COVID-19 vaccines are causing blood clots, confims veteran embalmer Richard Hirschman

COVID-19 vaccines are causing blood clots, confims veteran embalmer Richard Hirschman  /  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are causing the blood clots in people, according to veteran embalmer Richard Hirschman.

“We need to remember because this truth is coming out. I really did not want to believe this was some kind of conspiracy to try to depopulate the world. But the more they continue to do what they are doing, [the more] I believe it is the vaccine causing this. Because I’ve had people that did not have COVID, but were vaccinated and have these clots,” Hirschman told Zeee Media founder and Australian independent journalist Maria Zeee during a recent interview in the latter’s podcast.

Hirschman had earlier made a shocking revelation about the unnatural blood clots found in the dead bodies of vaccinated individuals during an interview with Dr. Jane Ruby in the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show.” (Related: Embalmer Richard Hirschman: Mysterious clotting found in 65% of deceased vaccinated individuals.)

His discovery has led other embalmers to speak out about the fibrous blood clots in the bodies of the vaccinated.

Hirschman went on to slam the people who made hit pieces on him by saying the photographs he had were unsubstantiated and showed no scientific proof. The board-certified funeral director and embalmer said he has numerous vials of the blood clots and close to 200 pictures of different bodies with the same type of clots.

Blood clots found in dead bodies of vaccinated individuals are not normal

Hirschman said these blood clots are not normal. But the veteran embalmer noted that these are likely going to become normal in the future as more and more people get vaccinated.

Zeee added in jest that the new generation of doctors, embalmers and others working in any type of health industry are going to be used to people dying suddenly and would probably blame those deaths on climate change.

She also said that people need to be educated now “because humanity is in serious hot water.”

Wallace Hooker, a funeral director, coroner and embalmer who was also a guest on the Zeee’s podcast, mentioned that the normal blood clots are smaller in nature compared to what they are seeing now.

Hooker said the white fibrin structures of these unusual blood clots are different from the current jelly clots that are more common during a postmortem autopsy. He added that these bigger white fibrin structures are being removed by cardiologists and surgeons and are not forming after death. “It is present in the body and thriving,” Hooker said.

He also urged people in the medical profession to do research and find out what is really causing these blood clots.

According to Hooker, people had been fed a line of garbage about COVID-19. He also took note of how quickly Big Pharma got a vaccine out to supposedly prevent or lessen the symptoms and to stop the transfer of the virus.

“We understand why people felt like they needed to be vaccinated. It was being a team player,” said Hooker. But you know they just scared us into submission.”

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