"Trust the Science?" … or follow the MONEY and find out the science was faked? Pharma drives "science" outcomes to fit their desired endpoints – patented drug sales

"Trust the Science?" … or follow the MONEY and find out the science was faked? Pharma drives "science" outcomes to fit their desired endpoints – patented drug sales

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(Natural News) We are all fiercely coerced to “trust the science” and “follow the science” in this country or be labeled an anti-science blasphemer, who is responsible for destroying lives, the environment, and ruining the entire advancement of civilization. Yet, the root of all science lives in questioning the science, rigorously always testing the science, re-examining it, and verifying it from different angles, with new variables, and from different sources. Why? – Because the “science” is ever-changing, ever-morphing, and unfortunately, often skewed, warped, and faked to “find” befitting ‘end results’ and conclusions due to one major factor called… wait for it… money.

In academic institutions and pharma laboratories across America, approved and continued research is all about the ability to acquire grants and funding (collecting money and spending it). It’s not about testing products for safety or efficacy, or discovering cures for diseases and disorders. Now it’s about showing results to regulatory agencies and corporations that will pay big bucks for anything (falsely) labeled “evidence-based,” “science-backed,” or “peer-reviewed.” The power of money has corrupted “science” to the core, and to simply declare “trust the science” holds zero water these days.

Medical “science” is now mostly prone to bias, defective, fraudulent, and non-verified by anyone outside of the manufacturers of the products

The holy grail of “peer review” is next to worthless now, with money being the ‘name of the game.’ Faked science is approved and stamped right and left, while anything that disproves and debunks these “science” lies gets retracted and censored by the highly corrupt science regime and “medical community” (created, propped up, and propagated by the AMA, CDC and FDA). It’s all theatre to perpetuate the sick-care-industry of America, that bankrolls off continued and fueled disease and disorder.

Drug and vaccine manufacturers now have the patents, drugs, and jabs ready for market before the “safety” and “efficacy” studies are even conducted. Then they conduct all of those themselves, turn in the “results,” and get paid, funded, and granted billions of dollars to keep doing the same (and it’s usually taxpayer money to make matters even worse). Yet, we’re all supposed to “trust the science” and “follow the science” or be branded a conspiracy theorist, science denier, and a danger to society. Healthcare is now a captured industry, held hostage by money and corrupt pharma gurus that control the funding of “science” and the issuing of grants and loans.

No person is allowed to question this faked and distorted “science.” No person is allowed to ever publish anything counter to the narrative of anything labeled “safe and effective,” or they will lose their free speech rights, or their job, or their medical license, should they function in the medical field.

Anyone wearing a white coat who owns a microscope and works for pharma is now a science dictator, never to be questioned or examined for honesty or proper protocol

Are you sick or scared of disease? You need pills and vaccines, according to “science.” Are you obese, diabetic, suffering from cancer, and terrified of the China Flu? You need gene therapy injections and pills that contain snake venom, according to ‘Modern Medicine.” Forget about eating clean, exercising, and taking vitamins and minerals, says “science,” as these things are of no use to you, even though they’ve kept people healthy for thousands of years. Any talk of natural health and natural remedies will cost you your “science” funding. No grants for you. You’re fired!

Today, “follow the science” and “trust the science” means to never question expensive prescription drugs that never cure a disease or disorder, but simply mask the symptoms and perpetuate the sickness. This applies to drugs for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more. Healthy lifestyle choices and nutritional advice are not part of the “equation” for doctors to heal their patients and they don’t help scientists acquire funding for continued research.

Scientists simply put on their lab coat and agree that the ends justify the means, or they’re denied funding and lose their jobs. Period. The entire system of peer review is busted, biased, unjust, incomplete, and unaccountable now. It’s a “quasi-sacred” process that’s supposed to be blindly worshipped by every American. Anyone wearing a lab-coat who gets funding from Big Pharma is a science God who must be trusted as an expert and never questioned, no matter what damage and tragedies come from the products they invent and/or “test” for safety and efficacy.

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