Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes Releases First Statement from Alexandria Prison to The Gateway Pundit – Feds Are Threatening Life in Prison

Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes Releases First Statement from Alexandria Prison to The Gateway Pundit – Feds Are Threatening Life in Prison

The Gateway Pundit  /  Jim Hoft

On January 6, 2021, several members of the Oath Keepers marched up the US Capitol steps, stood in a line, and sang the National Anthem with the tens of thousands of patriots outside the building.

Members of the Oath Keepers stand around and take photos inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Several members of the Oath Keepers, who were in Washington DC only to provide protection to speakers at several organized protests that week, walked into the US Capitol. They were seen taking pictures inside the building.

Now the Biden Department of Justice, under the direction of Matthew Graves, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, are threatening those same men with life in prison.

Evil is walking the halls of government and weak men and women are too afraid to speak out.

Julie Kelley reported on this atrocious development at American Greatness.

The government arrested Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes for his role in the Jan. 6 protests. Stewart told members of the Oath Keepers to leave their weapons in their hotel rooms. Stewart did not enter the US Capitol. He told his members NOT to enter the US Capitol. Despite this, Stewart has been sitting in prison for months and the Biden DOJ is threatening him with life in prison.

Stewart was moved from Dallas to Oklahoma and to Alexandria, Virginia where he is now being held.

Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes released his first statement exclusively to The Gateway Pundit from the prison in Alexandria.

Here is the transcription: – The audio is below.

Hey, this is Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers. Today, I’m currently a political prisoner in a jail in Virginia. Just like a lot of other January 6 defendants I’m being held pretrial. In other words, being in prison without a trial and my trial is set for September, along with nine other Oath Keepers. I want you to know, though, this is bigger than us, bigger than Oath Keepers, bigger than any January 6 people. This is about the bad guys targeting President Trump and trying to take him down, by trying to build a case against him, to indict him and to put him in prison and if nothing else, then be unable to run again in 2024.

This is also a war against the entire MAGA movement. They’re using January 6th as the……..fire to justify oppression of the MAGA movement. So whether or not you agree with any particular person who took actions on January 6th and went into the Capital, whether you think was good idea or not, that’s kind of besides the point, they’re all political prisoners they’re all being grossly overcharged. In my case, going for an entire year without charging me because I didn’t do anything they could charge me for. I didn’t enter the Capital……..with someone who rolled over and agreed to test a lie, to falsely testify their false witness. And now they’re prosecuting me along with other Oath Keepers to try to build this grand lie that there was a planned conspiracy from November on to enter the Capital on January 6th. And they’re going to try to stick that to President Trump.

So you need to rally together and defend all the J Six defendants, no matter who they are, what they did on that day. They are all political prisoners. They’re all going to be used to persecute the MAGA movement and also President Trump…….

The left always defends their people no matter what they do to the hilt. We need to do the same for all these defendants because the bigger picture is this is a war , a legal war, lawfare,  against the MAGA movement.

So, and God Bless the Supreme Court. In fact, if I wasn’t in jail right now, I’d probably be offering protection to Supreme Court Justices are that are standing outside of their house, keep an eye out,  that’s what we do. That’s why the left hates Oath Keepers and wants all of us either in prison or dead, because they know that we stop the Antifa and BLM violence in the streets just like Proud Boys does. So the two groups they hate the most and the two groups are trying to destroy. So just understand that . God Bless everybody take care.

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