Pfizer’s Business Model is Actual Fascism • The Merger of Corporate Power and State Power

Pfizer’s Business Model is Actual Fascism • The Merger of Corporate Power and State Power

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As long as the ruling, transnational elites have run everything across the board and done so for the benefit of their banks, corporations, hedge funds, factories, etc., the only system we’ve ever had is fascist technically speaking. Even when it was called ‘communism’.


The corporate media and their Antifa footsoldiers bandy about the term “fascism” quite freely. Somehow, through magnificent logic-pretzel contortions, they claim that resistance to government mandates to inject yourself with experimental drugs is not resistance to fascism, but fascism itself.

Truly, they have a wondrous capacity to invert reality.

But, for all the revisionism, fascism as a governing ideology actually means something very specific.

Progenitor of the ideology, Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, infamously defined fascism – or, alternatively, corporatism — as the “merger of corporate and state power.”

Let’s examine true 21st-century techno-fascism, and how it works in the real world:

The total 2022 US government budget was $6.272 trillion (25.1% of GDP).

A full quarter of the nation’s economic activity is allocated to projects carried out theoretically in the public interest, funded by the public treasury.

As one might expect from the massive bureaucratic infrastructure necessary to administer this activity, these vast resources are frequently abused. On an opaque journey through a series of unseen hands, the funds are redirected into private purses with limited or no benefit to the actual public. Private interests suckling at the teat of power are the biggest beneficiaries.

The most obvious example of the fascist grift in the modern era is the mRNA COVID “vaccines.”


The private, for-profit pharmaceutical industry has long abused the public coffers by bribing politicians through campaign donations, who in turn funnel taxpayer money into the subsidy of private “research and development” (called “R&D” in the industry). The COVID-19 pandemic greatly expanded the scope of public funding of the pharmaceutical industry’s projects.

Via the Journal of the American Medical Association:

“There also has been a major shift in the funding of product commercialization during the pandemic. Government agencies and philanthropic organizations are offering large sums not only to support research but to fund late-stage product development, the expansion of manufacturing capacity, and efficient systems for distribution. In the past, these activities have been funded largely by the pharmaceutical industry.”

Pfizer and Moderna pillage the treasury to offset the cost of research and development for their mRNA shots. Then, once they’re developed, they manage to get the government to cover the price for the shots administered to the public.

The shot is then marketed as “free” to the public. But, of course, the public is paying for the shots via the treasury. The problem is that no one sees dollars drained from their personal bank accounts. The cost to the individual, which is filtered through large institutions, seems far-off. To Joe Six-Pack and Sally PTA, they’re just vague digits in some government spreadsheet.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna reap record profits because their project costs are subsidized on the back end and they get a premium at the point of sale. Pfizer doubled its profits from 2020 to 2021 by selling its COVID shots to the government that paid to develop them in the first place.

Project Veritas recently exposed an undercover meeting with a Pfizer executive in which he admitted that “Pfizer is a revolving door for all government officials.”

He flat out states that individual FDA officials go easy on Pfizer, knowing that they will later receive an extremely lucrative job or consulting gig from Pfizer.

Then you have the actual mandate to use the product. You will enrich Pfizer, or the government will use its power of force to make you lose your job.

This fits perfectly the actual definition of fascism.

In the end, the public treasury is bankrupted and the national debt soars,while no one seemingly cares – certainly not the industries that profit of the public dole.

Of course, the pharmaceutical industry is just one head of the private-public hydra.

There is also, for example, the sports industry that manipulates local governments into funding bloated stadiums with empty promises of a return on investment at some future point.

There’s the US war machine that funnels public defense dollars into private weapons contractors.

The Pentagon, for instance, has never once passed an audit. Were it a private entity, with a fiduciary responsibility to stakeholders, its administrators would be on the hook for civil and potentially even criminal penalties for malfeasance. Instead, its incompetent management is rewarded with year-on-year budget increases.

It’s bad enough to be forced to support businesses we don’t want to.

But it reaches another whole level when the fascists force us to inject their product into our bodies, or when they force us into their for-profit wars.

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