Holding Them To Account For Crimes Against Humanity

Holding Them To Account For Crimes Against Humanity


Pascal Najadi, a retired banker from Switzerland is at the center of a potentially huge sea change in the legal fight against the Globalist COVID financial fraud/bioterrorism campaign. Pascal has filed criminal charges of Abuse of Office under Article 310 of the Swiss Criminal Code against Swiss President Alain Berset, who is also that country’s former Minister of Health.

To everyone’s surprise, the Attorney General of Switzerland has decided to launch an investigation into the President – the first, of a sitting head of state – over their “vaccine” policies.

Pascal joins Todd Callender and Sean on the SGT Report, to describe the simple inconsistencies in the official narrative that he noted, that proved to him that the whole COVID/Vaxx campaign was a fraud – such as that time that Pfizer’s President of International Markets, Janine Small admitted before an EU special COVID-19 committee hearing that the jab was not tested during clinical trials for its ability to prevent transmission before it entered the international market – leading Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakusic to declare that the European Union’s purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines amounted to the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.”

Then, Pascal describes the simple steps he took – which any citizen can do – to hold the genocidal criminals accountable. And the first step was just walking into the police station to lodge his complaint. For all of us, the revelation is that we can do the same.

Todd thanks Pascal for being “An example to all” and he says that we need a million people all over the world doing this, because it is a global genocide.

Todd adds, “There are so many firsts, here. It’s really bigger than what it appears to be, by virtue of all the controls, like as I mentioned to you before, the OECD and their quote, unquote “confident authorities” have been controlling all law enforcement around the world.

“The fact that Pascal and his complaint got to the Attorney General, who is pursuing this is a huge indicator that this genocide is falling apart and those that are perpetrating it are missing. There’s no way this could have happened otherwise. I’m so chuffed, because the ramifications of this are just astounding. It took one man.”

Pascal was born in Switzerland and his Swiss mother, Heidi Anderhub-Minger is the grandniece of Rudolf Minger, who was the President of Switzerland before World War II.

Pascal’s father, Hussain Najadi was the renowned Persian-Bahraini international banker and business developer who became a founding member of the European Management Forum, before he broke off with Klaus Schwab in 1987 and the Davos meeting was renamed the World Economic Forum.

Pascal says his father broke off with Klaus Schwab because he saw an abrupt personality change and he no longer wanted to be associated with him but he says that the early European Management Forum was a small gathering of no more than 100 people that was held at a 4-star hotel that he describes as “clever” and “benign”. It was basically a schmoozefest for leaders from “emerging markets” mainly in Asia, where Hussain had founded banks to develop Middle Eastern capital. In 2013, Hussain was fatally shot in Kuala Lumpur, alongside his wife, who was seriously injured. Pascal believes his father was assassinated for reporting corruption within Malaysia.

In the meantime, the World Economic Forum was taken over by the same group that is pushing Agenda 2030 at the UN, which Pascal calls “The end of humanity.” He recommends that we all go to the UN’s website and read the Agenda 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which he describes as a shocking document.

Then, he says we need to look into the WHO’s International Health Regulations. “The draft is online, you can read it. Article 3 – just one of many – is shocking. Why? Human rights and dignity have been eliminated, canceled. This article, alone will unhinge, make obsolete every constitution of a normal, democratic country in this world. Correct?

“This agreement has to be stopped. Trump was good. He exited the WHO. If you can do that, that’s the smartest thing to do. Just exit…It is a Fascist declaration,” Pascal says of the IHR.

The topic turns to the 44-year-old Crown Princess of Thailand,  who has been in a coma for the past six weeks after being injected three times with the bioweapon. Sean refers to a report from Clayton Morris at Redacted about the King of Thailand, Vajiralongkorn planning to nullify the Kingdom’s contract with Pfizer.

The clip features an interview between Pascal and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, who has lived most of his adult life in Germany but he is Thai and his father was the court physician to the current King’s father. Because of this relationship, Dr Bhakdi was able to go straight into the royal court of Thailand and he was able to inform the King that the so-called vaccine is a genocidal bioweapon.

Todd tells Sean that the Thai Royal Family has Universal Jurisdiction to declare Crimes Against Humanity. “They have the ability to try Pfizer and their executives and everybody else that helped for Crimes Against Humanity. All they have to do is get one general in their military to open a war crimes tribunal and they can extraterritorially apply these laws against anybody that was involved in it. This is also a big deal!”

In a previous interview, Todd had said, “Now, you’re going to see the floodgates open, these are universal jurisdiction crimes, which means that, if Switzerland wanted to prosecute our president, they would not only have the ability to do that – and do that in absentia – they would have the ability to sentence and actually carry out that sentence in absentia, meaning extra-territorially.

“If they were able to find a treaty partner, they could go and grab whoever it is responsible, bring them back for the execution, if that was the sentence. This is a big deal. This is a huge deal: the first sovereign to do this.” Todd also predicted that officials all over the world are going to start trying to cut deals.

As for trying to do this in the US, Todd has been unable to find one billeted general officer (Brigadier General and above) willing to come forward, out of the 3,000 of those who have attained the rank required to open up an investigation inside the US military, which appears to be the primary culprit responsible for this unthinkable attack on humanity.

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