Pfizer Is Being Sued for $3 Trillion For False Claims About COVID “Vaccines”

Pfizer Is Being Sued for $3 Trillion For False Claims About COVID “Vaccines”

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It is about time.

Lawyer Robert Barnes recently had an impressive legal win over the USDA on behalf of an Amish farmer in an important “food freedom” case. He now sets his sights on one of the most criminal corporations in history:

Suing BigPharma will make the BigTabacco lawsuits look like child’s play.

Barnes will most likely be leveraging his Pfizer whistleblower client Brook Jackson in this landmark lawsuit. He will have overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of fraud, conspiracy, perjury and ultimately serial murder against Pfizer.

When Pfizer loses this landmark lawsuit, Barnes et al. can then go after the illegitimate Federal government which aided and abetted Pfizer, with particular emphasis on the DoD, CIA and Pentagon for creating the entire PSYOP-19 “pandemic” and associated slow kill bioweapon injections.

Do NOT comply.

Update on the Biggest Trial Against Big Pharma in American History


We’re moving into the litigation stage of our information war against the Cabal and Constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes is representing Brook Jackson in her monumental and historic fraud case against Pfizer and he believes that hers is the only argument that can bring down the entire COVID Hoax. He says:

“What was extraordinary to me was Pfizer’s defense. Pfizer’s defense was not that these allegations are false. They challenge whether the allegations are true but at this stage of the pleadings, they have to assume them to be true legally. Their argument was solely, even if they created a dangerous, ineffective drug that they disguised as a vaccine, that they said would be for the prevention of COVID-19, that didn’t prevent COVID at all, in fact, in some cases, it appears the infection rate, it goes up with COVID, depending on how many booster shots that you’ve had. Not only other dangers of the vaccine.

“The words ‘For the prevention of COVID-19’ are listed as a deliverable item more than a half dozen times in the contract Pfizer signed with the Defense Department.

“And yet, what did they deliver? They delivered something that was not safe. In fact, it was uniquely and extraordinarily dangerous, according to the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System; that it was not effective – as the whole world knows – and, as Pfizer’s own CEO admitted to the European authorities, saying, ‘We didn’t really test for whether it was effective or not.’

“It didn’t prevent infection, it didn’t prevent transmission. We now know, of course, it wasn’t a vaccine, it was a gene therapy. It’s important to note, this Defense Department contract was created at a time when the word ‘vaccine’ still meant vaccine. It still meant something that inoculated and immunized against a disease.”

Listening to Robert Barnes stuns with his articulation of the case and with his fluency in the law. He’s brilliant and it’s like getting a mini legal education, just listening to him.

He gets your head in the game that we all need to playing right now, which is to find ways to sue these Fascist Totalitarian assholes.

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