The OVERTON WINDOW: How Mainstream Media Is Now Forced To Admit Covid Jabs Are Deadly, But Only In A "Catch-And-Release" Format To Keep Their Sheeple In Line

The OVERTON WINDOW: How Mainstream Media Is Now Forced To Admit Covid Jabs Are Deadly, But Only In A "Catch-And-Release" Format To Keep Their Sheeple In Line  /  S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Politicians only support policies they believe help their electoral chances, and that range of options is shaped by social movements and shared “norms” within society. The mass media follows suit. A policy analyst named Joseph Overton once stated that an idea’s political viability depends on whether it falls within that range, and so that window frames their range of policies given the climate of public opinion at that time. This is called the Overton Window, and politicians and their subservient mass media cater to whatever the majority of the populace views as sensible, acceptable, and popular (even though it’s based on mostly lies and deception).

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, politicians across the board have catered to public paranoia, hyped by the media and the CDC, and thus promoted Wuhan virus “vaccines” heavily, but at what cost to public health, and to their own credibility? Since the “Overton Window” shifts, and because the Covid “clot shots” are causing mass health carnage across the globe that’s inevitably becoming more exposed, the politicians and mass media are being forced to include certain “bad news” about the “vaccines” in their coverage, to remain in the Overton Window of acceptability.

In other words, in order for insidious politicians (and their evil cohorts at the CDC) to remain seemingly trustworthy in the eyes of the sheeple (brainwashed populace), they must at least partially admit now that the Wuhan virus jabs ARE causing health tragedies, including myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes, and deaths. There’s simply no avoiding it, if they want to keep the majority of their supporters and followers, but there’s a caveat to this, and it’s called “catch and release.”

“Catch and Release” news admits that some “conspiracy theories” are true, but only for brief moments, then it’s back to the twisted “norm”

For the majority of Americans to continue believing they’ve done the “right” thing by getting injected with billions of spike protein prions to supposedly help them not die from Covid-19 or its variants, the US government and their controlled media must remain in the spectrum of acceptability of governmental policies. This means shifting the Overton Window to include news that the Covid clot shots CAN actually cause health harm.

Mass media and the CDC are now engaging a “catch and release” format of these admissions, to appease the masses and try to keep them all in line, getting more clot shots, boosters, flu shots, and whatever is coming next. So they’re publishing a little bit of guilt admission about the dangers of clot shots now, just to help cover up the tsunami of news about it all that’s taking place across all independent media. It’s catch and release, and MSM will try to make their sheeple forget about it within a day or two, again.

For example, a medical doctor recently degraded the so-called “scientific community” in Newsweek, saying they need to take responsibility for the deadly consequences of misinforming billions of people about Covid-19. Yes, mainstream media calls out their own, occasionally, when there’s just too many incidences and far too much exposure to keep covering it all up. That’s when truth news and independent media says, “told you so.”

The controlled media complex literally INVENTED and perpetuates the “misinformation” and “fake news” they try to warn everyone about. Their whole business model is to cater to the Overton Window, while only admitting the atrocities of their lies when they absolutely have to and have painted themselves into a corner, as with their lies about lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccines and boosters.

CDC, WHO, FDA, AMA, MSM all in bed with Big Pharma to create the illusion they care about public health when their main goal is to decimate it

It is now clear that Covid jabs are very dangerous to all human health, in various ways, and especially to teens, adolescents, children, babies, and pregnant women. The Overton Window is shifting and widening, and the mainstream media pharma shills are trying to cover their tracks as best they can, but there’s a sad reality to this confession and admission. The bottom line is that mRNA is a population reduction technology being utilized to kill off a few billion people, and now the word is getting out.

Many people who got the first couple jabs are now saying they will not get boosters for Covid. But they are just suspicious, and need much more information that is not misinformation. They need to know that the pharma “buck” doesn’t stop with the Fauci Flu gene mutation injections, as flu shots, GMO foods, prescription medications, and fluoridated tap water are doing chronic damage to them every day, every week, every month, every year.

Best-selling author and famous natural health advocate David “Avocado” Wolfe exposes the grim reality of the deadly Covid jabs and how the “authorities” are utilizing the Overton Window to hang on to their brainwashed sheeple and keep them obeying the protocols of the scamdemic death trap. Watch the highly-informative interview of David Wolfe by Dr. Robert Scott Bell.


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