2022 in Review - Pandemic Hoax Falls Apart

2022 in Review - Pandemic Hoax Falls Apart

Henry Makow

John Hamilton

Disney becomes point guard for WEF New World Order (NWO), features "We love Satan" sign in new Tim Allen movie The Santa Clauses. (Yes, we knew.) Disney ups the ante in planning more gay and trans themes in future productions.

Thanks to Vladimir Putin, globalist psychopaths have had to relax their covid scam and resort to Genocide Plan B -- Nuclear War
For embracing Satan, the West will be destroyed.

John Hamilton


Each point that follows merits a book-length treatment, and some are receiving that, but in as few words as possible, here's our 2022-in-review:

  1. Fauci ("I am the science") continues perpetrating greatest crime against humanity in history by non-stop pushing his experimental vaccine for all, forbidding use of therapeutics.
  2. His history of malfeasance had been chronicled previously by RFK Jr. 2021 book The Real Anthony Fauci. Best-seller was no. 1 on Amazon but, strangely, received no reviews in major media.
  3. Fauci struck by amnesia. Deposed by state attorney generals, spring, 2022, and released in November, 2022, when asked about Covid, vaccines, lockdowns, masks and all the rest, Fauci said "I don't recall" 174 times.
  4. December, 2022 The New York Times publishes Fauci's farewell essay where he confirms his own hero status.
  5. WHO, CDC work to finish Fauci's pogrom. State medical boards sanction doctors who provide alternative therapies, e.g., ivermectin, etc., cast a chill over all of medicine. "Trust is broken," one doctor says.
  6. Canada and New Zealand become police states. GoFundMe confiscates donations to trucker protest.
  7. Fauci's NIH co-owns Moderna patent, profits from it. Highest paid public servant Fauci boosts his $10 million net worth with royalties. He refuses to disclose how much, saying it's not required by law.
  8. Similarly, Gates investment in "the vaccine" pays off; Microsoft founder and eugenicist tells CNBC it was his "best return ever."
  9. Gates and Johns Hopkins host another pre-pandemic table exercise: Catastrophic Contagion, at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022. Their previous meeting in October, 2019 preceded the Covid onslaught by a relative few days. Beggars the question, what's next?
  10. Lockdowns destroy lives and businesses.
  11. A crack appears in Medical Totalitarian culture. In turnabout from earlier assurances, CDC, Pfizer, Dr. Birx "the scarf lady" admit two shots "does little or nothing," recommends constant boosters, which guarantees forever cash flow.
  12. Pfizer chief Bourla says same. Bourla (Pfizer chief), Fauci, etc. get Covid.
  13. People start to notice significant numbers of people, many quite young, drop dead with "no cause given." For real-time social media posts see: Telegram Covid BC (Vax Reactions) and Twitter #diedsuddenly.
  14. Other victims manifest cancer ("turbo cancer" goes from zero symptoms to stage four in short periods of time), neurological, inflammation of brain and spinal cord, meningitis, stroke, narcolepsy, anaphylaxis, heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis, auto immune disease, pregnancy and birth outcomes, fetal injuries, fetal mutations, spontaneous abortion.
  15. Ignoring these deaths and injuries, still the media leaps to defend the vaxx. Potential reasons for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) from various features in Main Stream Media (MSM), now called Lying Legacy Media (LLM):
  • Soil
  • Snow
  • Energy bills
  • Sweating
  • Snoring
  • Sleeping in a recliner
  • Sleeping on your back
  • TV
  • Falling asleep while watching TV
  • Flight delays
  • Redlining
  • Being tall
  • Solar storms
  • New chemicals in earth's atmosphere
  • Conspicuous by its absence is of course the "safe and effective" Covid vaccine.

16. Statistics prove what was suspected: insurance and government bodies here and abroad cite 200-year statistical surge in deaths of unknown origin. Researcher Edward Dowd takes the lead here. Sole change in period studied: Covid vaccine.

17. True believers, however, say correlation does not prove causation. Public outcry muted, stymied, ultimately ignored.

18, A few cracks also appear in Woke Culture. In another turnabout, Musk buys Twitter, releases Twitter files, outs government censorship of alternative vaxx views from doctors, scientists.

19. Musk tweets his pronouns are "prosecute/Fauci."

20. WEF Klaus Schwab continues to promote:

  • Communism (you'll own nothing and like it)
  • Globalism, totalitarianism
  • Homosexuality (Harari is gay)
  • Transgenderism
  • Digital implant IDs

21. Schwab's Rasputin, the Israeli Yuval Noah Harari, openly gay history professor at University of Jerusalem gains more media spotlight, and the plot to eliminate 'useless eaters' thickens.

