We Are At War, But Not With Each Other • This Should Be Obvious • United We Stand

We Are At War, But Not With Each Other • This Should Be Obvious • United We Stand

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

The enemy is deflecting the war that should be unleashed against the genocidal few, onto the populations of the world. Divide and conquer is in full effect.   The left and the right are being pitted against each other.

One would think this was obvious.

Yet I see so much effort being put forth, so much time and energy spent by many working in wrong directions.  This is a message to them. To the mis-guided.

We are at war.  We have a common enemy.  The few have tried to kill us all and have succeeded in injecting a killer vaccine into 5.5 billion people.

Any petty squabbling, paint throwing, hand glueing to the floor, screaming pussy choirs, just doing my fascist job, war mongoruing, left, right, political theatre, racist, gay, straight, cow farting complaining madness is a waste of human energy.   And that is exactly what the enemy wants.  

The real enemy, the enemy of us all, Americans, Canadians, Australians, British, Russians, whatever.  We the people, have a common enemy, a genocidal few that has just tried and is still trying to kill us all.

This message is not to readers of Truth11.com, I am sure you are fully aware of the obvious divide an conquer tactics.

This is a message to those focusing their energy in the wrong directions; hopefully they will stumble upon this advice: Wake the fuck up.  Shut the fuck up.  Focus the fuck up.  And smarten the fuck up.   We are not at war with each other.  Who cares what colour your hair is or what political party you support.  We are all people who have collectively been attacked by a few that are helping you channel your energy anywhere except in their direction, where it is warranted.

Lets talk about our differences for a moment:

My dad always said "if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place".

Our differences should not be a big deal.  Yet they are using them as part of the war against us.

We need to lighten up about our differences and focus on stopping a genocidal few take out humanity.

I am fond of saying.  “Fuck em, if they can’t take a joke”.  This is a one liner I have lived by.  This not because I am an asshole,  far from it.  I am a very nice person.   But we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves to keep us in check and focused in reality.

We must unite despite our differences as we have a common enemy of humanity.  We should be able to joke and laugh at our differences, this unites all sides.  If we can all laugh equally at any of our differences they can’t weaponize them against us and can’t use them to channel our effort and human energy away from focus on the true enemy of human kind.

If someone can’t take a joke about something, you need to ask yourself why.   Is it because it does not stand up to the light of day?, it is not true?, it is not in your/their best interest?,  it is something of embarrassment?  If so, humour can help the situation evolve naturally.

If it was something you or they loved and don’t care if people find it funny, then they should be able to take a joke about it.

So either way, truth in humour unites us.

Instead of laughing at our differences they have been weaponized against us, to the point where misguided people are calling for the genocide of others based upon a difference in their choice of “whatever”.

There is a genocide, there is an enemy, but its is the few so called elite that have unleashed the vaccine genocide onto the population of the world.

The left and the right should realize that as much as the political parties are two wings of the same bird; so is the population, both sides of the same people.

We the people as a whole, including, left, right, gay, straight, white, black, civilians of all countries, police and armed forces of all countries; are all being attacked by a genocidal few psychopaths.

They have injected or tried to inject a killer vaccine into everyone, regardless of what political party you like, which country you live in, what skin colour you have, or how much money you make.  They have attempted to kill us all.   The genocidal few is our real enemy.

There is a large amount of anger, pointless fighting, and protesting from each side attacking each other.   This is a pathetic waste of energy.  Focus on the real enemy, the ones that just tried and are still trying to kill everyone.

They divide us and pit us against each-other to hide their crimes of genocide by kill shot vaccine. This should be obvious.

Any effort spent not exposing and fighting this, any effort spent yelling about climate nonsense, sexual preference nonsense, left, right bullshit, any effort waging war against another person on the other side of a fake political battle;  is waste of human energy.

Our war is not with each other.  Our war is with them. Cease and desist all wars with each other.  Embrace our differences and focus on who is actually trying to kill all of us.

The truth is known, the facts are known, the few are guilty, some of the masses are still distracted.  We are not divided, we are humanity at war with the few, not each-other.

Focus human energy where it is warranted.  

Armed with the truth, united we stand.