The Anti-Freedom Far-Left is Nothing More Than a Squawking Minority

The Anti-Freedom Far-Left is Nothing More Than a Squawking Minority

American Thinker

D. Parker

“We’re surrounded. That simplifies our problem.”

Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller of the United States Marine Corps uttered the above words during the Korean War’s battle of Chosin Reservoir as Puller’s marines found themselves surrounded by 120,000 enemy troops under the command of Mao Tse-tung.

We’re being made to feel like we’re in a similar situation: “surrounded”.  Yet, the opposing forces aren’t nearly as overwhelming because we make up the majority — the anti-freedom forces of the far-left are better known as the tyrannical ten percent.  But if you look back in time, that’s usually how they play their little scam on the rest of society.  As in every other slow-motion coup down through history, they take over the means of communication, the media, and the government indoctrination system — the schools — to make it seem like they have total control.

So, it’s time to fight back with what we’re calling cultural guerrilla warfare, using asymmetric tactics.  With our advantages versus their disadvantages, we can push back against what they’re trying to do to our country.  Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time a small far-left minority tried to take over a society with these kinds of underhanded maneuvers.

At the beginning of the last century, similarly, small groups of the anti-freedom far-left were using the same tactics to take over their societies.

As in the case of Russia when a relatively small band of revolutionaries that labeled themselves the Bolsheviks (‘majority’) displayed the usual leftist predilection for inverting reality to their advantage.  This ‘majority’ was led by the infamous Vladimir Ilich Lenin, who used the state police apparatus to silence the actual majority by initiating a campaign of terror:

A state-sponsored wave of brutality that was decreed in Russia on September 5, 1918, and lasted until 1922. Intent on maintaining their control of a country in the throes of a civil war, the Bolsheviks used terror tactics to silence their enemies and dissuade others from resisting them. Tens of thousands, and possibly more than a million, people were branded ‘class enemies’ and detained in concentration camps or summarily executed. The terror cleared the way for decades of Soviet rule and state-sanctioned violence.

Thankfully, we haven’t reached those extremes yet, but you’ll notice that our ‘Bolsheviks’ are beginning the same process.  They’ve taken over the major cultural powerhouses and are now metastasizing, trying to remake our free society into their version of Utopia.

They began their long march through the institutions. and now they’re trying to spread their insanity to the rest of our society and at times it feels like we’re “surrounded”.

The national socialist media spews out pure lies and propaganda that we’re supposed to accept without question.  The “entertainment” (we’re using that term loosely here) industry churns out content that no one of sound mind wants to consume.  The government indoctrination system — public schools — has gone from teaching children foundational academics to sexualizing and dividing them by race.  Meanwhile, corporate enterprise is responsible to the State for the direction of production in a public/private partnership: the true definition of fascism.  So, while it seems like they are omnipotent, we’re starting to see the tide of insanity ebb, and the pro-freedom forces of Team Normal are beginning to push back.

This is what we call cultural guerrilla warfare, it is asymmetrical warfare on the cultural field of battle using our advantages against their disadvantages.  While the situation is somewhat dire, you have to take a sober look at the two sides to see how the contest is going to shape up.  Just consider some of the advantages of the pro-freedom forces of Team Normal: we outnumber them, we value liberty and limited government, and we are imbued with plain, old-fashioned sanity.

We often refer back to the Hidden Tribes study that shows that ideologues of the far-left are at best, 19% of the population; the hard core number is around 8%.  They have the advantage in that they dominate the media with that 8% to 10%, so it seems larger.  However, the poll and a great deal of real-world experience tell us that the folks of Team Crazy are a small minority (even though they love to lie with language and label themselves the majority like the Bolsheviks).

We also have the advantage of truly valuing liberty and limited government, compared to how the far-left only exploits these precepts until they attain power.

We can easily prove this by illustrating which side is censoring free speech and the press and working overtime to confiscate guns.  And no Dr. Jill, keeping pornographic material away from kindergarteners isn’t censorship.

Then, there is this problem: the fascist far-left has an aversion to having fun.  Sure, they like to pretend they have a corner on the market on humor, but who are they kidding?

Is anyone still watching the late-night “comedy” shows that are a mere shell of their former glory?

Part of the fun of comedy is going after societies’ sacred cows.  The far-left has so many sacred cows they need their cadre of Australian shepherds just to keep them managed.  We’re not even sure if it’s verboten to use the term ‘sacred cow’ anymore or not.

Remember, these people want to ban the words “male” and “female”.

The far-left does have its advantages, but they aren’t as formidable as someone might think.  They are perfectly willing to lie which is a requirement for their survival.

We call them the anti-freedom far-left for a reason, given that whenever they gain power, they start going all authoritarian on everyone and then project that onto us.

Of course, our comparison wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the advantage of their commanding positions in the culture.  But even that is a negative for them because that makes them The Man.  They are the empire of the Star Wars saga and we’re the Rebels.  We’re the cool people fighting the oppression of the empire — the far-left.  They can try to use their perceived power but that’s not going to be a good look for them.  We have them right where we want them.


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