Trudeau Government’s Covid Jab Propaganda Ad • The Public Responds

Trudeau Government’s Covid Jab Propaganda Ad • The Public Responds

A hockey-themed propaganda ad from the Canadian government promoting the experimental Covid-19 jab was ruthlessly mocked on social media.

The ad, shared on Twitter by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, shows a tired older man remove his helmet as he plays goalie in a hockey game against players labeled “Covid-19.”

“Now it’s important to maintain protection, because as we all know the game isn’t over,” the ad says as the man puts his helmet back on just in time to block his face from a puck labeled, “Boost your defenses.”

Social media users replying to the tweet urged Trudeau to bugger off with his Big Pharma shill campaign, informing him the jabs have since proven to be neither safe nor effective.

Man let us enjoy holidays. Can you stop pushing this crap? December 26, 2022

You should be in prison for crimes against humanity. December 26, 2022

And the award for the best big pharma drug pusher goes to …🥇 December 27, 2022

This is misinformation. December 27, 2022

Do you all notice how these pharma shill tweets are getting the ratios they deserve, now that Twitter isn't actively colluding with government agencies anymore? December 27, 2022

It's crazy that they are still embracing these lies. Seriously- the best way to stay healthy is through medication? No informed physician has ever said that. December 27, 2022

GIVE IT A REST !!! How many have YOU HAD ?? December 27, 2022

Can’t wait! December 27, 2022

It's so weird; bizarre that a main job of government now is promotion of a vaccine that is deeply and verifiably flawed… and we all just watch and wait for your next criminal attempts at fraud. December 27, 2022

The best way to stay healthy – isn't exercise, healthy diet, vitamins, sunlight and social interactions, nope, it's actually continued participation in the mRNA gene therapy injection program, says drama teacher turned medical expert. December 26, 2022 December 27, 2022

Nobody is taking these wacky vaccines anymore. It’s over. December 27, 2022

If you like heart attacks, you're gonna love the endless boosters! December 27, 2022

It’s evident with new leadership in charge of Twitter more of the public appears able to speak its mind on the experimental mRNA jab and tell the people in power exactly what they think!

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