Young Pilot’s Heart Damaged Eighteen Hours After Receiving The COVID-19 "Vaccine"

Young Pilot’s Heart Damaged Eighteen Hours After Receiving The COVID-19 "Vaccine"


John Leake

On July 2, 2016, shortly after Sierra Lund received her pilot’s license, the 17-year-old was piloting a single engine plane when it lost power. Many seasoned flyboys would have found this emergency—requiring extreme calm and grace under pressure and the ability to make skilled, snap judgements—to be testing in the extreme. The procedure requires keeping the nose pitched down (towards the ground) to maintain airspeed (without power) while simultaneously looking for a decent bit of open space on which to land. Young Sierra handled it with textbook aplomb and landed the plane on a golf course fairway, sustaining no injuries and nothing but a damaged prop and front landing gear.

The Daily Mail reported her sangfroid and piloting skills as a triumphant example of a young woman demonstrating great ability, spirit, and potential. “Local police have praised Sierra for staying calm and collected in a situation that could have shaken many seasoned pilots,” the reporter wrote.

Five years later, Sierra was continuing her upward trajectory in life. And then, in September 2021, she yielded to social pressure (and the desire to travel internationally) to receive a COVID-19 “vaccine.”

At this moment, her greatest passions were solo flying and rigorous physical fitness training. Now she can do neither. Eighteen hours after receiving the injection, she developed intense, unrelenting chest pain, and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis. As was just reported in the Epoch Times:

As a daughter of a commercial airline pilot who also flies recreationally, aviation has been a constant in her life. Since her diagnosis, Lund still pilots small planes to keep her skills sharp. But she must always have a second pilot accompanying her; she is no longer medically cleared to fly alone.

Lund’s past schedule of daily gym workouts are also in her rear-view mirror—at least for now.

She tries not to think about all that she is missing.

“If I did, I’d probably be depressed,” Lund said. “I’m trying to figure out how to get better and figuring out how to come up with some sort of normal life in the meantime.”

She now runs her own business as an aircraft broker, keeping her in touch with the aviation community that she loves so much.

In between, Lund heads to medical appointments, including some that require travel from her home state, Georgia. She has spent about $15,000 out-of-pocket trying to get well so far.

I found Sierra’s story especially poignant because my younger brother also fell in love with aviation when he was very young and worked hard to become a pilot. Like Ms. Lund, he also enjoys a physically active life (in his case, windsurfing and surfing). The the mere thought of his life wrecked because he was pressured to receive a fraudulent, useless, and dangerous injection is infuriating. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were Sierra’s parents?

For a long time aviation was largely a male domain, which is one reason why Amelia Earhart’s story was the stuff of Hollywood. I suspect that if the spirited and pretty Sierra Lund had been disabled by ANY other commercial product, her story would have been on prime time news and quickly adapted for cinema.

Now, in our COVID-19 “vaccine” trance, no major American newspaper apart from the splendid Epoch Times has reported her story. The small, privately-owned World Tribune newspaper published a brief report, largely quoting the Epoch Times piece. A Google search for “Sierra Lund pilot” yields many reports of her heroic piloting in 2016, but almost nothing about her life catastrophically affected by the infernal COVID-19 injection in 2021.

Our so-called government and society will some day wake up from its trance and be horrified by what it has done to young people like Sierra Lund. Shame on the public health agencies, politicians, and doctors who have perpetrated this terrible crime.

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