Vaxxed Into Early Graves • Young And Healthy People Never Used To Just 'Drop Dead' At This Astounding Rate

Vaxxed Into Early Graves • Young And Healthy People Never Used To Just 'Drop Dead' At This Astounding Rate  /  News Editors

(Natural News) Reading this linked story over at the Daily Mail Thursday morning broke my heart. Reporting that a ‘Great Hero‘ had just passed away, 47-year-old, decorated Navy SEAL special operations commander Robert Ramirez III, who was found dead at his San Diego home one month after taking over elite SEAL Team One, the commenters on the story wasted no time at all getting to what the story neglected to report.

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With the top-voted comment on the story from ‘Lori in Texas‘ being “Probably got the forced mRNA injection,” all of the rest of the top-voted comments and responses show why the globalists should be shaking in their satanic boots as people across the world awaken quickly to their ‘clot shot genocide‘. And while military officials recently claimed the death of Ramirez was by suicide, the commenters on the original story saw what the military and govt are hiding.

“Of course he got the jab. He was in the military and in a position of leadership. It was mandated. Little did he know that it would be a death sentence!

“We are literally witnessing a slow motion de pop op being pulled worldwide by the N W O and yet only a small percentage of us are awake enough to acknowledge it. Surreal. It’s like we’re sharing a Twilight Zone episode, folks!”

“The best thing about being a jab conspiracy theorist, is a lack of myocarditis.”

“Biden’s accursed mandate.”

“Let me guess…. Died suddenly! Heart attack or in his sleep.

“Vaxxed into an early grave. What the Taliban couldnt do, the vax did.”

“Your government kills you by forcing the jab, tragic.”

“Died suddenly… Google it.”

“No foul play, except the foul play of the mandatory jabbing.

“We’re all thinking it; was he treated with the mNRA? (Of course he was!) Otherwise healthy, young individuals never used to drop at this rate.”

“The AR-15 is definitely less lethal than the mRNA C19.”

“I never thought I would be so worried about my life expectancy at 51 years old. Looks like making it this far is beating the odds nowadays. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends.”

With Cmdr. Ramirez’s death coming during the same time period as a whole ton of ‘sudden deaths,’ such as the recent death of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris, who died unexpectedly just hours after doing a radio interview within which he told the interviewer ‘he felt great,‘ we’d warned just days ago in this ANP story that “2023 Is Going To Be Replete With ‘Excess Death'” and we’re clearly watching that unfolding right now. Of note, as Health Impact News reports in this new story, Franco Harris was also a CDC spokesperson, urging Americans to take their ‘death shots.’

With one element or another of the United States government supporting coronavirus gain-of-function research from Ukraine to Wuhan, China and all the way back home to North Carolina, and the globalists just showing us their ‘playbook‘ for their next ‘catastrophic contagion‘ a warning their newest bioweapons have probably just been released upon us considering it was just a couple of months after their ‘Event 201‘ that all COVID hell broke loose, whenever Bill Gates and the WHO hold exercises simulating the annihilation of the human race, we should be paying very close attention.

Because with support among Americans for the ‘clot shots‘ plummeting as pointed out by Dr. Joel Hirschhorn in this new ANP story, the globalists definitely need to unveil a new scheme to get the dumbed-down masses scared again and eager to line up for their ‘shots,’ most having no idea those jabs might bring them a death sentence as so many people across the world are now learning way too late.

And while thankfully the vaxxes aren’t killing off everybody, others are learning far too late that the ‘clot shots‘ quite often come with devastating side effects, such as those now being suffered by singer/performer Celine Dion, who is known to be “fully vaccinated” and is now suffering from an extremely rare disease called “Stiff Person Syndrome,” which just happens to be one of the listed side effects of Pfizer’s messenger RNA (mRNA) injection for the Fauci Flu.

And while Pfizer fully knew about the link between its jabs and ‘stiff person syndrome‘ all the way back in early 2021, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially becoming aware of the link in April of 2021, why were the American people NEVER TOLD that taking their jabs could lead to such catastrophic side effects? Well because doing so would have created “vaccine hesitancy” and plummeting big pharma mafia profits, and they definitely couldn’t have that now, could they.

We’ve gone ahead and embedded several videos below, some actually created by people who have been injured by the ‘jab‘ and are speaking out now about those injuries, more words of warning to those who still might be thinking of getting their deadly injections from those who actually rushed out to do so. With one video featuring a Doctor warning us that a countless number of Canadian Doctors are now dead, presumably from the ‘kill shot,’ as we see in another video, one pro-vax talking head now has lungs full of blood clots while another video proves there is an awful lot of ‘sickness‘ now going around.

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