The Covid Era has ushered in a new Dark Age

The Covid Era has ushered in a new Dark Age

The Expose  /  Rhoda Wilson

In European history, a 900-year period between the 5th and 14th centuries is known as the “Dark Ages.”  It is given this name because many suggest that this period saw little scientific and cultural advancement.  Has the reshaping of science during the Covid Era ushered in a new Dark Age?

Imagine for a moment you are a doctor living in a universe where all the “conspiracy theories” regarding the dangers of mRNA “vaccinations” are true. Imagine, that concepts like long-term heart disfunction, immune erosion, turbo cancer and infertility are all consequences of permanent and irreversible gene therapy. Imagine living in a society where all speech was under constant surveillance and that to speak out, was to risk more than just your livelihood. How could you treat something you can’t talk about? How would you treat an illness the government tells you doesn’t exist?

The Tenth Man Rule

History has always been problematic for tyrants. It allows us to evaluate great swaths of information, and weigh the flaws and merits of any course of action. As we cannot properly evaluate the events of today without comparing them to the records of yesterday, it is logical that any conqueror intent on cementing their power – or ushering in a new world order would attempt to alter or destroy that record … a labour that is all too often successful. Scholars of diverse disciplines have long lamented the great riches of cultural and scientific advancement lost to this insatiable need for control: imagine where we might be as a civilisation if not for events like the burning of the Library of Alexandria, or the razing of the university of Nalanda, or the sacking of the city of Baghdad?

Although the term Dark Ages has multiple meanings, for our purposes it refers to a period brought about by such destruction, wherein those with power demonise and suppress any belief that challenges their position of authority, to the extent that our collective scientific progress stagnates and even reverses. It seems that we are entering a kind of medical Dark Age: a time of great uncertainty and medical unknown, brought on by the rewriting and outright destruction of medical history.

Despite centuries of evidence-based practice centred around enlightenment principles and the Hippocratic Oath, these time-tested principles are being replaced with a new, more progressive standard motivated by profit and guided collectively by the great leviathans known as “Big Pharma” and “Big Tech”; a billionaire class hell-bent on world domination. In the fashion of the Vatican of old, these new masters use weaponised social media platforms and self-appointed “fact checkers” to censor any thought or opposition that threatens their well-constructed narrative. Using their immense wealth, they have the power to influence legislation, effectively criminalising those with genuine knowledge and preventing them from correcting any idea that opposes the new order. The perils of religiously minded suppression of science and medicine hold just as true today as they did in the first millennium. Thankfully, we haven’t started burning “witches” at the stake without trial just yet – only deleting their accounts, publicly defaming them, and destroying their livelihoods.

But how do you make a witch? How do you turn someone into a heretic, so that you have a license to destroy them?

It begins with seemingly minor changes, unobserved by most. In April 2020, suddenly and without notice, the definition of the word “vaccine” was changed around the world. A definition formerly dependant on the provision that treatment provided long-term immunity to a disease or virus. This new meaning established that a vaccine only needs to “strengthen and support” its recipient’s immune system. A subtle change, but one that in 2022 has been the catalyst for a chain reaction beyond measure or control.

By altering the meaning of the word “vaccine,” so too have the powers-that-be altered what it means to be “vaccinated,” and further, what it means to be “immunized” against a virus or disease. By this dishonest manipulation of language, they have leveraged the population’s preconceived ideas about “traditional” vaccines, effectively shaming and stigmatising anyone who might question the safety and efficacy of new technologies that share the same name, whilst departing from its definition.The keen observer may also notice this same stratagem being used elsewhere, in the forever expanding lexicon of ‘ists’ and ‘isms’.

Using this case study from the Korean Medical Services Journal, we are provided with a glimpse into this impending “Dark Age”: Myocarditis-induced Sudden Death after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination.

It is unknown whether this case is related to the vaccine type or to a specific vaccine component. It is also unclear whether the location (atrium), type of inflammation (neutrophils and histiocytes), CBN, and single-cell necrosis without inflammation are specific characteristics of Covid-19 vaccine-associated myocarditis.

To summarise: They know exactly how the person died, and what caused it, but as the conditions of mRNA-caused myocarditis-induced sudden death are completely unknown and unprecedented, we are completely in the dark with regard to prevention and treatment.

Going deeper, knowing that the nano-lipid particles are dispersing spike proteins throughout the entire body indiscriminately, is it not fair then to theorise that any inflammatory ailment emerging anywhere in the human body might be affected in the same way?

We know how to treat heart attacks, but not mRNA-induced heart attacks. We know how to treat cancer, but not mRNA-induced cancer. Treatments for blood clots, autoimmune diseases and neurological conditions such as stroke and dementia; all now are called into question due to the potential presence of these invasive and unwanted spike proteins. If this is the case, then every single clinician around the world will now need to undertake an entirely new academic journey to understand a once familiar territory that has been radically transformed. Certainly, every lesson learned in cardiology must be relearned with the added complication of potential mRNA influence, now that a causal link is all but absolute.

Understand this fact: Thanks to a borderless internet and the ease of international travel, corrupt empires no longer take decades to form. In the span of two years, under the guise of a global pandemic, western governments installed and enshrined the most anti-democratic and anti-freedom measures witnessed in centuries. We live in a world where the media can tally cases and deaths nearly to the hour, yet when we have near-absolute proof that millions may be affected by the consequences of mRNA injections, this information is not addressed or even acknowledged … it is simply ignored.

Because of propaganda and misinformation brazenly paraded by these so-called “experts,” we now have a situation wherein millions of people are at risk from unknown and unprecedented harmful conditions. Gaslighting and denial will cost these people their chance for treatment, as those with the power to correct their mistakes refuse to even admit them. Moving into an unknown future, we cannot yet begin the global effort that will be required to save countless lives … facing the greatest medical emergency in a thousand years, we are not even permitted to call it by its proper name.

We are entering a New Dark Age.

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