The US Government Is at War With Its Own Citizens

The US Government Is at War With Its Own Citizens


Alexandra Bruce

  • The Twitterfiles show proof that the FBI conducted mass brainwashing, censorship, and disinformation campaigns, in coordination with Big Tech and the mainstream media to steal elections.
  • The FBI has responded by calling everyone “conspiracy theorists”
  • House Republicans have located Emails and text messages implicating Nancy Pelosi in the security stand-down on January 6th

In the face of the overwhelming proof that members of the FBI betrayed their oaths of office and violated the most fundamental Constitutional right of the people who pay their salaries to uphold that right, the FBI’s response to these Twitterfiles revelations is to continue to gaslight the public.

On Wednesday, the FBI issued a statement in which it accused the Twitterfiles journalists of being “conspiracy theorists” trying to “discredit the agency”. I’ll bet that next, the FBI designates them as “White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists”.

The Twitterfiles show that FBI has been Hellbent on controlling Twitter, its users and their information that they paid Twitter $3.4 million in tax dollars to censor, suspend and harass those who merely wanted to share the truth.

In response to these revelations, the FBI announced:

“The correspondence between the FBI and Twitter show nothing more than examples of our traditional, longstanding and ongoing federal government and private sector engagements, which involve numerous companies over multiple sectors and industries. As evidenced in the correspondence, the FBI provides critical information to the private sector in an effort to allow them to protect themselves and their customers. The men and women of the FBI work every day to protect the American public. It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.”

How is quoting what they said a conspiracy theory?

Kash Patel’s response to this was golden:

“Hey Elon, the FBI calling you a conspiracy theorist. Good, now’s your one chance to slay the kings of disinformation: release every FBI contract with Twitter, every dollar paid to Twitter by the FBI, and every instance the FBI censored free speech with Twitter based on political targeting- you got the receipts, put em on Blast with their own arrogance.”

What we’re also learning from the Twitterfiles is that if we were de-platformed by a social media company, it was likely not due to the caprice of a militant trans activist working for Big Tech but because a federal agent requested it. (Same difference).

So what is one to do? Former CIA contractor, Tore Maras says that we can sue. And in so doing, we’ll be supporting and providing evidence to Donald Trump’s Reclaiming the Right to Free Speech platform to enact a “Digital Bill of Rights”, on which we reported last week.

After all, it is the brutal and unprecedented suppression of our First Amendment rights that enabled the theft of our elections and the Biden Regime’s campaign of forced vaxxinations and the destruction of our health, our businesses and our economy.

In his announcement, Trump had urged House Republicans to immediately send preservation letters to the Biden Administration, the Biden campaign and every Silicon Valley Tech Giant, ordering them not to destroy evidence of censorship and Tore says that we don’t need to wait for Congress. After all, We the People ARE the government and we’re in the mess that we’re in because we delegated our responsibilities away to our “representatives”, who in turn, sold us out!

There are no two ways about it. The US government is at war with its own citizens. Literally. The reason we see Pfizer and Moderna acting so untouchable is because Department of Defense is the party responsible for the Death Shot, not them!

The COVID vaxx is not a commercial product, it is a Top Secret bioweapon. So there is very little recourse for those who’ve been hurt to seek damages from the vaxxine manufacturers.

Sasha Latypova is a retired pharmaceutical industry executive and one of the creators of the HowBad.Info website, where you can look up your vaxxine batch number noted on your vaxxine card and see if there are any adverse event reports associated with it.

Latypova joined Lara Logan and others to say that what we’re looking at is a “government-committed atrocity”. Due to the PREP Act and due to the fact that the mRNA COVID vaxx is a Top Secret DOD bioweapon and not a vaccine, there is no real legal recourse that is enforceable against the manufacturers, outside of proving that Good Manufacturing Practices were not followed.

Latypova says, “Good Manufacturing Practices are the law – extensive law – and they are violating it a gazillion ways and it is the only part that is enforceable. Deaths and injuries are not enforceable, because of the PREP Act and other things that exempt vaccines from any liability but they’re not exempt from Good Manufacturing Practices.”

Latypova also explains that the Department of Defense has not been merely acting in a support role with the implementation of the COVID-19 vaxx, by doing things like offering the USS Comfort hospital ship. She says that although this has not been adequately publicized, the DOD is in fact the “CEO of Operation Warp Speed…it is in their own internal documents, which I have – and they’ve been declassified now.”

Instead of having the FDA, CDC and the NIH in charge of the vaxxine, the Department of Defense was in charge of the project. “This is a fundamental shift in understanding for the public,” Lara says.

Latypova shows us the declassified organizational chart, which clearly shows that the DOD was the Chief Operating Officer of the Project, whereas the Department of Health and Human services was the Chief Science Advisor. The Executive Summary shows that the National Security Council, DOD and BARDA were in charge of production, distribution, clinical trials, manufacturing, legal affairs and Office of General Counsel, etc. were all controlled by the US Government.

Latypova says, “This explains why when Aaron Siri was arguing in court to get the Pfizer clinical trial data released, which they wanted to hide for 75 years and who was he arguing against? Pfizer’s lawyers were not even present in court. It was Department of Justice lawyers.

“And everybody was saying, ‘Why are they defending Pfizer’s commercial interests?’ Well, that’s why, because the commercial interests are not really Pfizer’s, they’re actually the US Government’s.”

As someone coming from the pharmaceutical industry, Latypova says this is an extremely odd structure.

As for the the regulators, they were pretending that they were doing their job but they weren’t. BARDA, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, which is responsible for the procurement and development of medical countermeasures, principally against bioterrorism was in charge of distributing money to companies like ATI, which offers illegal weapons, such as bioweapons, which are deemed legal when they are labeled as quote “prototypes” or “experimental”, which was precisely the language of Pfizer’s $10 billion contract with BARDA.

So, between the Death Shot and the Pentagon running PSYOPs on Twitter, which was just confirmed and CENTCOM’s development of Scytl software, which is used in 80% of the world’s elections, plus the Omnibus Bill which just passed under the protest of a great majority of Americans, it is clear that a massive element inside every agency and branch of the US Government, particularly the DOD is not only at war with its citizens but with most of the citizens of the world.

They are killing and maiming us and they are railroading us into the the Central Bank Digital Currency Zero-Carbon Social Credit Slave System – and THAT is what all of this COVID Era Theater of the Absurd is about!

The Biden Regime, the Death Shot and the controlled demolition of the world’s economies are ALL about beating us down and forcing us to take the Mark of the Beast CBDC.

All of our Personal Identifying Information is being shipped off to CCP servers by DOD-affiliated, treasonous datamining operations like Scytl, LLC and Konnech, Inc, which are supplying the data for the creation of a Carbon Units-Based Social Credit System/CBDC being engineered on the cheap in China.

And just as the bogus January 6th Kangaroo Committee has handed criminal referrals against Donald Trump to the DOJ, House Republicans have found proof that Nancy Pelosi’s office was responsible for the security failures on January 6th, as evidence mounts that the Capitol breach was preventable.

Sam Bankman Fried has been extradited to the US from the Bahamas and is now out on $250 million bail, which proves that using stolen funds to pay bail is OK if you’re the second-largest Democrat donor. This, after claiming that he only had $100,000 to his name.

It now emerges from the Southern District of New York that his two key business partners were pleading guilty to fraud in federal court nearly a year ago, last January but the scam was allowed to continue through the midterm elections, so that the fraudulent money could be laundered to Democrats to win elections!

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