Denying The Dangers Of The Vaccines, With Ample Evidence That They Certainly Are Dangerous, Suggests A Loss Of Logic Reasoning

Denying The Dangers Of The Vaccines, With Ample Evidence That They Certainly Are Dangerous, Suggests A Loss Of Logic Reasoning


Right or Wrong, I am Sticking with What I Believe

Todd Hayen

What is it with this oddly stoic response from the “sheep side” of this debate? I am hearing more and more sentiments such as: “I don’t care if you are right, I am sticking with my stance.” What is that all about?

Like a captain of a ship, defeated in battle, ship sinking, standing at the bridge, sword drawn, “damn you bastards! I am going down with my ship!” And sure enough he does. Shark food.

Everyone is a sore loser these days.

There used to be a time when defeat was part of life and a person learned from their mistakes or failures. Now everyone gets a prize just for participating. The jabbed want their prize, and damned if they are going to back down until they get it. “I was loyal to the cause all the way to the end!”

Down they will go in their arrogance, ignorance, and stubbornness. Too bad. As cliché as it is to say, we are indeed in this together. The sheep are not the enemy. They may have had weaknesses that make them responsible for this shite show, but they didn’t create it, and they got nothing for being loyal to their puppet masters, that’s for sure.

These poor folks are our brothers and our sisters. We are ready to welcome them back to the human race with open arms, but that is impossible if they continue to swear their allegiance to the enemy.

They have to put their swords down at some point. It doesn’t seem like they are all that willing to do that. At this point in the game we have just been enjoying the halftime show. I think as the deeper winter sets in, the real game will continue.

What is this odd sheep-psychology, though? —“I’m not giving up no matter what.”

I remember as a kid, in post war America (even 20 years after WWII we were still, as kids, mesmerized by it) a favorite male pastime was playing war in the backyard. Sometimes we had plastic military style M1 rifle toys, but most of the time we just used sticks, or even imaginary weapons (certainly the grenades were only “air bombs”).

What seemed to be the most common occurrence was to clearly blow a kid away as he ran with no cover across the open expanse of your backyard, and he would keep running! “You’re dead!! You’re dead!!!” and most assuredly the response was, “No I’m not!!! You missed!!!” That’s what you get for playing with imaginary bullets and grenades—death is subjective.

There is indeed this variety of stubbornness amongst the ill-informed. They chose the wrong team, plain and simple, and it is embarrassing and shameful to admit that. Getting killed in a game of war for a small boy is also shameful, so if there are no real reasons to be dead, why not deny it?—“you missed!” My word is as good as yours.

My gut tells me there is more to this than that. And this is where it gets scary. There seems to be a strange psychological thing taking place here. Yes, it is related to a cult member’s loyalty to their “Christ-like” leader. And I would say it was the same except this isn’t a loyalty to a person, such as the German infatuation with Hitler during the 1930’s. Is it like a loyalty to a concept or an idea? Close, but even that doesn’t really ring true. It feels more like they have been programmed to believe something they can’t even describe or define.

I was very pleased when Mattias Desmet’s book The Psychology of Totalitarianism came out. He attempted to explain just what I am talking about in psychological and social terms. I bought into that for a while, and still do until I can prove my own forming hypothesis.

Desmet explains his “mass formation” in terms of environment, both physical and spiritual, creating a perfect breeding ground for manipulation by a nefarious force such as government or an elite group of people. His explanation does make sense, and I would add Dr. Mark McDonald’s alterations to the theory, and even Dr. Robert Malone’s idea that this mass formation is a form of psychosis.

But there is still something niggling at me regarding all of this. I can’t really put my finger on it.

The people I have encountered that stick with their conventions are not very smart about it. They are not even very passionate about it. They don’t shove evidence in your face, or rant and rave about the virtues of the medical prowess of the vaccines and the ultimate dangers of alternative treatments like Ivermectin.

They typically just spit at you and tell you that you are a science denier or a selfish schmuck. There is very little science or logic or even evidence behind their loyalties. You can’t even get them to explain to you what they believe other than “when booster comes, I take” with a bit of zombie dullness in their eyes. At times it is uncannily creepy.

This is a long shot, I agree. But it seems that I am not the only one who is wondering about this stuff. To my surprise I recently have seen news stories as well as videos about “strange personality changes” due to various elements found in the vaccines.

I belong to a Facebook Group titled “Died Suddenly Worldwide” and there have been several threads, with hundreds of comments, about this very topic. Of course, all of them pointing to the jab as the source for these brain alterations. With all the talk of zombies and the like since this insanity started, who knows.

Now, I do think this idea is food for paranoia. The impression that shrews have lost their marbles is rampant. Consider the CSPO’s suggestion in Ontario (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) that the vaccine hesitant be psychologically assessed. (The CSPO has rather energetically taken a few steps back from this, but be aware, the charge is fundamentally correct.) After this assessment the patient could be referred to a psychiatrist, or immediately put on psychotropic drugs by the family physician.

Claiming one side or another in a debate as being insane is a rather common tactic to bring veracity to the accusing side’s position. What I am describing however seems quite different. I am observing personally what I have presented here. And quite frankly it is giving me the willies.

People who lose their rational thinking have been known historically to do rather atrocious things. They do these things without a flinch, and if they are not the “doers” they look the other way while others are “doing.”

There is no point in trying to put a scale on this capability to commit atrocities. Once you lose reason, you lose it all. Denying the dangers of the vaccines, with ample evidence that they certainly are dangerous, suggests a loss of logic reasoning—it is no longer a matter of an individual making a subjective choice.

Once a person looses logic reasoning, there is no telling what they are capable of doing or thinking. Millions of people were shoved into gas chambers during World War II, and most common citizens didn’t blink an eye (don’t tell me they didn’t know something fishy was going on when everyone Jewish suddenly went missing in their neighbourhood.)

And certainly the thousands of military in charge of the exterminations didn’t blink an eye either. Humans are capable of this insanity, and losing the ability to think rationally is the first step toward this behaviour.

Needless to say, as I mention above, the sheep will point the finger and say, “you’re the one!” if ever accused. So, who’s to say what the real skinny is on all of this.

I guess we just wait and see what happens. So far this lack of rationale is not present in every jabbed person I have encountered. But that statistic may not remain in place for long. Get out your CDC handbook on Zombies, read up, and be prepared!

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