Minister of Truth, Nina Jankowicz, and the Disinformation Governance Board, are waging a war against truth while using a ‘disinformation campaign’ as their cover. Funded by the deep state and globalists, Western society is being hoodwinked to believe that the misinformation is coming from independent and alt media, when it’s all coming top-down from the US government, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Communist cabals (like the CCP) around the world.

The regime of censorship is silencing all opposing viewpoints, science, research, journalism and all political dissonance. In America, it is now illegal to criticize the Biden Regime, the deadly Covid vaccines or the fake election of 2020. Anyone with popularity, power and/or money who does is persecuted, sued for all they’re worth, de-platformed, bankrupted and some are put in jail indefinitely with no trial.

Disinformation ‘experts’ revealed by truth media

One truth-seeking journalist described the whole censorship campaign as the “frog-in-boiling-water” situation, where the water (censorship) is slowly but consistently heated up, so the frog doesn’t notice too much, until it’s boiling hot and the frog (freedom of speech and press) dies. From the Russia collusion hoax to the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up, all bad news for the demon Democrats is completely false-narrated using misinformation while censoring all truth. The CIA and FBI are certainly in on the ‘gig.’

The irony is that most Americans can’t see the forest for the trees. The Democrats spent four long years saying the 2016 election was corrupt and fixed for Trump, now it’s illegal to even suggest that the 2020 election was corrupt or fixed for Biden. The Democrats spread the Russia delusion hoax for four years, with ZERO evidence, and it was all disinformation hinged on a totally fabricated “dossier.”

Globalists, Democrats and Extreme Liberals are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to ‘calling out’ misinformation and disinformation. They spread it, and even when they get caught red-handed, none of them are banned or censored on MSM, social media, YouTube, Google or the like.

That’s why it is of dire importance that you do your own research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information.

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