An Explanation Of The "Woke" Movement

An Explanation Of The "Woke" Movement

Nick Lopez

Ashbury Haight Speech

American Thinker

Woke speech is the language of hate, because woke is a hate movement.  Everything about woke comes from a place of hate.  You needn't dig down to the deep core of woke to find hate, because the hate is up front and center in woke.

People who are truly marginalized aren't on television, or in Congress.  People who are truly marginalized are ignored by the larger society; they aren't in the spotlight. People who are marginalized don't complain about their plight because they can't.  Nobody pays attention to them or what they say or do.  They don't live in royal palaces, host television shows, receive awards at televised events, publish magazines, or have any title such as "the Honorable" in their name.   They don't have 100k followers, aren't on TV competing on Ru Paul's Drag Race, don't have book deals, aren't in college, and they aren't writing for blogs on their phones made by slaves.

The marginalized people who made our phones and their components have no voice.  When they tried to have a voice by leaping to their deaths out the phone factory windows... the woke defenders of the marginalized watched nets being put up to catch the jumpers and went right back to tweeting about their own oppression, proving once again, they care little for real plights experienced by real people... and that real marginalized people have no voice.  The irony of the voiceless being slaves in a phone factory is lost on the woke.

The woke don't beg the unwoke to stop marginalizing the marginalized. Instead, they demand that others engage in linguistic gymnastics. They engage in ad hominem attacks on assumed oppressors.  Name calling, screaming, and tantrums to demonstrate how much they are using their privilege as helpful allies.  They hurl insults rather than try to convince or sway the people they are attacking to see their point of view.  They allow no room for misunderstanding or ignorance of their numerous and ever-changing linguistic rules.

A truly marginalized person would try to reason with their oppressors should they ever be given the opportunity to have a voice.   The truly marginalized will use that voice to calmly explain how they have been oppressed, and how it could end; they almost never just start screaming... unless it is an appropriate situation like directing anger over murdered relatives at a war criminal during the sentencing phase of a trial.

The truly oppressed rarely have opportunity to stand in public holding a sign stating their grievances, and never have opportunity to do so on the internet.

People who mutilate themselves and are angered by the fact that self-mutilation is off-putting to people who don't mutilate themselves aren’t marginalized, no matter how angry they get.  Self-marginalization isn't marginalization from the white, cis, heteronormative patriarchy, it's self-destructive behavior.  That's it. (Nothing to see here, just attention seeking.)

The woke think that an employer who might be leery of hiring someone with blue hair and piercings who screams on social media about how oppressed they are is a bigot. When in fact people who dye their hair blue and pierce or cut off everything they can cut off or pierce and then scream on the internet about their oppression are in fact a narcissistic whack jobs. The smart prospective employer knows that hiring people who insist that they never make mistakes, is a mistake. And in their own estimation, the woke never make mistakes.

Just last week I was engaged in a high dollar cash transaction with a woke young person wearing a button informing me of it's preferred pronouns.  Her/she rang up the merchandise incorrectly.  I tried to warn her/she of the sizable impending error in my favor, and I was rebuffed in the most hostile manner imaginable. I walked away with an undeserved discount, and her/she doesn't seem to work there anymore.  Apparently, it was better for her to lose the job than risk mansplaination of her mistake.

Any kindness, true generosity, or attempt toward understanding directed at the woke by the unwoke is instantly rebuffed as criticism, bigotry and harassment.

Any concession given the woke by the unwoke is only used as evidence of bigotry and used to justify harassment and punishment for imagined transgressions.

The woke aren't fighting for a better world, or anything in it.  The woke are fighting because they want to fight.

Woke is a contagious version of societal narcissistic personality disorder.   The absence of empathy supplemented by manipulation and other toxic behaviors resulting in abuse of others.  To be woke is the action of engaging in a histrionic harangue, with no satisfactory outcome available other than continue the harangue.

The woke use a figurative microscope to seek out new ways to feel oppressed.  The woke lie in the gutter and scream incoherently that they occupy moral high ground.  The woke are smug, self righteous, arrogant, exclusionary, and intolerant of others feelings or experiences.  The woke are mean bullies.

Woke was/is trendy, and trendy is temporary. Woke is being enshrined into culture and law, which are more permanent.

Poodle skirts were trendy at one point too... wisely, we did not enshrine them into law.  But woke isn't an article of clothing, or a haircut.  It isn't a dance, song, catchphrase, or piercing.

Woke is the intentional infliction of damage onto others. Woke is "justified" abuse.  Woke is the act of doxing, swatting, complaining, and swarming in the hope of inflicting pain or even death on someone who dare disagree.

Woke treats inclusion the same way political pawns treat power inside the D.C. Beltway... like a finite resource, to be guarded jealously.  Thus, segregation has become the new inclusion.

Woke is spiteful, its language is designed to taunt while it destroys reason and courtesy.  Woke language is designed to make people feel bad about themselves and everyone around them.  Words like "cisgendered",  "white___", "mansplain", "transphobe" and "hetronormative" are designed to insult, malign and other.

Any attempt at discussion or debate regarding any of the woke principles is met with ridicule and hostility, ad hominem attacks, and the inevitable tantrums.

Woke feeds off a bounty of negative thoughts and emotions.  The woke never seem happy because they never are happy.   They want to be miserable. They desperately want you (or anyone) to say anything that they can construe and spin into something they can perceive as an insult or transgression.

Forgiveness is not a part of the woke ritual.  Forgiveness requires understanding, nuance, introspection and privacy; woke demands punitive public spectacle, with negative "likes" acting as digital lashings with degrading comments and humiliation dished out endlessly.  Especially if an attempt at apology has been made by the transgressor.

Woke offers no comfort for its adherents.   There is no peace to be found at the end of woke, no prosperity.   Woke won't be paying a dividend, and it won't form very good networks of connectivity for advancement in life.

Woke is petty, obtuse, and insufferable.  Woke can't take care of itself, much less anyone else.

Woke is about making excuses for, and enabling poor life choices.  When a young black man is killed by five black police officers for not complying with their commands the woke demonstrate in the name of combating white supremacy. There is some serious excuse making going on.

The woke need to settle legal issues right now, this very second.  The woke don't want to wait for the judge.  By refusing to comply with police orders, the woke force police to be the only arbiters of justice, defendants shot by police because they refused to follow orders never get the opportunity to present their case in court.

I have watched hundreds of hours of police dash and body cam footage of thousands of police shootings, including some where the ultimate actions of the officers were questionable.  In no instance did the police officer ever instigate a shooting without some kind of provocation from the defendant.

In each and every case, no matter how unarmed and studious the suspect, that person refused a lawful order, usually "please step out of the car" (Pennsylvania v Mimms 1977, you MUST exit the vehicle when instructed to do so by a police officer).  In most shootings there are multiple times that the suspect could have avoided being shot, simply by following instructions and allowing the process to take place.

If the police pull you over because you are black, and for no other reason, you should want to have your case heard by the judge... you should be eager for that.

But woke won't afford the black community that dignity because going into schools and teaching children what to do and how to behave in a police encounter is "racist".  I honestly don't see how teaching any driver about Pennsylvania v. Mimms and how that ruling might affect them in a traffic stop is racist... but that's just me.

What started as the "Summer of Love" in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco has come full circle to become an anti-liberty, pro-war, anti-life, genetically modified, sexually charged, money printing festival of debauchery.  The "me" generation has new pronouns, and you had better get them right.

Because woke is the world's newest Haight movement.

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