"Covid Heart" • CNN Claims Not Getting Covid Vaccinated And Not Wearing A Mask Causes Heart Attacks In Healthy Young People

"Covid Heart" • CNN Claims Not Getting Covid Vaccinated And Not Wearing A Mask Causes Heart Attacks In Healthy Young People

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(Natural News) Researchers looked at ten years of US data for every death certificate that has been filed at the CDC and noticed that heart attack deaths were dropping, but the trend reversed after the pandemic broke, when young people started getting “vaccinated” for it, especially among 25 to 44 year-olds. CNN talking head (Editor at Kaiser Health News) and virus “expert” is befuddled, and says the study isn’t even quite sure if these dead youngsters had Covid, but that isn’t stopping the Counterfeit News Network (CNN) from blaming the Fauci Flu for all these sudden heart attacks among perfectly healthy young adults. It’s all because these young folks are more likely to be rebels and not mask up or get the deadly clot shots, claims the Fauci Cult spokesperson. They’ve even come up with a name for the vaccine violence cover up of the century.

“Covid Heart” now to blame for when spike proteins clog the vascular system so badly that perfectly healthy young adults die of a heart attack

Oh yes they did. CNN has come up with the fake new term of “Covid heart,” claiming Covid causes such severe inflammation and blood clots that it kills healthy young adults, but mainly the ones who refused to wear a mask or get “vaccinated” early on for Covid, even though the clot shots have shown no scientific ability to stave off Covid or even keep people from getting a “bad case” of it.

The misinformation kings are at it again, with a made up term for a vaccine-damage cover-up story. “Covid heart” is CNN’s fake name for a fake condition for the scamdemic where deadly vaccines cause vascular clots and the talking heads at the Counterfeit News Network run cover for the VIC (vaccine industrial complex). Still blaming the unvaccinated for deaths across the USA, even though the vaccine science and mask science have proven neither work to save people from infection or death.

Autopsies of the Covid vaccinated reveal spike proteins invade all vital organs, including the heart

A board-certified embalmer named Richard Hirschman revealed he’s been seeing “unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials” that totally filled the vascular system and clogged the arteries and veins of the deceased. “I don’t know how someone could live with something like this inside of them,” he said, describing long, stringy, tough, white, elastic-structured, rubbery clots (not blood clots) he’s never seen before in his twenty years in this business.

These started to appear about half a year after the Covid vaccine rollout, Hirschman says, further describing the phenomenon that he’s witnessed in over 70 percent of the bodies he’s embalmed since the clot shot rollout, saying, “What I’ve been finding is a lot of bodies have been very flooded. I could literally raise the collages, rub the blood off of one hand, the white stuff holds strong. It does not dissolve. You can break it but it’s stretchy. And I thought maybe you know something’s not right. I contacted colleagues of mine, and they’re all seeing the same thing. It is not normal for anybody that I know.”

Now fake news is doubling down, saying that the best way to avoid this “Covid Heart” heart attack is to get an mRNA Covid jab, which will only spread millions more spike protein prions throughout the vascular system, further clogging the veins and arteries, leading to more serious complications, including pericarditis, myocarditis, irregular heart beats, heart attacks, and sudden adult death syndrome (a.k.a. “Covid Heart”).

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