Kill Shots: Weapons of Mass Extermination

Stephen Lendman

Along with hugely benefitting Pharma profiteers, flu/covid kill shots are all about eliminating billions of unwanted people worldwide.

As explained earlier, the Biden regime bribed MSM with big bucks to promote destruction of public health by kill shots and all-else flu/covid — to harm health over protecting it.

It’s evident from fake news like the following from the NYT.

The broadsheet is on the front lines of promoting destruction of public health, along with pushing death of unwanted billions over preserving life.

Citing a pandemic that only exists among jabbed individuals, the Times falsely claimed that over “500 million (flu/covid cases occur annually) and over 6.2 million deaths globally (sic).”

The above fear-mongering mass deception is all about scaring maximum numbers of people in the US/West and worldwide to self-inflict harm from kill shots.

Pushing them for all age groups, the Times supports irreparable harm to everyone — from infancy to the elderly and everyone in between.

It continues pushing fake news ablout more scariant than variants, ignoring that all flu/covid strains are virtually alike, differences among them too minor to matter.

The same goes for long flu/covid mass deception.

The term is unrelated to science.

Individuals contracting diseases can experience them in mild or more severe form.

The latter is more often the case for people in poor health from other conditions affecting them, including weakened immunity.

Children are least vulnerable to illness from flu/covid in severe form.

Wanting them jabbed is all about causing irreversible harm from toxins designed for this purpose.

Weeks earlier, the Times reported that Pfizer seeks FDA authorization for a second booster jab for adults aged-65 and older.

What’s been going on for many months is incrementally pushing the public to accept forever-jabbing once or twice annually.

Last week, the Pharma-controlled FDA pushed the notion.

FDA officials Janet Woodcock, Robert Califf and Peter Marks published the following in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA):

“During the 2022-2023 (flu/covid) planning and selection process, it is important to recognize that the fall season will present a major opportunity to improve (flu/covid mass-jabbing) coverage with the goal of minimizing future societal disruption and saving lives (sic).”

“(S)ociety is moving toward a new (ab)normal that may well include annual (flu/covid jabs) alongside seasonal influenza (jabs).”

The above FDA officials failed to explain that covid is flu/influenza renamed.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the harm to health, precisely what the diabolical plot is all about.

Aiming a steady stream of big profits, Pharma wants maximum numbers of people jabbed annually for flu/covid and flu separately in perpetuity — including infants and young children.

The diabolical scheme is also all about eliminating maximum numbers of unwanted people throughout the US/West and worldwide.

The FDA reportedly will decide on whether to authorize forever mass jabbing in June — ahead of the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

It’s coming. What Pharma wants, the agency it controls delivers.

In late June, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will meet to announce annual mass-jabbing as the new abnormal — with greater destruction of public health in mind, along with a greater bonanza of profits for Pharma.

And make no mistake. Expect new more scariant than variants to be rolled out to fear-monger maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

Fear-mongering works, why it’s used repeatedly in pursuit of diabolical aims — especially when MSM do the pushing.

When taken as directed, kill shots destroy health — at times quickly, most often more slowly.

On May 6, the FDA partially restricted J & J’s kill shot because of life-threatening blood clots, what showed up with two weeks of jabs gotten.

Instead of banning their use altogether, the Pharma-controlled agency continues to permit them for adults — knowing they’ll cause mass casualties.

The company has a long history of selling harmful to health drugs — including opioids that caused widespread addiction and overdose deaths.

It profited hugely by destroying health instead of protecting it.

No one of sound mind should go near a J & J drug or over-the-counter product — unless they have a death wish.

Over the past two decades alone, the company paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits, including for harm from its toxic baby powder.

Despite its pockmarked record, J & J continues harming countless millions of people from its toxic products.

Separately on Friday, inventor of mRNA technology, Robert Malone MD, slammed the Davos-based World Economic Forum for going all-out to “completely control all aspects of” our lives.

WEF members are globalist tyrants — corporatists aiming for maximum profits at the expense of ordinary people worldwide they exploit and harm.

The organization “masterminded globally harmonized planning, development and implementation of  lockdowns, mandates, (kill shot) campaigns, suppression of early treatment options, global targeting of dissenting physicians, censorship, propaganda, information and thought control programs,” Malone explained.

All of the above and what’s related have been ongoing since flu was renamed covid and kill shots were rolled out in December 2019.

The Great Reset systematically engineered the greatest ever wealth transfer from most people to the privileged few.

It’s part of a grand scheme for transforming the US/Western states and all others into ruler-serf societies.

WEF chairman Klaus Schwab’s aim is total control over ordinary people worldwide so privileged ones can benefit more than already.

His diabolical scheme is a dystopian nightmare — wrapped in deceptive equitable socioeconomic rhetoric.

His world goes way beyond being unsafe and unfit to live in for most people.

His vision is more draconian than what Orwell or Huxley imagined.

The only solution is popular revolution.

The alternative is a living death until expire from kill shots or elimination by other state-sponsored means.

A Final Comment

Along with calling flu/covid “the greatest hoax” of all time, Dr. Vernon Coleman was one of the first to warn that kill shots aim to “wipe out” humanity if unchecked.

Weeks earlier, he said that anyone who claims that flu-covid jabs are safe and effective is “lying.”

“I don’t care who they are. They lying.”

They’re either “damnably ignorant” or willing to say what they’re “told to say…because they’ve been bought.”

Alleged flu/covid jab safety is the equivalent of “jumping out of a plane without a parachute.”

“There is no doubt that “(lu/covid) is the greatest (state-sponsored) hoax in history” — with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Fraudster Fauci admitted that lockdowns were a scam to fear-monger maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm from kill shots.

Virtually everything promoted about flu/covid has been with destroying public health in mind.

What’s gone on has not only been a colossal hoax, it’s a diabolical profiteering fraud on countless millions and billions of people worldwide.

Without MSM complicity and support, the scheme would have been stillborn.

Instead, it’s still around, still promoted, still based on easily debunked phony claims that dissolve when exposed to the light of day.

When the NYT and other MSM promote kill shots, masking, PCR tests and all else flu/covid related, not a shred of credible evidence is presented to back what’s claimed.

Why not? Because there is none.

Coleman said while he’d like to spend more time relaxing late in life, he’s still putting out truth-telling information on the most crucial issue of all time — “that most people don’t seem to give a damn about” because they’re brainwashed by MSM rubbish.

I echo his sentiment and lament.

While I know good people — including scientists and medical experts — who understand the reality of the times and threat it represents.

Yet close to home, members of my family and some friends perhaps think I’m daft for going against the grain — the fabricated official narrative — on all things flu/covid related, Russia’s SMO in Ukraine and other major issues.

No one pays or directs me.

Everything I do is pro bono.

I write and speak out about what I believe to be true based on facts — pulling no punches, mincing no words, influenced only by what I believe is right.

It’s my way. I know no other, and if diverged from what drives me to go gentle into that good night, I’d defraud my readers and myself.

Never as long as I have enough energy to keep at what I do.

It’s my calling late in life. I can’t imagine doing anything less than telling it like it is — uninfluenced by politics or anything other than hard truth.

Coleman said he’s driven by caring about humanity.

What more important time than now — when diabolical US/Western dark forces want billions of unwanted people eliminated so the privileged few can gain greater wealth and power than already.

If those of us who understand what’s going on don’t challenge their diabolical aims, humanity’s survival will be threatened like never before.

If that’s not worth going all-out to prevent, what on earth is worth fighting for to protect and preserve!

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