E Verify • Another Layer Of Government Control To Bind You To Slavery

E Verify • Another Layer Of Government Control To Bind You To Slavery

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Dr. Joseph Sansone

The systemic attack and unrestricted warfare designed to abolish the United States and diminish the human population has many facets. Biological warfare, computer elections, supply chain attacks, dismantling energy supplies, food shortages, inflation, the surveillance police state, and a centralized digital bank currency, are just a few aspects of this all out assault. A virtual invasion via unfettered illegal immigration is also an important element to this campaign of asymmetrical warfare.

Let’s hone in on the illegal immigration issue. Of course, this issue can simply be addressed by protecting our borders. Red flags went off shortly after the 911 attacks because instead of policing the borders of the country, an effort was made to create a police state instead.

This included creating the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), which is a perverted institution designed to instill fear and dehumanize the public. This also included the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whose title came right out of the NAZI Germany playbook. The DHS is an enemy of the peopleand should be disbanded immediately. The DHS has collaborated with media and big tech companies to censor medical information about potential harms from C19 injections. These are violations of the Nuremberg Code and clear crimes against humanity. These actions by DHS also of course violate basic First Amendment rights and are a criminal enterprise.

According to the U.S. government:

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information entered by an employer from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to confirm employment eligibility.

E Verify is designed to assist the DHS in tracking whether people are eligible to work? What could possibly cause someone to support this program? Or at least, what could possibly cause a conservative or libertarian minded person, someone on the right, to support this nonsense?

The government should have nothing to do with your business operations. The conservative position (I am using the term conservative loosely to include libertarians and anybody on the ‘right’ too) is to limit government and protect freedom. The conservative view point should be to dismantle the police state, not enhance it.

It is painfully obvious that the problem of unfettered illegal immigration is deliberately created so as to herd unthinking conservatives into the knee jerk reaction of going along with E Verify. Creating and enhancing the police state apparatus is not the way to stop illegal immigration. Securing the borders is.

Again, this is the same strategy used after 911. The media/government created an emotional response and instead of securing the borders and preventing the alleged delivery system of mass destruction from entering the country, which was an illegal alien, the action was geared toward creating the surveillance state. This threat was obviously hyped up as there has not been a wave of attacks on the U.S. even though the borders were never secured. We won’t get into the stupid wars that funded China’s hypersonic missile program…

There is nothing America First about enhancing domestic police power and interfering with the freedom of association of small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is upside down. The argument on the ‘right’ should be to dismantle as much of the government as possible at the local, state, and federal level. Instead of seeking to embed more government in business, the argument should be being made to eliminate income tax slavery and replace it with freedom.

Furthermore, the right to work is a Natural Right that is protected by the Ninth Amendment and exists outside the jurisdiction of government. I know the law professors beholden to the bar would argue against Natural Rights, but I’ll hide behind the brain power of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, thank you….

Is it really a stretch to think these E Verify IDs will not contain medical data? Let’s say, C19 bioweapon injection status?

If the DHS is promoting E Verify then it is obviously a cog in The Great Reset. The deep state is working in conjunction with an international criminal class to dismantle the United States, (not in the limited government sense) and foist global tyranny on the masses and continue its campaign of depopulation. This global technocracy is seeking total control. Smart cities will monitor and control every aspect of your life. AI will be utilized and basic rights protected by the Bill of Rights will continue to be overridden by computer algorithms.

When you see your favorite media created ‘right wing’ personality or politician champion E Verify, step back and pause. Chances are they are controlled opposition, or more likely, they are just looking for the attention and have not critically thought about what they are proposing.    Supporting the DHS is not conservative or libertarian. It is not patriotic. This is an organization that has violated the law. It is an organization that has conspired against the American people and committed blatant crimes against humanity.

Instead of seeking to enhance the intrusion of government between employer and employee, those on the ‘right’ should reduce government intervention in this area. One way would be seeking to make it illegal for employers to withhold taxes for employees. This scam was set up to manipulate the masses. If employers were not required to withhold taxes, instead of eagerly awaiting a tax refund every year, employees would be angry about having to pay taxes like small businesses owners are each year. The way it is now, employees never touch the money that is stolen from them by the government each year. As such they are less upset and in fact have been conditioned to look forward to tax day each year as they await their returns.

E Verify is another tool by globalist to cancel you. Couple this with the plannedcentralized digital bank currencies, which will change your money, to your allowance based on good behavior AKA obedience. Then consider smart cities, which will be the sophisticated prisons, or ghettos, of the future, and it should become apparent that E verify is not designed to get the bad guys, but designed to control you.

Don’t fall for it. It is simply another layer of government control. Another tie to bind you to slavery in an increasingly dystopian world.

Repeat after me, E Verify is BS. The government can go to hell.

Source: https://josephsansone.substack.com/p/e-verify-is-bs

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