Did We Just Start a Revolution? • Ban The Jab Resolution

Did We Just Start a Revolution? • Ban The Jab Resolution


Dr. Joseph Sansone

Last week I presented our Ban the Jab resolution to the Lee County Florida Republican Party and it passed with 80-90% of the vote. Although, the Lee County GOP has thus far been unable to issue a press release because the wire services are claiming it goes against CDC standards and it incites fear. That’s right, after three years of media hysterics and fear mongering, a press release exposing the C19 injections as bioweapons is inciting fear.

This issue is so popular that it has already started trickling out to become national news without a press release. Last Thursday I was interviewed on Stew Peters, and then Friday, Dr. Francis Boyle was on Stew Peters speaking about the bioweapon. Dr. Francis Boyle was the author of the 1989 Bioweapons and Antiterrorism Act, and is one of the world’s most credible authorities on this topic. Dr. Boyle is clear that the C19 injections meet the legal definition of a biological weapon according to the 1989 bioweapons act that he drafted as well as Florida statute.

The information provided in these interviews lays out the sense of urgency to this issue. The Biden administration is working with the World Health organization to basically over throw the United States government. Essentially, the WHO treaty is written in a way that it will provisionally take effect in May. Naturally, another pandemic is likely planned before the United States Senate would vote down ratification of the treaty. This would mean that WHO could force lockdowns, vaccination, masks, etc.

I know it is not constitutional, but they are doing it. The Supreme Court is compromised. According to Dr. Francis Boyle, they have crossed the Rubicon on this issue. Dr. Boyle is very clear that this is an existential threat to the United States. Most politicians are pretending this treason is not occurring. There are a few things that need to occur. The first is to withdraw from WHO. This is not likely because Biden is collaborating with WHO in this treason and attempt at a global coup.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives need to cut funding for WHO. As much political pressure as humanly possible needs to be put on House members. They need to become afraid of the public if they do not defund WHO.

On the state level, states need to pass simple laws stating that they will not comply with any WHO decisions, and are not under the jurisdiction of WHO. Honestly, secession may need to be on the table.

The other option to save our republic is to get an indictment of Fauci and pharma executives before the coup is completed. Dr. Boyle outlines this in his book Resisting Medical Tyranny. Dr. Boyle argues that the federal government is too corrupt and that it is at the state level that these indictments should be sought.

There are approximately 400 local prosecutors’ offices around the country. A state attorney general, state attorney’s office, which covers several counties, or even a county prosecutor where they have them, could indict Fauci and pharma executives for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. According to Dr. Boyle, once the first indictment is issued the house of cards will fall.

The Ban the Jab Resolution is important. It is an official statement of policy of the Republican Party for Lee County Florida. The resolution states that C19 injections are biological weapons, violate the Nuremberg code, and calls for Governor DeSantis and the legislature to ban the injections, and for the attorney general to confiscate all vials of the bioweapons and conduct a forensic audit.

It also shifts the debate from mandates to banning. Sometimes it is true that the best defense is a good offense. Weapons wise we essentially are using a bottle cap and we moved the needle on this more than our worthless politicians have since the shots came out.

As mentioned, the news wire blocked the Lee GOP press release. It is totally absurd that one of the reasons was that it incited fear. A press release about a vote from one of the major political parties is blocked by a newswire because it incites fear. This is after three years of terrorizing the American public. Is this an illegal in kind donation to the other party?

Still, the word is trickling out and it is having an effect. I was told that the Florida Republican Assembly, which is a statewide conservative organization passed the ban the jab resolution unanimously, they are just waiting for a couple signatures. They may start hitting up the phones once officially passed. Collier County will vote Monday March 6, Santa Rosa County is supposed to take it up Wednesday March 9. Hillsborough County is supposed to take it up in April. This is with censorship. Imagine if a proper press release was allowed.

If a few more counties fall like dominoes then this Ban the Jab movement may take on momentum of its own. If that occurs the governor of Florida will have to act. I also know of people in Georgia and North Carolina that are planning on introducing the Lee GOP Ban the Jab resolution.

The revolt within local Republican parties is the first phase. This will build momentum and pressure will increase on politicians on the local and state level. We punched through in Lee County Florida. If we punch through statewide and ban the jab, other states will follow, and so will indictments.

So back to the question in the title. Did we just start a revolution?

Only time will tell. The answer is, that it depends on you. Don’t ask permission to lead. If we can do it, so can you. If you are a member of a Republican Executive Committee, introduce this resolution. If you are not an executive committee member, call your county GOP and tell them to adopt the Lee County Ban the Jab resolution. This is especially true in Florida, but we wouldn’t be too upset if another state banned it first….

UPDATE: The Patriots of the Florida Republican Assembly, a long standing statewide constitutional conservative organization, passed the ban the jab resolution unanimously, and are burning up the phones to the governor, attorney general, and legislature.

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