West Australian Government Finally Releases 2021 Vaccine Safety Data • Numbers Confirm Rate Of Serious AE's Is >1 In 100 Doses

West Australian Government Finally Releases 2021 Vaccine Safety Data • Numbers Confirm Rate Of Serious AE's Is >1 In 100 Doses

Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

I wrote recently about how the German Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, acknowledged that the rate for serious injury after COVID vaccines is 1 in 10,000.

I pointed out that the rate is at least 100X more than that, i.e., well over 1 serious injury per 100 doses. This of course is a disaster.

There’s more proof from Western Australia official government reports that the injury rates are off the charts.

The report

The key takeaways from the article

It’s a long article. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. There was almost no Covid in WA in 2021, due to WA's extreme zero covid policies. There was just the massive jab rollout in 2021. This makes it an interesting “control” group.
  2. There were 2.4 cases of anaphylaxis per 100,000 first shots. But we know from the Blumenthal paper that the rate is 10X that number. This means that the injury data is under-reported by at least a factor of 10X for the most serious, obvious events. In my experience, for less obvious events, like death, an under reporting factor of 30X or more would be a good estimate. And for less serious events like myocarditis, we’d expect an under reporting factor (URF) of 100 or so.
  3. The rates of myocarditis reported on Dose 1 were around 3 per 100,000. But we know from large studies like that in Switzerland that the rates are around 3 per hundred. Whoa!!!! This means that myocarditis was under reported by a factor of 1,000 which is 10X what I estimated in the previous point. So now we know that very serious AE’s can be under reported in this report by a factor of 1,000X. That’s stunning.
  4. Check out this table below. It shows that the rate of adverse events reported were nearly 24X higher than for all other vaccines combined. In other words, the COVID vaccine is, roughly speaking, 24X times more “dangerous” than the average vaccine. In other words, it is not a safe vaccine. Not even close. It should be pulled from the market. It is generating adverse events at a rate 24X higher than “average.”

5. The adverse event reports started to skyrocket the instant the COVID vaccines were rolled out.

6.  The “fact checkers” will argue that there were more events, but none of them were serious. That is patently false as 57% of AEFIs were treated in the emergency department (ED) or in the hospital. That is a DISASTER. It means that over half of the reported events were very serious. And the article notes: “This is in contrast to the TGA’s communications with me earlier this year, when a spokesperson stated, “Reassuringly, the majority of adverse event reports for COVID-19 vaccines have been for common, expected and frequently mild reactions.”” In other words, it is crystal clear that the health authorities lied to the public.

7.  Most AEFIs (58%) were self-reported, with only 35% being reported by healthcare providers. In WA, it is a statutory requirement for health professionals to report AEFIs. However, it is likely that as of at least March 2021, medical professionals were reluctant to report AEFIs due to fear of reprisal from the regulator, AHPRA, whose March 2021 position statement expressly forbade medical professionals from taking any actions that could be perceived as undermining the Covid vaccination rollout. So this explains the 1,000 under reporting factor for myocarditis.

8. Those aged 30-49 were hit hardest, with AEFI rates of 314-316 per 100, 000 doses. So this is 3 AEs per 100 doses with URF of 10. But as we noted above, for most all events, the URF is likely 30 or more, so we are looking at a rate of adverse events of 1 per 10 shots. And since over half were very serious, we’re looking at a rate of at least 5 serious adverse events per 100 doses, i.e., over a 5% rate of serious adverse events. This is a catastrophe. It is comparable to the v-safe numbers where 8% required medical care after vaccination.

9. The swine flu vaccine (1976) was withdrawn for a rate of one serious case of Guillain-Barré syndrome per 100, 000 doses. But for the COVID vaccines, the number of people seriously injured or killed is irrelevant if one life might be saved from dying from COVID.

10. The report does not raise or address the possibility that an increased reporting rate (not raw numbers, but rate) could partly be due to the fact that the Covid vaccines cause more AEFIs than traditional vaccines. This is clear proof that the people interpreting the data are all brain dead. There is no other explanation. They blame all the numbers on over reporting and cite no evidence to back that up. It’s just like what the CDC does.

11. The article concludes with the observation that:

“The 2 sigma threshold is a warning signal that was clearly exceeded in 2021. This threshold was chosen by the WAVSS in their 2020 Annual Report, Fig. 2.

The chance of this happening randomly is less than 5% (and perhaps as low as 1.24%). Thus, the Covid Vaccines caused the high AEFI rate for 2021.”


The data from Western Australia is simply more evidence that the vaccines are too lethal to be used and should be immediately withdrawn.

But health decisions are not driven by data anymore.

We are supposed to do what we are told and we are supposed to believe the vaccines work even when they don’t.

Source: West Australian (WA) government finally releases 2021 vaccine safety data: vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this

Original Article: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/australia-government-numbers-confirm