Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Officials who pushed COVID lockdowns, vaccines deserve JAIL TIME

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Officials who pushed COVID lockdowns, vaccines deserve JAIL TIME

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(Natural News) Canadian pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson said officials who pushed lockdowns and vaccines to address the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic should be put behind bars.

He made this assertion during a recent podcast with Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media. His call to imprison those responsible did not only apply to leaders in his home country, but also to other leaders in countries across the globe.

“Absolutely not. I’m full of vengeance; I’m vengeful,” Hodkinson told Vaughan in response to the latter’s question if there is a need to “forgive and forget.”

“It’s not a time to say ‘I’m sorry.’ It’s time to put these bastards in jail.”

Hodkinson also zeroed in on what he called “the big kill,” which pertains to the damage caused by the government sticking its nose in healthcare during the pandemic. He remarked: “We’ve seen the biggest kill ever in medicine’s history, directly because of the intervention of these idiots into healthcare.”

Politicians are not solely to blame, however, as the Canadian doctor also had strong words for physicians who simply went along.

“It’s the physicians themselves who are principally culpable because they have allowed the government’s jackboots to influence how they manage their patients –  which has never, ever happened before,” Hodkinson said.

He also rebuked doctors who promoted the COVID-19 vaccines as safe, especially for expectant mothers.

“How can you do this? How can you look into the eyes of a pregnant woman and tell her, ‘This experimental product is safe’? How can you do that as a physician?”

Hodkinson ultimately told Vaughan: “No. Any physician that has done that should be in jail.”

Hodkinson’s proposal a fitting response to calls for pandemic amnesty

The Canadian pathologist’s calls for those responsible for “the big kill” is surely the most appropriate response to those calling for a “pandemic amnesty.”

Brown University‘s Emily Oster first proposed the pandemic amnesty in an op-ed published in the Atlantic magazine. She urged people to “forgive and forget” about the COVID-19 mandates and the damage they caused as people “were in the dark about COVID-19” at that time.

“Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward,” Oster appealed. Her appeal was received with ridicule and hostility. (Related: Harrison Smith: Emily Oster’s “pandemic amnesty” suggestion deserves a big NO.)

Hodkinson’s remarks during the podcast, which served as a fitting reply to proposals of “pandemic truces,” echoed statements he delivered in person during an event sponsored by Rebel News.

In the said event, the pathologist pointed out that people being unable to hold the hand of their dying relatives who succumbed to COVID-19 was the lockdown’s most brutal effect.

“That is the end of the line,” he said. “You do not do that, and they did it anyway. I’m sorry, these things are unforgivable – totally unforgivable.”

Hodkinson also commented on the push to inject children with the COVID-19 vaccines despite the dangers of the injections.

“What about our children now being vaccinated against something they don’t need and being killed by it? [That’s] child sacrifice to appease these new gods, these technocrats [and] idiocrats,” he said.

“Well, child sacrifice didn’t work for the Aztecs. It didn’t make the rain fall, and it won’t save granny in the nursing home.”

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Watch Dr. Roger Hodkinson blast the COVID-19 pandemic as a “pack of lies” below.

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