Civilian Militias

Civilian Militias

Paul Stramer

Anna Von Reitz

Civilian militias are as old as Mankind.  They are us, when we band together to face common dangers, deal with outlaws, survive natural disasters, and defend against invaders.  
That's why the word "militia" means "people" in Hebrew.

So there is nothing improper or unknown or dangerous about civilian militias. They are here to protect hearth, home, and community at the most basic, natural, and obvious level.  

This is why our republican States of the Union are guaranteed the right to keep and maintain a "well-regulated militia".  

Read that: we are responsible for keeping our State Militia forces well-trained and educated so that they know their role and don't trespass; otherwise, we are absolutely guaranteed the right and ability to create and maintain our own State militia.  

So what happened to our State militias?  

They were "redefined" (are you noticing a pattern here?) as "National Guards".  
Their command was placed under a foreign "State of State" Governor, instead of our State Assembly Chairman, and many of their functions were merged into the conventional military and butted up against the Pinkerton System of private security personnel represented by FBI, BATF, and similar armed Agency subcontractors.

Things have gotten so bad in recent years that "our" unlawfully converted State Militias redefined as "National Guards" have been used to replace the official military, because they are cheaper to deploy.  
Thus, we are greeted with the bizarre reality of "State" National Guards, who were never authorized nor intended to act beyond the borders of their home States of the Union,  fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, under the command of a foreign corporation's "President".  

There is absolutely no authority in existence anywhere permitting the President of the foreign US, INC. or USA, Inc. corporations to maintain any such "National Guard" force in our country.  None.

As presently deconstructed, these "National Guard" units that are supposed to represent/replace our State Militias, are illegal foreign mercenary forces and there is no contract, consensual agreement, treaty, or granted authority allowing their existence in their present form.

There is no provision for a foreign mercenary force to exist on American soil.  Zero.  
The obvious answer that Mr. Trump and Company is searching for, has already been given to them.  They can return the National Guard to the command of the State Assembly Chairmen, or they can dissolve it and let us assume responsibility for "regulating" and reorganizing and educating the National Guard units into proper State Militias.

As for the need for a lawful county level force, there is already the "Grand Army of the Republic" commissioned in the wake of the Civil War; this civilian force includes county level units throughout the Northern and Southern States and is organized under the sovereign powers of the States of the (Original) Union. It can be fully and lawfully deployed and supplied in less than two weeks.
This is an action that I suggested to President Trump early in his tenure, but as subsequent history has demonstrated, he was not interested in activating and using the power of the people of this country.  He has maintained the British Territorial fraud in our midst, the so-called "American Raj", and been instrumental in promoting "Operation Warp Speed" --- DARPA's prototype depopulation program by any other name.

Whether Republican or Democrat, the Agenda is the same--- whatever the UN CORPORATION wants, the UN CORPORATION gets, and God help us all correct this situation as quickly as possible.

If and when a larger force of combined State-level Militias is needed, it's simple enough to put such a force together, but the nature of a State Militia is to function entirely and exclusively within the borders of their State of the Union.  
The nation they are intended to guard are the people of each State, not any visiting Federal "nation" representing employees of foreign corporations that are only allowed to be here by the Residency Act of 1790 for the purpose of providing "essential government services".  See the Act and see the Constitution(s) at Article IV.  

Civilian militias have functioned forever in every country on Earth, and all of them are attached to the land and soil jurisdiction --- except for Britain.
We forget amid the ever-touted glories of England, that Britain made and still makes a large portion of its income from privateers and the management of privateers by the British Navy.  

Benedict's treatise on Admiralty Law reveals that the King's "civilian militia" include foreign-station officers, Bar Attorneys, who manage the cargo and disputes related to the privateering, collect tariffs, taxes, duties, and confiscation of property, impoundments, salvage claims and similar activities all over the world.  
That is, unlike all other countries, Britain's "civilian militia" is not attached to the land and soil, and is used as a foreign mercenary service -- the Bar Association -- to perform these services for the King, under contract, on a worldwide basis. One of the oldest definitions of a "bar attorney" that has come to light is " a shipping clerk or patent agent engaged in foreign trade or commerce".  

Bingo.  And true to custom, they have been impounding American cargos and shipping American resources and manpower all over the world in behest of the war-mongers occupying the British Government ever since 1901.  
Britain's civilian militia" also includes licensed Medical Doctors (as opposed to Private Physicians) who universally outrank the Judges and Bar Attorneys --- so it is impossible for a lower ranking officer (Judge) to condemn a higher ranking officer (Medical Doctor) in the same civilian militia service.

This is why the Coroner, a Medical Doctor, is the only one who can administratively remove a Territorial State-of-State Governor from office.
This is why attempts to bring the doctors who have killed millions of innocent people to justice in British Maritime courts are doomed to failure. It's not that they haven't committed crimes.  It isn't that they don't deserve to be hung for medical profiteering resulting in genocide.  It's the fact that the court is incompetent to try these genocide-for-profit monsters.

The same provisions are built into British Territorial Federal Code, at Title V and Title XI and especially at Title XXXVII covering "Uniformed Officers".  
The only courts in their system that can bring the King's civilian militia to justice are military courts acting under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and Naval Courts Martial operating on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways.
My suggestion is that they build court barges offshore and in the Great Lakes for the express purpose of conducting trials.

Of course, our land and soil courts can address them as foreign criminals caught in the act of committing murder within the borders of our counties and States of the Union, but it has taken time for lawfully declared American State Assemblies to stand up their courts -- an urgent necessity that is currently being addressed in all fifty States.

We are not at war --- commercial mercenary "war" or otherwise, however, our civilian population is being inappropriately addressed as "combatants" in the midst of this illegal endangerment posed by our misdirected federal (contract) employees.  

Over 270,000 "excess" American deaths have occurred as a result of activities by DARPA and the DOD Municipal Government Agencies acting under direction from their parent corporation, the UN CORPORATION.

This is unacceptable in the extreme and will be prosecuted as both commercial and actual crime.  

None of our people are "excess" in the view of the lawful American Government.  
Americans are asked to wake up and get organized.  Declare and record your actual political status so that you can't be mistaken for an "enemy combatant" and join your lawful State Assembly.  

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