Americans have power over their government

Americans have power over their government  /  Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) Constitutional and biblical scholar David Jose believes Americans have power over their government. But most of them don’t know it.

“The first problem that we have is that the people do not understand that they have the power over government. We need to know that the trustees in government have to follow what it is that we say,” he told Zelenko Freedom Foundation (ZFF) Co-Chair Ann Vandersteel during the Dec. 5 edition of “The Zelenko Report” on Brighteon.TV.

“As the people, we are considered to be independent and free by our forefathers. So being independent, when we see the government actors start to do wrong as our trustees, we are to step in and interfere with their bad actions,” Jose added. “This is the remedy that’s been hidden from us in our schools since childhood.”

In response to Vandersteel’s question about Section 2 of the Virginia Constitution that stated “people are the source of power,” he remarked that the Constitution is a trust document and government workers are trustees who cannot go against what the people granted them the authority to do. Any breach of trust would cause officials to lose all their power, he added. (Related: America Unhinged: Americans must use Constitution to keep government under control – Brighteon.TV)

“In every state people have the power to control their servants. They are amenable to us at all times. Not every four years, not every two years, but at all times. So, as trustees when we see them out of line, we reserved for ourselves across the nation in a republic the power to reform, alter and abolish the government whenever they get or put us in danger of destroying our body politic,” Jose explained.

Constitutional law supersedes bureaucrats’ statutory law

Meanwhile, Vandersteel stressed that the constitutional law is above the statutory law of the government bureaucrats and that the government is created by the people through statutory law. She also pointed to Section 3 of the Virginia Constitution stating that a government is “instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the people, nation or community.”

The ZFF co-chair also cited Article 1, Section 1 of the Missouri Constitution stating that “all political power is vested in and derived from the people that all government of right originates from the people is founded upon their will only and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.”

Jose agreed, stating that people have the power to change constitutions and government officers when maladministration is happening. He referenced “Two Treatises of Government” by John Locke, which mentions that people should use this remedy to wipe away a government going against the authority given to them and replace it with a new one according to the people’s rights.

Unfortunately, the scholar lamented that the fundamental principles of law have been hidden and never taught to the people by the teachers, the government and the Bar Association members.

Vandersteel said the Bar Association – which was founded the same year that the U.S was incorporated in 1871 – and Washington D.C. have a mutually exclusive beneficial relationship to make sure that people are not standing on the highest court and addressing the authority of the highest law such as the constitutional law.

Jose mentioned that the Supreme Court knows that the American people are coming and that they understand the law better than the attorneys.

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