Anaesthetics: Why You Are in Great Danger • They Are Planning To Stop Using Safe Anaesthetic Gases

Anaesthetics: Why You Are in Great Danger • They Are Planning To Stop Using Safe Anaesthetic Gases

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Dr Vernon Coleman


This video is urgent and I hope it makes you as angry as it has made me to make it, for there is now a well advanced plan to get rid of anaesthetics as you and I know it. The safety of surgical procedures, and even childbirth, will be dramatically reduced. Gas and air – entonox – was commonly used for pregnant mothers giving birth. It had very few side effects and was widely used. Specialist obstetric anaesthetists recommended it. Safe anaesthesia for general surgery is being abandoned. You’ll be lucky if you get a stick put between your teeth to bite on.
I’ve known for some time that climate change cultists are wicked and insane. Despite wild claims there is no evidence that global warming endangers mankind. Like the fake pandemic and the pseudo-vaccine it’s a confidence trick But the cultists will do anything for their cause. Last year climate change protestors deliberately and defiantly stood in front of ambulances.
If you think that was bad wait until you hear what I’m going to tell you now.
As I pointed out last year, the medical establishment has stated categorically that climate change is the most serious medical emergency. They’ve said that to protect us all from drowning, burning or freezing, doctors must do fewer diagnostic procedures and treat fewer patients. If you thought the long waiting lists and delays were accidental, think again.
But what they now want to do is, in my view, so far beyond criminal that I can’t think how to describe it.
They’re planning to stop using well tried, safe, anaesthetic gases and replace them with anaesthetics which aren’t as safe or as well tried – or with nothing.
They claim that gases might harm nurses and doctors, although there is no evidence that that has ever happened. Ever. In decades.
But that’s not the real reason for the switch.
It’s bloody climate change again. They claim that traditional anaesthetics such as gas and air are bad for the environment, and around the world a bunch of a few hundred wicked, dangerous climate change activists want more sustainable anaesthetics to be used in operating theatres, dental surgeries and delivery wards – even though patients are going to suffer and thousands of people are almost certainly going to die as a result.
They want to get rid of gas and air – used for ever and a day for women in labour. And they want to replace traditional anaesthetics with what they call `sustainable anaesthetics’ and the favourite seems to be sevoflurane – because it is allegedly a bit kinder to the weather than the traditional, safe for humans stuff.
Now let me tell you about sevoflurane.
It can’t be given to patients who have heart disease, heart arrhythmias, kidney disease, lung disease or liver disease or a pile of other problems. And it’s not safe for use in patients taking any one of nearly 200 well-known prescription drugs – though of course how many doctors will check the list before giving the damned stuff?
So you’ve got to be really fit and healthy and not taking any pills for it to be safe.
What other alternatives are they offering?
Well you can have a local anaesthetic. The sort you have if you need stitches in your finger – though probably not much fun if you’re having a hip replacement or your compound fracture sorted out.
Or you can have an intravenous injection of a drug such as ketamine or midazolam or some other benzodiazepines such as valium. Midazolam is, of course, part of the infamous kill shot already used to murder countless thousands of older folk. And the problem with intravenous benzodiazepines is that they can be very tricky to use and do have a tendency to kill people.
I didn’t mind the climate change nutters so much when they were just flying off to conferences or gluing themselves to policemen. They’re stupid people who have been brainwashed and wound up by the conspirators. They’ve been suckered by the pseudo-science and by the bought and paid for mainstream media. There is no climate change. As scams go it’s up there with the tooth fairy. That’s why the nutters prefer bullying to debating.
But what is happening with anaesthesia is seriously insane. The nutters who believe in this horrendously dangerous pseudo science won’t debate it. As with the toxic pseudo jab – the covid-19 jab – the mainstream media has been paid to promote the fraud. Everything is being forced through at breakneck speed. The conspirators, the globalists are pushing this through as part of the Great Reset. Health care must be destroyed – unless you’re a billionaire or one of the chosen few. The climate change nutters want to drag medicine back several centuries and at their behest we’re heading back to the Middle Ages. If you really need an operation well, maybe they’ll bang you on the head or give you a slug of whisky or laudanum.
And either no one else has noticed or no one bloody well cares.
I hope you realise how crucial it is to care about what is happening. I hope you share this fast. We have to speak out, defend ourselves and stop the insane cultists. We can stop these wicked, crazy people and we must.
Please watch my good chum Colin Barron’s wonderful videos and please look at my websites and – where there is new material most days – and share what you find with everyone on social media. Remember, I’m banned from everywhere except my own websites and those belonging to kind people who carry my material. Any social media sites which you see in my name are fraudulent.
And remember: when you see something bad happening you have to stand up for what you believe to be right. If you don’t then you might as well be dead. Sadly, most people have turned their faces to the wall and given up. There is no free speech anywhere in the world. But you are definitely not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once awake they don’t go back to sleep.
May God be with you and remember: they want compliance, let’s give them defiance. The longer this war has gone on, the more grateful I have felt that we have God on our side in our battles with the Godless hordes.
Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. That’s as true now as it was when I first said it nearly three years ago. And if you want to save yourself, your family and your friends please share this and my other videos with everyone you know and many people you don’t know. I can’t share anything because I’m banned everywhere for the modern sin of telling the truth. But I’ll be here on for as long as I can.


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