Please Help Support Independent Media

Please Help Support Independent Media

Dylan Eleven |

Being an independent journalist, we work full time to see through the lies and propaganda, to keep a clear understanding of the big picture and report the truth to you.

We do this without salary, as reporting the truth is not something that main stream media will allow.  Therefore we must operate outside of the regular employment structure.  We must work independently to get the truth to you.

You can read all articles on for free.  We also do not have any distracting advertising or pop ups on the site.   This is done to allow access to the truth for everyone and for distraction free ease of reading, allowing the focus to be on what is said.

We work in independent media not for the money, our motivation is the truth.  But we, like everyone have bills to pay.

If you like our work and if you would like to help us in our cause to bring the truth to the world, you can support in two ways:  

You can make a small one time donation or subscribe for $1 per month.

Thank you truth warriors, your support of our work is very much appreciated.

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