22. Disney becomes point guard for WEF New World Order (NWO), features "We love Satan" sign in new Tim Allen movie The Santa Clauses. (Yes, we knew.) Disney ups the ante in planning more gay and trans themes in future productions. Disney chief Karey Burke has one trans and one "pan" child, so continues to "talk her book," as they say in trading circles. No backlash in sight, people accept continuous normalization of perversity, trans surgeries, mutilation of children, and counselling younger and younger children without parental knowledge or consent.

23. Normalization working: more college students identify as neither he nor she.

24. February, 2022: Ukraine provokes war with Russia from attacks on ethnic Russians in past years. This story is squashed by media, never told.

25. Cohort NATO also cited for provoking war with Russia by encircling Russia; Putin's ask for return to 1997 borders, and cessation of surrounding of Russia with nukes, is ignored, war starts.

26. Nord Stream 2 pipeline destroyed by explosives. No one claims credit, but Biden earlier said USA would do it, "I promise you we'll be able to do it" were his exact words. So, Europe is left to freeze and starve by a USA act of war. Amazingly, few notice, fewer comment. America, asleep.

27. Joe Biden brinksterism brings us to edge of nuclear holocaust with Russia. Again, few notice or comment. America, asleep.

28. Instead, sports and homosexuality get enthusiastic attention: Joe Biden trades Merchant of Death for Russian-jailed homosexual "female" basketball player, leaves Marine behind. Little or no public outcry. America, asleep.

29. Joe Biden signs order to launch test of digital currency, which will be employed to control who can buy or sell, and strip Americans of their few remaining liberties. Recalls Afghanistan military exit, shame.

30.  Joe Biden keeps border wide open for unlimited, continuous invasion of illegals. No plan to fix or change because the globalist "plan" is to destroy America so it can be sucked into one-world tyranny, along with Europe, Canada, Australia, et al.

31. Musk exposes Twitter's Hunter Biden's laptop story suppression. Details remain in limbo; Hunter (and The Big Guy) continue to walk free.

32. Trump and/or Trump Inc. is recommended for prosecution on insurrection, tax fraud, mail fraud.

33. Trump announces 2024 candidacy, launches $99 NFT trading card. Predicts it will "sell out."

34. Predicted midterm "Red Wave" fails to materialize. Most meekly accept Democrat ascendancy, but a few, like Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake fought on (but lost).

35. Pew Research says 39% of Americans believe we are "living in the end times."

36. Soaring for years, in 2022, cryptocurrencies collapse.

37. Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX collapses. Ukraine was cited as major "customer." Democrat party cited as major FTX benefactor. Investigation to follow?

38. US debt ending the year approaching $33 trillion. In 2000, the number was $5 trillion. In 1980, less than $1 trillion.

39. USA lacks $5 billion for border wall, or social programs addressing genuine need, but freely gives $100 billion to Ukraine in its proxy war with Russia. "This isn't charity," Zelenskyy tells Congress. "It's an investment in 'democracy.'" He wants regime change in Russia. U.S. populace cheers. My friend, 71, otherwise successful and intelligent, messages me to say "are you watching this!!!???" and that he wishes he "could enlist" in the fight. The Anti-Vietnam War crowd has become vicarious Ukrainian warriors, unaware of the Azoz's, Nazi's, et al.

40. Chase Bank shutters account of religious freedom group. Earlier told Kanye West to take a hike. Similarly, PayPal shuts accounts, plans fines for violators of "community standards" $2,500, but does not advise them of their "crimes." After public outcry, (who knew?), they walk it back. Will Biden/Democrat/Chinese Communist ESG be fully installed in USA in 2023?

41. Woke Culture marches on: Stanford says America is a harmful term in a guidebook on hate speech.

42. Woke Culture marches on: Washington governor's summit says drop rationality in favor of emotion. Also: 'individualism,' 'objectivity' are rooted in 'white supremacy.'

43. As Paul Craig Roberts says and as Mark Dice man-on-the-street interviews (see youtube) prove: Americans are no longer smart enough or virtuous to hold on to a democracy. Just a matter of time, now.

44. One sign of hope: the Awake are fighting back against the Woke. State's attorney generals and surgeon generals are calling the Fauci regime to task. In Florida, a grand jury will be summoned to investigate Fauci. House Republicans vow the same. Will these grow into a movement to reclaim American liberty, and sanity?

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