Absolutely Worthless and Criminal Are the Constitution, Conservatism, ‘Liberalism,’ Voting, and Government

Absolutely Worthless and Criminal Are the Constitution, Conservatism, ‘Liberalism,’ Voting, and Government

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“A man’s natural rights are his own, against the whole world; and any infringement of them is equally a crime; whether committed by one man, or by millions; whether committed by one man, calling himself a robber, or by millions calling themselves a government.”

~ Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

It is time to put to rest any false notion of government reform, of any and all government ‘laws,’ of the total fraud of voting, of ‘constitutional rights,’ (which do not exist) and of all government itself. Yes, this is a long overdue diatribe for all those who continue to think and do the very same things over and over again, expecting to gain a different outcome. I believe that is the definition of insanity, and for very good reason.

Any praise whatsoever of government, any government, is blatantly absurd, and ludicrous on its face. Government and the state are the essence of vast criminality and gang violence; far worse offences than any common criminal or gang of common criminals could commit. This is not arguable throughout the entire course of history. What is even more disturbing, is that in every revolution, every major act of dissent, every protest against the state, and during the whole of every period in history, every time a current sitting government is negated or ousted, the masses put into place another government expecting things to be better this time. It never has been in thousands of years, but the mass of humanity disregards this fact, and attempts to gain freedom by voluntarily creating or allowing another government master to rule them. The very idea of this is mindboggling to any intelligent individual, of which apparently there are far too few.

There are no heroes in government, there are no heroes in state or national militaries, there are no heroes in state enforcement agencies, there are no heroes in any state apparatus or state-sponsored entities; the real heroes stand alone, and the real heroes are enemies of the state.

A majority of what are labeled as citizens, (slaves of the state) continue to rely on the bogus Constitution and its criminal government courts to protect their so-called ‘written’ rights ‘granted’ by the state. This structure of government was created by felonious politicians and connected business magnates, in order to establish a coup meant only to expand and give ultimate and unlimited power to a federal government; this by fooling the confused people into believing that their natural rights could be transferred to a corrupt government run by a few dishonest ‘representatives,’ who for the most part are nothing more than narcissistic and psychopathic politicians. This worthless government document called a constitution is said to be the “supreme law of the land,” which means that acceptance of it would necessarily have to facilitate the negation of all inherent natural rights in favor of state-granted ‘rights.’ How utterly ridiculous is such nonsense as this.

Those who build, vote for, support, take part in, or sponsor, such an entity as government, have to rely on the premise and belief that government is bound to exact justice equally to all men, at all times; all based on an empty and impossible promise made to hundreds of millions of different individuals. None are under any contract whatsoever, which is literally beyond the bounds of absurdity. Each of the millions of sovereign individuals would be required to accept this nonsense without question, relying on a few strangers gaining by deceit and fraud, extreme power over them, to supposedly protect and defend their individual natural rights. We are all completely unique individuals, who have every opportunity to defend and protect ourselves and our natural rights, without surrendering those rights to some coercive, abusive, immoral, and  exploitive power called government.

Governments of one form or another, have existed and ruled this country since its inception, and freedom has been lessened forever progressively over the entirety of our existence. Incessant and murderous wars of total aggression created solely by governments, have been brutal, and world destroying. The cannon fodder referred to as the masses, have been subject to death and destruction, all while supporting the murder and slaughter of falsely claimed ‘enemies’ (common innocent people) completely unknown to them, and due only to orders issued by the state. Tyranny has always existed, but has grown to insane levels over time, until all were locked down, (imprisoned), their businesses mandated by the state to close indefinitely, their natural rights purposely destroyed, their financial well-being ruined or severely compromised, psychologically tortured, injected with fatal poisons, in some cases murdered, and their families torn apart. All this happened and is still happening in the name of state power and control.

The beloved, religiously-worshiped, worthless Constitution has helped no one, but harmed most everyone, other than ruling pimps and their whores in government. It is a farce, and an intentional tool created only to enslave the people. What is called ‘conservatism’ is based on reverence of this same constitution, which exposes that these beliefs are steeped in a deep respect for an all-powerful state. This is insanity exemplified. ‘Liberalism’ (and all political parties) uses the same illegal ‘authority’ to bring about massive theft from all in order to expand and redistribute private property and to inflict evil socialistic ‘public’ policy on all. Even some (or many) libertarians,’ while claiming to only want ‘limited’ government, (an impossibility) desire to depend on this same constitution in order to ‘reform’ government by keeping the same failed system in place; relying on voting and illegal and immoral government ‘laws’ to save the day. A modest percentage of the masses are expected to continue voting for this heinous system, in order to promote fake legitimacy to this inherently illegitimate, evil and immoral governing fiasco; claiming that one vote out of 335 million people, allows each to have a say in their own slavery.

Government (the state) depends on total control of all. It depends on its ability to manufacture, create, and pass ‘laws,’ ‘laws’ that are simply restrictive and oppressive rules meant to command and control the proletariat. They create no justice, but only guarantee injustice. No law passed by any government is legitimate, as our natural rights are inclusive of all proper behavior and legitimate justice. No manmade laws can protect rights, they can only strengthen totalitarian rule. We all have a natural right to our life, which means that we have a right to sustain and defend our life. It means we have a right to our own achieved property, including self; all this so long as no aggression or harm to others or their property is evident.

Consider that in order for this abominable government to act as it pretends, it would have to have the full and total support of each single individual of these 335 million people who reside in this country. Could anything be as preposterous as this? In order to protect the natural rights of all, the rights of every single individual must be evident. For justice to be served then, would require that no harm, no theft, no ‘law,’ no mandate, no war, and no aggression of any kind be evident, unless each and every individual knowingly accepted every act by government, and voluntarily agreed to it due to acceptance of an individual contract. Yes, this is impossible, and that is the reason that no government should ever be allowed to stand if freedom and justice are to exist.

How can any government provide for the defense and welfare of hundreds of millions of individuals, all without harming any? If this were to be plausible in any regard, the government, and all its evil members, could do absolutely nothing unless each and every individual had that same exact right. That means that no war, no theft by violent thieving taxation, no laws, no conscription, no restrictions on peaceful behavior, and no meddling in the affairs of any without voluntary consent could ever occur, but government believes that it has a right to steal and harm in favor of itself and its supporters, while the individual would be imprisoned or put to death for committing these same acts.

It should be obvious to every thinking individual, that every law passed by those who call themselves ‘lawmakers,’ will either give favor to one or more, and at the same time take liberty and justice from another, negating any validity of any law arbitrarily considered by these low-life manipulating politicians.

This government, or any government, has never existed to serve anyone other than itself or its own masters, and only allows the people temporary ‘rights’ which advance its own cause. All government only sees the people as pawns to serve government, and has never existed even for one day to serve the people. This is the essence of government; to serve itself and to take all freedom away in order to use the ‘citizenry’ and their property and labor, to advance its wealth and power.

“Therefore, the very idea of a lawmaking government — a government that is to make laws of its own invention — is necessarily in inevitable and direct conflict with “our liberty.” In fact, the only, sole, and only real purpose of any lawmaking government whatever is to take from some one or more persons their “liberty.” Consequently the only way in which all men can preserve their “liberty,” is not to have any lawmaking government at all.”

Lysander Spooner, “A Letter to Grover Cleveland” (Extracts from a pamphlet published in 1864–titled: “Considerations For Bankers”

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